I am supposed to answer these questions asked by Lita and pass the torch on to someone else.

Total Volume of Music Files on My Computer:
You asked the wrong guy this question because I work at a radio station!

On my computer, I have 4,420 songs in MP3 format, which I ripped from my CDs or downloaded off the internet. I have a 20 Gig Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 MP3 player that I have had since 2002. I listen to it often. (I don’t know what the big hoo haa is about Ipods, nothing new there, just good marketing)

Also, I have 12,192 songs in WAV format that is the Radio Cayman Computer Library backup, for the RC automation system.

Last CD I bought:
Pink Floyd, Welcome To The Machine. Which is weird, I decided one night I wanted to listen to that album, and found I didn’t have it. So I downloaded it but it was poor quality. I ran down to Funky Tangs, a caribbean music store, with no hope, just desperation, and they had one Pink Floyd CD, and it was Welcome To The Machine.
The reason I didn’t have it on CD is because I have the record in my parents storeroom. (A record is a flat black plastic thing with a hole in the center, played on a record player)

Song playing right now
Aldo Nova- Fantasy

5 Songs I listen to a lot
I can’t really answer that question, One day I’ll want to hear a certain song, then the next day I can’t stand the same song.

But, 5 songs I always like are:
Foreigner: Urgent (The live version)
Mavericks: Pretend ( I used to hate that song, now I love it!)
Nazareth: Woke Up This Morning
Garbage: Special (Have you ever seen the video?)
Yes: Don’t Kill the Whale (I’m not necessarily a treehugger, it’s just a great song!)

There’s more. I like almost all classical and some country. I like a few Emeniem songs. I do not like jazz, I never heard a jazz song that I liked. I like Caribbean music a lot too. My favorites are Beres Hammond for mellow and Square One if you want to party. There’s more and more.

I have more Aerosmith albums than any other artist. I never considered them my favorite but the numbers speak for themselves.

Another thing, I don’t listen to music for a message, I listen for the sound. I don’t really care what they’re saying. I like a lot of stuff by White Zombie and a few Marilyn Mansons. Besides, lot of widely accepted country songs have the most filthy messages imaginable.

I pass it on to Anduin because
I want to know the story about the cat on her profile picture but I’m afraid to ask. I think its some type of space alien poodle haired feline

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  1. Hey Mark, If you work at a radio station does that mean you’re soemtimes on air? If so, does it have live feed so we can listen to you?

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