The weekend that wasn't

I really didn’t have a weekend this time. Saturday I can’t remember, except it was cloudy. Sunday it was cloudy too in the morning and then I had to go to work and it got sunny. I went to work in the morning too, but we didn’t have a cable we needed.
On the bright side, I have the day off tomorrow. The OI Girl is coming. She’s bringing her old boss, who’s also quite a good friend. So tomorrow I’ll be chaffeur.
Interesting thing, if I don’t remember what I did on a day, I can go back and read my blog and find out!

Big Whoopiee

Today I’m working. I’m trying to not have a bad attitude about it, but it’s difficult.
Yesterday I studied and am now officially out of lessons. The next shipment was shipped the 11th so it should be here this week. Yesterday I didn’t even leave here till 2PM and it was cloudy. I loaded up the dog and all the beach stuff and ended up just going to the hardware store and buyint two handles for a filing cabinet I bought.

Big Whoopiee

Counter reads 24019

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the OI Girls and my one year anniversary. She’s moving here in a couple of weeks. It’s a great thing. She has lined up a really good with the same same company that owns the hotel she works for now. They created a position for her.
I have the day off today, I have some studying to do and no other plans. Tomorrow I’m working.

late and disorganized

I’m glad it’s Friday.
I seem to be running late and disorganized this morning.
I’m working Sunday afternoon, a new church grand opening. I think my dive buddies are all out of commission for one reason or another anyway.
After work yesterday I went to the beach. It was pretty quiet and nice. There was a good sunset with a late leaving cruise ship. They usually leave about 3PM, this one left about 6PM.
I don’t have much to post about today. Plus I gotta go get ready for work. Extra strong coffee day today!

Don't Leave Home Without IT

I don’t know what to write today. Complain about work. Tell you about my run/swim this morning. Remind you what day it is. (It’s Thursday!)

Lets talk about money! Everyone loves money!

I don’t have any.

Four or five months ago, my Uncle died. I went to his funeral, airfare was $1200, not counting food and car and hotel.

The month after that, my Dad got sick. I went up there. More airfare. Then my Dad died, and I went back for the funeral.

There’s another big bill I’m forgetting too…

Then I paid the stamp duty on the land I bought.

Now my Mom wants me to take my Dads old car. That means flying back up, driving the car to Miami or Tampa and shipping it here. That would be a minimum of another two months of bill overload. Then when the car got here the following month, I’d have to pay duty on it. That would be coming out of the next months pay. Or the month after that.

Don’t get me wrong, a car for just the cost of shipping and duty (20%) is a good thing. But I’ve had about 5 months of impossibly high Amex bills in a row and getting the car would mean at least two more.

We don’t want to just sell my Dads, because it’s in such good shape my Mom’d never get what it was worth.

I just have to delay a couple of months on the car. . . I guess.
I’ve been in credit card debt before, and I NEVER want to go back. I chopped all of my credit cards up years ago and American Express is the one I have. I am a total pay-as- you-go type of guy. My only debt is my mortgage.
Remember the famous slogan, ‘If they don’t take American Express, I ain’t buyin’ a dang thing’

Pissed about nothing

Last night I was all bent out of shape because my stupid online college didn’t send enough answer sheets. Then I found out they sent exactly enough-I was out of answer sheets because I was out of lessons!
Now I have to lean on them to send the other material. This should be the good stuff!

This morning for my run/swim, it was cloudy, and as soon as I started running, it started raining. I was appropiately dressed however, in swimtrunks, so I just ran and swam in the rain. I floated in the water on my back for a while, looking up with rain falling on my face. It was still dark and there was a half a moon in and out of clouds. As the moon gets smaller, it will get darker and darker.
So far this week has been very hectic. I thought I asked for a quiet week!?


Not much of a quiet day yesterday. It was the opposite end of the spectrum. Hecktic.
I did manage to go for a snorkel yesterday evening. I stayed in the water till after sunset, trying to be the last one out in the evening and the first one in the water in the morning. But some night swimmers were coming just as I was leaving. But I’m sure I was the first one in this morning!
Yesterday I got some pics of a juvenile queen angel. Hmmmmm…. Juvenile Queen . . . I guess that makes her a princess! (The first picture is the Queen Mother, the second two are her majesty the Princess.)
I rekkon you’re probably getting tired of my pictures every day.

As usual, click to enlarge


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Yesterday I went diving then to the beach. It was what I call a good day. It could have been a GREAT day if it was sunnier.
On the dive, we tied the boat to the wrong buoy and had a long underwater swim to the wall, then it was hard to find the boat after the dive. Pretty funny.
While I was on the beach, the air was so still and the water was so flat calm that I could hear the people talking on a sailboat that was maybe a half a mile out.

Just in case you’ve been worrying, at the beach, this little lizard was keeping an eye on me. I’m pretty sure he’s a fully qualified lifeguard and medical first aid technician. He’s a curleytail about 3 inches long.

Today at work I’m hoping for a quiet week. I haven’t had a quiet week in months. Hoping for a quiet week one day at a time. Just give me a quiet day today. I’ll worry about tomorrow later.

Sunday feels like Monday

I never had two days off before. Well, I have, but it’s been a really long time. I feel like I should be going to work, but I’m going diving! Yesterday I went to the beach but there were thin, high clouds. I slept on the beach. Then it got cloudier and I came home and then it got sunny. Just my luck. But I stayed home and studied. I hope it’s sunny today. It should be because it’s Sun-day, right?

Late sleeper

This morning I slept late. Yesterday afternoon I went diving. Took a lot of pics. Then went and had chineese food with the training lady, who was also my dive buddy. I think the OI Girl is be upset about that.
Today I don’t know what I’m going to do. Maybe a little beach, maybe a dive. Definite studying.
Just so you know for the next time you hear me complaining about having to work extra without adequate advance notice, I thought I was working today untill yesterday, when I found out I wasn’t. It was a pleasant surprise.
Here’s pics from yesterdays dive. I got some more eel pics, but didn’t post them, Carney!
click to enlarge

Vase sponge


Filefish and my dive buddy