Scuba Expenses

Last week, I lost my camera, and bought a new one. In the past year, I’ve had 3 of my BC’s break. My two spares went, one was pretty old and the other wasn’t. Last weekend my personal BC broke, it was about 15 years old.
I guess it’s time for a new one.
I’ve never been a Scubapro fan. Their older BC’s look like the person who designed them never dived. The dump valves were in the middle of the BC, so you could never get the air out when diving, or the water out when rinsing it off afterwards. Asinine!
But since US Divers bought Seaquest, which was the best BC, Seaquest BC’s suck, like US Divers BC’s suck.
So now I need a BC, and it looks like the Scubapro Nighthawk is the only option.

I was told that scuba diving wasn’t that expensive, after you got all your equipment, 28 years later, I still don’t have all my equipment! It’s always something else!

‘Course, I’m not complaining. I have my rebreather and it has a BC built in, but I still need a BC for open circuit. This looks like the only BC on the market.

Weekend Photos

It’s my Monday, UGH. Guess I’ll be glad later on when the week gets short! Here’s some non-diving pics from the weekend:

Me and the OI Girl
Weekend Camping on the roof!
Dog Killer! (poor lil fella)
I’m not really a dog killer, I’d never hurt him


It seems that when I wake up, I feel great. Then as the day goes on, I pick up shit that’s around me, dogs misbehaving, bad drivers. broken shoelaces and etc, and it accumulates. By the time I get home in the evening I am angry and frustrated. When I wake up I feel like a different person than the one who went to bed.

Good and Bad

It was a good weekend, but it could have been better. Saturday I built a table that came out well.

Also Saturday I did the Half Mile Sea Swim. Sunday I went diving and then laid in the sun all day. I was outside all weekend and it was a good weekend.

But the OI Girl was in Florida. And at the swim I swam the race in 16 minutes and 14 seconds, I came in 4th out of 7 in my age category. I came in 76th out of 140 overall. Not very good.

Diving I had two relative new diver dive buddies. I was taking pictures and every shot was coming out great. I took pics of the Stingray, I took shots of them swimming through the school of Tarpon. Then at the end of the dive, I went to take pics of the Moray and my camera was gone! The clip that it was clipped to was still there, with the gate open! Defective clip! I went back and looked and couldn’t find the camera. Very disappointed to loose my camera. I’m not the type of person to loose stuff.

Now I’m looking at new cameras.. Or just go back to my old one, it’s 3 megapixels.