KeeeRappy Weather

The weather sucks and has sucked for months and months. Not really, weeks and weeks. See that big ‘ol orange blog there in this picture? I’m sitting right in the middle, getting rained on!

About yesterdays post, why does it start playing automatically? I wish it’d play only when you clicked it.

Name meme

Froggie Mom tagged me with a meme. It’s supposed to be your middle name, but I’m using my first because it’s shorter. I agreed to do this, but haven’t yet because I have been finding it very difficult.
Here are some facts about me using the letters in ‘Mark’
Here Goes:
M:My girlfriends boyfriend; I was listening to Radio Netherlands on the shortwave this morning and they were talking about males fooling around much more than females. I can’t imagine doing anything that would hurt The OI Girl.
A: Active: I hate being inside when it’s nice and sunny outside, I get more rest during the week than on the weekend. This includes work. I go to the beach at lunch, I have a hose and soap and deodorant in my car so that I can clean up before going back to work after a beach lunch.
R:Relaxed I think I’m relaxed but everyone else probably thinks I’m high strung. I just started medicine for hypertension.
K: I don’t KNOW what the K stands for. Maybe someone else Knows.

Oh Happy Monday.

I had an OK weekend, even though it rained and was cloudy (it still is).
Saturday was the two mile sea swim. I swam ok, one hour and five minutes, but no trophy. I came in fourth place in my age group. Normally the age groups are 40-45 and 46-50, but Saturday the group was 40-50. There were a lot of swimmers in my group.
Sunday I went diving, it was great! I mean really great, although there’s no particular reason why.
Also Saturday night I cooked salmon on the grill and last night was sish-kebabs. How do you spell sish?
Now it’s frikkin. Monday.


My neighbors scooter got stolen night before last. They think someone came by in a truck and put in the back.

I’ had a big ‘ol fight with my boss yesterday. I worked some extra time, put it down on my timesheet and she erased it, changing it to normal time. I was P.O.’d, falsifying my documents and attempting to steal my time!

She put it back.

OI GIrl’s a little mad at me because I put bleach in the wash and ruined one of her shirts. I only saw white sheets, I didn’t see the red towel and other stuff underneath

Two percent

I’m trying to qualify for a mortgage here for construction of a house. I have to convert my US dollars into CI dollars. The problem is that I loose 2% because of the conversion rates. I hate to do this. I’m looking for a way around it, but can’t see a way.