Tuesday Post

I was looking for some pictures to post today, but couldn’t find any. I’ve posted them all already.

It a week and three days, the wife and I are going to Costa Rica! It’s her Moms 60th Birthday and we’re going for the party.

Also, her aunt has some land for sale that I will inquire about. It is on the Pacific Ocean, on top of a 900 foot cliff.

Also, I found a cool application for your phone. It is called Qik. You install it on your phone, and it uploads your video straight to the web. Then you or anyone else can watch it. You can also stream video live. Check this out. Actually, when I look at that page, it looks pretty bad, I think I need to get it sorted out. The first video, which is the newest, I was walking the dogs and lost the Wi-Fi connection, so I guess it just kept the old title from when I was feeding chickens. Although it has one wrong about a nap in the mosquito net. Go look anyway, I’ll get it sorted later!

I beat my wife up every day (usually)

Today was the Kiwanis 5K Dog walk. The dogs loved it! They knew something unusual was going on first thing in the morning when The Wife beat me up. I usually beat my wife up every day, even on weekends. (I get up at about 5:15 and she usually gets up around 7-ish.)

Then when we both went out with them for the morning walk, the dawgs KNEW something was up and could not contain their excitement! I won’t mention the joy of getting in the car! The thrill of the car ride, and the incredible rush of the painted dashes on the road flashing by as a dawg hung his or her head out of a window on either side of the car!!

The start
Dawgs walking their walkers
Sheba loved these pools and sat in every one!
Ditto, Sheba and their Mommmmma near the end!


It was really fun and we won a bag of Doggie treats in a raffle at the end!


First Time

click to enlarge

I went snorkeling yesterday after work and saw a starfish. It is the first time I ever saw a starfish of this type on Seven Mile Beach. You can find some scraggly ones under rocks, with long hairy arms, but not too many pillow types like this. I have seen this type in the North Sound, I guess this one must have walked all the way around!

Pretty Cool Yesterday

Yesterday didn’t go as planned, ended up at remotes almost all day. The first was a press conference, but the second was from the fifth floor of a building downtown. Pretty cool up there. I have a video I may post tomorrow but I have to go to work now and don’t have time to upload it.
Looking south towards town
Zoom of a cruise ship
Non zoom of the same ship

Nokia N 97 Mini SUCKS!

My phone has apparently bit the dust. It was a piece of crap from the moment I turned it on.
If I was Nokia, I would have never released that product. Full of bugs, non-intuitive, and non functional.
Last night I was playing around with my old Palm Treo, man, it’s so fast compared to the Nokia. Push a button and it instantly goes to the page it’s supposed to. The Nokia, press a button, nothing happens, press it again and maybe it works, or maybe it goes two pages. With everything, you have to wait and wait.
Don’t get me wrong, there were moments where it worked fine, and if it worked consistently, it would be a great phone, but the way it is now, it is non-usable.

Feels Like Monday

But it’s Tuesday.
It was an OK weekend, although I worked all weekend. We went to the beach on Sunday with the dawgs. They had a good time, and I had a good time and my Wife had a good time. It was very windy.

Sheba was very excited to be at the beach!
While Ditto is more of an old beach veteran

Working Day

Back to work today, the final day of the CARIFTA Games. I worked a lot this weekend.
I feel abused. It’s hard to post with such a negative attitude, because I can really see my negativity here. I just want to start bitchin’!
Once it starts I am afraid it will never stop.

I'm up, ready to go to work. Today is the start of the CARIFTA Games. I can't really think of any way to describe it except Caribbean track and field olympics. Very big.
I'm kind of disappointed to be working. My day yesterday got screwed up trying to get ready for today. I think my wife is a little irked that I'm working too.

IKm trying something I haven't tried in a while, I am emailing this post from my phone!