Mr Outta Control.

This is another day where I can’t think of anything to post about. It’s Friday, which is good. Today I have to go get the car inspected and licensed. It expired at the end of October. That’s right, I’m a felony criminal driver of the car two weeks after the plates expired. You thought I was Mr. Goodie Two Shoes and I’m really Mr Outta Control. I went yesterday to get it done, but they don’t do inspections when it’s raining. Can ya believe that? Welcome to the Caribbean!.

I just got up, showered, made coffee, walked the dawgs, got coffee, and sat down at the computer.

Last night was an event at my Wifes work. It was pretty nice. She’ll probably post about it, and you can read it there.

If you have a mobile phone, you can probably get this program called Qik. It lets you record video with your phones camera, and upload it straight to the internet.

Sorry for the lame post today.

You saw it here first!

Ok, MAYBE you saw it here first. The WIFE showed me the trailer for the movie CARS 2!
I can’t wait for this movie!!


And the movie has an AMC Gremlin in it!!!I had a 76 Gremlin a long time ago. The pic below isn’t a 76, it’s older, but mine was red.
One of the most unique things about the Gremlin is the rear end! Check out this rear end!

Unprepared 4 A Post

I don’t have anything prepared for a post today, so I’m going to post pics of Poor poor Sheba. Poor poor Sheba doesn’t have any ribs! Go ahead! Give her a squeeze, you can’t feel a single rib on her!
Sheba on the back porch, listening to figure out what you’re talking about.
The only dawg who lays down to eat
By the way, all we give her to eat are tennis balls. You can tell by the look on her face they don’t taste very good. Poor poor Sheba!
Here, Sheba is being attacked by a rubber spring. It looks like the spring is winning, but Sheba made it through this encounter unscathed.

Headache Categories

This is a categorization of headaches. I think there’s about 4 basic types. There are probably more.Type 1, where it feels like a large nail had been driven into my skull. Usually it feels like someone pounded it in the top of my head, off center on one side or the other or both.

Type 2, Where it hurts in the lower back of the skull, and somehow reaches around and makes it feel like all my teeth hurt too. I associate this type of headache with grinding my teeth in my sleep.

Type 3, It feels like someone has sawed off the top of my skull, about an inch above the eyes, all the way around and it is just sitting there, like a hat. It feels like any sudden movement will make the top of my head fall off.

Type 4, Sinus headache. This is behind and below the eyes. Usually a dull ache, but sometimes it feels like the eyeballs may pop out with any sudden movement.

And that’s my list, as discussed with the Wife last night. There are more, I’m sure. For example, a migraine, I don’t know what that is, but people describe them as the Mother of all headaches.

I’m lucky, I Don’t get headaches too often. Once or twice a month at the most. Feel free to add any types of headaches that I have missed.

Mighty Shirts

I notice a phenomenon where I tend to get stuck wearing the same few T-Shirts over and over. I keep my T-Shirts in a drawer, and when I wear one, I just grab it from the top. Then my worn dirty T-Shirts get thrown in the laundry, and eventually back in my T-Shirt drawer, on top, where the odds of them getting worn again are much higher than a T-Shirt on the bottom of my drawer. At any given moment, some of mighty shirts are dir-T-Shirts.
The bottom line, and purpose of this Sunday morning post, is that every once in a while, you have to clean out your T Shirt drawer, and put the bottom ones on the top, and the top ones on the bottom. If you’re like me you’ll feel like you have a new wardrobe. This probably goes for your underwear drawer too.
This is a picture of a girl wearing a T Shirt (for no other reason except to match mighty shirt post). Notice she is standing in front of a bunch of porta potties. The implication is that if she were smarter she would probably realize that porta potties do not make a good background for a portrait. Plus her boobs are pretty big, and if her boobs were brains, she would have a lot of brains and therefore be very very smart. And of course, she realizes all this, because she’s wearing the shirt in the first place.
I, for one, am glad her boobs are boobs and not brains, I like boobs, I could post a whole post about boobs, and you can tell I don’t have any brains.

What a night last night

Last night The Wife and I went to the Pirates Week street party. (The landing is today). Since the streets were all blocked off, and traffic is very heavy, we took my scooter. We went downtown, saw the fireworks and had a great time.
On the way home, we had a flat tire on the scooter while blasting down the road. Lucky we didn’t crash. I ended up locking the bike to a pole and we took a cab home. Then we took the car back to see the bike and try to fix the tire.
So this morning I have to try to get it all sorted out.

Pirates Week Weekend

It’s Friday! Pirates Week! I’m in the landing! After 13 years of working every Pirates Week with the radio station, I get to go to one and not be working! I’m in the landing.Let me tell ya how it works.

In a nutshell:

Pirates come ashore, and capture the Governor and take over the island. Then, they have a parade and big party. Then, all week, they go from district to district, they have a Heritage Day in each different district, and you wear a pirates uniform. Then that night they have a street (or beach) party there too. Then the next day, it moves to another district.

Then the next weekend, the Caymanians finally repel the pirates, and and have another big party, then things get back to normal.

This is secret! Don’t tell anybody! I am a Redcoat Pirate! I’m dressed as a Redcoat, supposed to protect the Governor. But when the Pirates attack, I shed my Red Coat, and I am a pirate underneath! It’s all part of the plan!
Here’s me trying on my Redcoat uniform. Don’t tell anyone I’m really a Pirate!

New Post, new coffee pot

Yesterday we got a new coffee pot. Right now I am drinking my first cuppa coffee from it. The old coffee pot worked ok, but it seemed like we couldn’t get a decent pot of coffee out of it. It had this water filter in the back inside that you couldn’t get a replacement for, and maybe that was why it didn’t make good coffee. If you took the filter out, the cup marker lines on the side were way off. We cleaned it and tried everything. Switching coffee brands, making it weaker and stronger. No matter what we did, we couldn’t get a decent pot.One worthless feature all coffee makers seem to have is a little valve, so that you can take a cup of coffee before it has finished brewing. I think this ruins the whole pot, because the end coffee is weaker than the coffee brewed first, and the contents of the pot have to mix. NO CHEATING!