Attack Chicken

This morning I was walking my Dawg, on a short leash. He found a chicken who was sitting on eggs under a brown bag by the road. The Momma chicken was upset, to say the least, at being disturbed and she came out and charged my dog. I was mad at him for pulling the lead and was pulling him backward. He was dying to get the chicken. It was pretty funny, my Dawg withdrawing on his two back feet as I pulled him backward while the chicken advanced, all puffed up and as aggressive as a chicken can be. We woke up every dog within a quarter mile. After I took my dog inside, I went back and covered the nest with the bag

Holiday Monday

Today is a holiday, I have the day off and the OI Girl does too.
So far it’s been a great weekend. We’ve been working on the house a lot and the huge pile of boxes in almost gone. Saturday I painted the sundeck with concrete sealer and I had them dye the sealer blue. It looks like a swimming pool! It needs another coat and then it’ll be ready for the lounge chairs. Also I hung up a big metal sun on the front porch. I like it, I think it looks cool.

Yesterday I woke up really early and sat on the back porch with the newspaper and drank come coffee. It was nice and shady. I have to point out that here, the newspapers don’t deliver, and most put out a big Friday edition and that’s it for the weekend, But recently, The Cayman Observer, a free newspaper, has started delivering on Sundays. It is fantastic! It’s been two weekends in a row I’ve sat on the porch with the paper and coffee. Ahh the small pleasures are the best.

Today I plan on boring a hole in the 8 inch concrete block under the kitchen sink to put a garden hose attachment on the back porch. Wish me luck!

Bruce Day

The day I last saw my little brother Bruce alive was June 13th 1991, when he came and visited me in Virginia. He stayed with me at my apartment. We went to Virginia Beach & had hamburgers on the boardwalk the day he went back home to Bridgeport, Connecticut. He and his girlfriend, Karen, were murdered approximately June 30th 1991, in Tucson, Arizona. He was seven years younger than me.

Red Sky At Night . . .

Red Sky at night, Sailors delight.
Red Sky in morning, Sailor take warning.

This morning the sunrise was beautiful, the best I’ve ever seen here red streaked with blue.

Now it’s all cloudy, I think it’s going to rain.

Yesterday we got raingutters on the house and they started spreading the dirt in the yard they scraped up when they cleared the lot.

Second Monday

This is my second Monday after vacation. We’ve been in the house for a week and two days now. Tho contractor still has his shed and a bunch of stuff in the yard and I have a list of things that still need doing. Little fix-up stuff.
I want to get rid of the contractor and start feeling permanent in my own house. I want ALL the keys.

Last week at work, I moved the station into a new production studio I built. This week I start remodeling the old production as the new, main on-air studio. After that, the old on-air studio I’ll be vacating will become an extra production studio!

Rain Ride

This morning I left for work and it was nice and sunny. By the time I got there it was pouring rain and streets were flooded. Throughout the day, the clouds and rain lessened. When I rode home, I left work and it was nice and sunny. By the time I got home, it was pouring rain again.
Now it’s sunny.
Welcome to the Caribbean Rainy Season!

Back At Work

I’m back at work today after 11 vacation days, 2 comp time days, 1 holiday day and 4 weekend days. It seems like forever, and I still need some time off today because the contractor isn’t finished with the house yet.

Heres a picture I took from my roof of some waterspouts out at sea. They were cool to watch!

clik to enlarge

We're In!

This afternoon, I turned in the keys to my old apartment of six and a half years, and we’re officially living in the new house. We don’t have AC yet, but don’t need it, because of the breeze, and we don’t have not water yet, because the electrician still hasn’t attached the plug. But we’re in and it’s GREAT!
Also I don’t have my wireless internet network hooked up yet, but I’m picking up two unsecured networks, which is how I’m connected to type this.