Today is the day!

Yesterday I didn’t actully dive. People were arriving and I saw a lot of people I havn’t seen in since last year. This morning I am diving, FINALLY. tonight is the official start of Inner Space. All is good. So far work has only called once.

Im going on vacation!

This is my last day of work before vacation! I’m staying here and diving with Inner Space, the annual week of closed circuit rebreather diving and training at Dive Tech. I am excited!
I have a hard time reminding myself that no matter how bad it seems at time, I have a really good life. Two years ago at Inner Space I took my first rebreather class. I bought my Inspiration Rebreather (The Best of the Best!). Then last year I upgraded to the Vision Electronics package and this year I plan on being on the trimix boat every day! (See my blog entries a year ago)

Anyway, I’m going to work today, and that’s it fo me for 10 days! (I’ll still be posting posts here)

Short one today

I’m out the door for the Brac, going this morning, coming back tonight. I have to go to work and get the equipment first. I am worried about a severe lack of coffee consumption this morning. Also I had a flash drive in my hand that disappeared, where the heck is it? I just had it. Add one point to the crazy theory!

How do I know if I'm crazy?

Am I crazy? I could have stayed off work for two more days. But I came back because I wanted to get some things done before I go on vacation Friday. I feel like when I go into work today, people will ask why I’m there, and when I tell them, will call me crazy.
I want to try to get a satellite dish put together and pointed at the satellite. It’s almost together and I think I can get it done. And guess what? I have to do it today, because tomorrow I go back to the other island where I just was for work! That’s right, I could have just stayed!
Nutso, OI know!

Here I am

Here I am, getting ready to go to the other island for work. Due to a work screwup, my reservations never got made. I was told it was “all taken care of” nearly three months ago. Since my reservations were cancelled, and since it is a holiday weekend, all the filghts are full, and as of right now, I am going to be there till next Wednesday. That’s five days and all I’m doing is 4 hours work. I think I need an attitude adjustment, because I think I normal person would be glad to get a vacation like this. But it pisses me off. I am a person who likes to stick to the plan. And I have work to do here.
Now I don’t come back till the 18th, and my vacation is the 19th thru the 29th. And I will be diving diving diving.

Over Workload

I was having fantastic dreams when the alarm went off this morning. I can’t remember them now, but I hit the snooze button twice to continue. It astounds me that I can’t remember this dream. I was sure I’d remember it when I was waking up.
Today is an impossibly busy day. I have to:
Pick up an antenna at the airport.
Meet the competitions Engineers about relocating their transmitters to our tower.
Find and order new codecs and modems so we can double the bandwidth of the signal we are sending to the the other islands. (I’ve been putting this off, and it needs to get done!)
Meet the public works guys about installing new air conditioning.
Physical therapy at hospital for my foot, 12:30-1:30
Set up for a broadcast that is from 2-4 PM
Finish assembly of BBC Satellite dish. point the dish at the satellite and get the receiver working for the newsroom. (unlikely this will be completed today, but at least put some more parts on the dish!)
A sales lady wants me to help her hang some pictures in the lobby, I need to buy hangers for that and at the same time, some power cable for my backup transmitter.

And a few other things. My list of backlogged things just keeps getting longer and longer…
This is me under paid and over worked:
Get it? I made a funny! ha HA!

Tomorrow morning I am going to the other island in the morning. there was a show there Friday afternoon that was cancelled, and there is the agriculture show that is Saturday. Oh yeah, today I have to pack up all my equipment for that too! Thanks for reminding me!

Culinary Disaster

Last night I attempted to make stir fry, what I got was more like a hot salad.
I bought this bag of stuff that said “Stir Fry”, I thought it would be easy and I’d get some vegatables in my diet too. But when I started cooking I realized I didn’t have everything I needed. One thing missing was a half a tablespoon of oyster sauce. What the heck is that? Another was half a teaspoon of corn starch in three teaspoons of water. Also I didn’t have the can of vegetable broth. So I just dumped what I had (the contents of the bag), and a piece of chicken in the (who needs a wok?) frying pan. To make up for the missing stuff, I dumped in a bunch of soy sauce.
I felt like a cow eating grass. The chicken part was good though.
When I came back in from walking the dog this morning, I noticed the place still smells like burnt cabbage.

Today is my first regular day back at work. I am NOT excited. Mostly I am looking forward to lunch hour. And it will be interesting to see who comes up with what kind of amazing bullshit.

I guess this is my last sickday

I guess this is my last sickday. I”ll go back to work tomorrow. My sick pass is till the 13th, but I’m going to go to see the OI Girl Friday (Work is paying the bill, because I’m working Saturday) Also I like doing the talk show on Wednesdays.

Plus I want to say that I need to do some important jobs I have to get done, but I think the message of me hurting my foot is that I’m not supposed to say things like that or feel that way.

I wrote this eariler this morning on WordPress. Blogger seeemed to be down. I just pasted it over. WordPress seems really slow compared to Blogger.

Check out this website: “Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth”. It is a very cool site, worth checking out, wherever you live. It is pictures of Earth taken by astronauts.

TIme is flying by!!

It is May 8th. The month is one third of the way done. As long as I have leved, the first half of the year has seemed faster than the last half.
This morning I was sorting through my pictures, looking for one to post today, and I noticed I hadn’t taken any yet this month. The last ones I took were April 30th of my foot with the cast on it. So heres one I thinnk is interesting, they’re artificial reefs that they used down by the Mariotte when they were having so much sand erosion problems before Hurricane Ivan. (Hurricane Ivan gave them lots of sand back.) I thinnk these are being stored here or else maybe they’re lost. I found them when I was out snorkeling after work one day. It surprised me to come upon them.

They look like a pencil holder I made my Dad when I was in kindergarden!

I got up early again and went and saw Neptune, I definitely saw it this time, and the first time, but the first time I wasn’t sure which object it was out of several.

This afternoon I have another doctors appointment about my foot. I want to be rid of these dang crutches. The killer part, like I said before, is that with crutches, you loose both hands.