Killed by kitties (almost).

I’m glad it’s Friday. I was in a great mood until the cats f****** almost killed me. everyday they’re at my feet. It’s hard not to step on them because they’re under foot. This morning I almost went down. Seriously. Face plant into the concrete. Almost.


The cat food is in the buvket in the upper left of the picture.. I fill their bowls and step down the big step. the cats swarm in my landing pad for my foot goes.

I won’t let it dampen my Friday spirit though. Tonight it’s the start of Pirates Week!. I had made arrangements to bartend all weekend ’cause I could really really really use the money, but I think The Wife wants to go to the festivities with me. So that’s what we will do.
Don’t Care
Have a good weekend!!!!

9 thoughts on “Killed by kitties (almost).

  1. I’m convinced Dexter is trying to kill me..he will let me walk half way across the parking lot to the laundry room and then run like a sonofbitch and run between my legs …and me at a jolly 70 I’m a fall away from a nursing home..little asshole.

  2. My two dogs are like that! I have fallen over them too. Cats… well they are even worse at letting you know they want to be fed. I really can’t stand cats yowling for food! Hence, NO CATS here! *smiles*

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