World Cup Status on Frii Hiii Dayy!

IMG-20140626-WA0000Here’s a picture of the World Cup as it is today. Costa Rica is still in it. They can beat Greece, I know it. If Mexico wins, Costa Rica will play Mexico. That will be a real battle. Chile vs Brazil will be a very exciting game to watch too. Chile can put Brazil out of it, and vice versa. From now on, if you lose, you’re out.  Ohhh the stress!

It’s Friday! But it doesn’t feel like Friday. I don’t know know what it feels like, but not Friday.

Today’s one of those days I feel neutral. Not good  or bad, perfectly, middle-of-the-road neutral.

Something’s wrong with my tablet, (Nexus 7). It seems slow and “busy”. Something’s going on, and I’m going to figure out what it is.

Have a good weekend!

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