Another Monday Morning Weekend Report.

It was a good Weekend, Saturday I took the boat out, kind of for the first time. I had an expert sea captain friend with me to compensate for my newby lack of boating sense.

Below are pictures and a short video from a stop at the Doc Polson wreck.

Camera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PC[jwplayer mediaid=”11344″]

Sunday was rainy and cloudy. Didn’t do much, took a nap. Watched some American football. Redskins won, Philly won, Dallas won, NY had the week off. This week didn’t help anyone in the division.

Now it’s a Monday morning, it is so dark still… This morning I was stepping on a cat with every step, trying to feed them.

Major sweat coming up at work. Not sure if I should join in and act like I care or not.

5 thoughts on “Another Monday Morning Weekend Report.

  1. man..what a life..really..I hope when you get up in the morning you go out on your patio /porch..and say I am one lucky sonofabitch..because you are. Beautiful wife, lovely location, a boat to go out to the middle of your location and the owner of feral cats and tame chicken and some loving doggies….you rock..

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