Monday , Queens Birthday holiday

It’s Monday , Queens Birthday holiday. I’m glad for the day off. Yesterday the sun finally shone, for the first time in a week or more. (The parade ended up being canceled after all, I only found out after I went down to the station to set up for it.) NOW, it’s next weekend, the same day as the sea swim. Did I ever tell you my work motto? “I love Radio fuckin’ Cayman, ’cause Radio Cayman loves fuckin’ me!” Not really, I have a great job, and it’s nobodys fault at work that it was rescheduled when it was, but I think it’s a pretty snappy motto!
I’ve been trying to buy a piece of land here in Cayman for about 8 years. I don’t get along with real estate agents. I refuse to buy when I know they’re ripping me off. So I don’t. I gave most of them a chance, but ended up finding my own deal.
I was going diving ond day and found a brand new road, a cul de sac. I drove down and it looked like house lots being measured out. I called a friend who lives in the area and he found out who was selling. I called the seller and told him I was interested. I didn’t negotiate, I offered what he was asking. He was waiting for Lands and Survey Department to assign block and parcel numbers so he could sell them. The other day he called and said he received the info and is ready to sell but he’s leaving the island for a few weeks and will be ready as soon as he gets back. I have the cash in a CD and it matures about the same time he returns. I hope it works out. I’m nervous!
The OI girl is here, sleeping still. I’m drinking coffee.
I feel like I could type and type and type, but I’m not, it would just be nervous chatter.

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