Happy Birthday, Queen of England!

LONDON (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II marked her official birthday Saturday with her family by her side — and hundreds of soldiers parading in front of her.

The queen turned 83 in April, but tradition holds that “Trooping the Colour” — the public party for the monarch’s birthday — is held in June when the weather is better. The custom dates from 1748, and this year’s parade was held in bright sunshine.

The parade featured more than 1,100 soldiers, including the famous Foot Guards, who wear bright red coats and bearskin hats.

Wearing a peacock blue coat and matching hat, the queen traveled in an open carriage down The Mall through central London. She was accompanied by her husband, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles and Princess Anne rode on horseback behind her. Princes William and Harry also attended the ceremony, accompanying their stepmother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

After the parade, the family gathered on the balcony at Buckingham Palace for a Royal Air Force fly-by.

My new profile picture

the entrance

the little cove

I was at Smiths Cove, walking around barefoot on the sharp rocks, when I found this litle cove, I said to myself, “I’m going to swim in there. The next time I went snorkeling there, I swam around and found the entrance, and went in. Even though the waves were small, it was like a washing machine in there, and I was a little worried about hitting the rocks, especialy going through the skinny parts, but put my camera on auto timer and took my picture.

That’s the story of my new profile photo!


During my lunchtime snorkel yesterday, I found a Lionfish. I had my camrea so I took these pics. The Lionfish is invading from the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and has no predators here. It is very dangerous to have them around. Here’s an article, if you do a search on Cayman Lionfish” you will find a lot of info about them.


Sometimes I don’t know how I feel. I wake up thinking I feel like a different person than the one who went to bed, but when I went to bed, I didn’t realize I was tired or feeling bad.

Hard to compare two things when there’s only one thing. Or when you only can see one of the things you’re trying to compare.

Sleep and snack

Not a lot to post abpout lately. I have a lot of vacation time and comp time, and have been taking a lot of days off. Yesterday, I was off, and slept a lot. I really was sleeping good.

So there’s not much to post about. It was rainy and cloudy, it was a god day for sleeping.

Can't sleep

I have always been a notoriously bad sleeper. I always wake up about 2 or 3. Last night was no exception. Last night I got up, went out on my deck with my blanket, and laid down out there.

THe stars were incredible! I could see the milky way, and Cygnus and the northern constellations. (If I put my feet the other way, I’d have seen the southern constellations.) I could barely pick out the constellations because of all the stars!
I fell asleep, and dreamed I was looking at the stars. Then I realized I was asleep, and my eyes were closed, and I wasn’t really looking at the stars. I opened my eyes and the stars in reality were much better than my dream.
But I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I went back to sleep.
I went up there at 2:30 AM and got up and went back to bed at 4:15 AM.
It was really nice!


Yesterday, was our one year Anniversary at the new house. May 31 we moved out of the apartment, June 1 we woke up for the first time in the new house.

Today is our one month anniversary of being married. The wife said this first thing when I woke her up.
Yesterday I went snorkeling at lunch, here’s a couple of pics.


Elkhorn Coral

A rock

mixed Monday

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday I did the yard. Saturday we cleaned and had a mini fondue party. I wasn’t impressed by the fondue.

Sunday I went diving, and we watched a movie in the afternoon. Last night we had sish kebobs on the grill.
I am SOOO Boring.
A 67 Dodge Coronet like mine, except mine was white.

I’m pissed but not surprised GM is filing for bankruptcy. They racked up the debt, they need to pay it. No easy outs. I have never liked General Motors products. There was a list on Yahoo about 2 months ago listing the 10 worst cars ever made in the US. There were several GMs and Fords, NO CHRYSLERS! My first car was a 67 Dodge Coronet and I’ve always been a Dodge man ever since, till I bought my Toyota.
I think overpaid Union workers drive up the price but not the quality. The Unions have been killing the employers. Dodge filed for bankruptcy too.