Sheba Got 'Fixed'

Broken is more like it. She went to the vet yesterday morning and came home in the afternoon. Groggy. Here’s her new scar.

Don’t be fooled by the cute pic, this dog has a drinking problem, she drinks excessively, and pees on the floor, then immediately goes and guzzles more water. Stubborn as a mule too.

Scientists alarmed by ocean dead-zone growth

Check out this link. Once I went diving in a harbor, and down deep was a ‘dead zone’ with no oxygen. It was freezinger and weird. Even with scuba gear, there was a strong urge to not proceed. It was almost like you could feel the nasty taste I checked it out, but barely, I went back up shallower. I think the de-oxygenated water is denser than oxygenated water, so it sinks and collects in pools in the low spots on the bottom, and they tend to remain until something stirs them up, which isn’t easy.
This could be really bad, I bet we hear more of this.

Sheba and the Ceiling Fan

Last night, we had a power failure. About 5 minutes later, Sheba the Destroyer started freaking out, barking and looking up at the ceiling. We figured out that since we’ve had her, the fans have been running and she’s never actually seen them. So last night, she saw this huge propellor like spider thing on the ceiling and went a little apey. She wouldn’t walk under it, and she was giving the floor underneath a wide berth.
When the power came back on, she forgot all about it.

Tomorrow she’s going to the vets to get spayed.

Junk Cars

My neighbor on the next block has junk cars on the street behind his house, which is in front of mine.
Yesterday another car showed up and it’s starting to look like a junkyard.
I don’t want to be the bad guy, new kid on the block and all, but I wish he’s park his junk cars in front of his house, not mine.
I’m going to have to talk to the guy, call the cops, or something.
I can’t empathize with the guy, I’d never do that to someone else!

Sheba the Mule

It’s Monday, after a good weekend. I have a lot to do this week as next week I’m supposed to go to Cayman Brac for a week. I hope the OI Girl can handle Sheba while I’m gone. Sheba’s starting to listen to me but not her. That dawg is stubborn as a mule!
I just hung out Saturday, except I bought some plywood and made some hurricane shutters for the windows in our doors, and we’re covered now I hope.
Went diving Sunday and went out for lunch.

Ripe Mangos

There is nothing better than a ripe mango.
As I’ve mentioned before, I usually stop by the grocery store in the mornings and get fruit at the salad bar. It is aways very good because I’m close to the first one there. If you go back later, the salad bar is all dug through and kind of unsavory.
Most of the people I have met around here like mango’s kind of green, with salt on them. I like them that way too, but mostly, I like them ripe and sweet. The past couple of days they have been just the way I like them.
Lucky me

A Good Night

Well, the new Dawg, I call her Sheba The Destroyer, didn’t wreck anything last night, didn’t get in the garbage, apparently was a perfect little angel. Amazing. Yesterday in my post, I didn’t mean to say I wanted to get rid of her, just the thought was criss-crossing my mind. I told the OI Girl I was thinking about it but we wouldn’t unless it was unanimous. And I’m sure we won’t, yesterday was just venting frustration. Before we went to bed, I told her to not forget and be good. I guess she remembered. We’ll see about tonight.

Here’s a pic of ‘The Destroyer’.
So educated looking.

Bad Dog

The new dog is eating the wooden things in the house.
I am ALMOST ready to get rid of her. Her objective is not to stop doing the things she’s not supposed to do, her objective is not to get caught. She just does them quietly and when nobody is around. She’s missing the point.

Andrea Doria

A friend of mine, Terry DeWolf, died on the Andrea Doria last week, he was my dive buddy from Inner Space. I made a video of us going through the tunnels at Funky Town, and was supposed to send it to him, but it was a borrowed camera and I still haven’t received a copy of the video.
I’m saddened by his death and send my condolences to his family and friends.