Wednesday Woes

Woke up this morning, walk dogs, feed cats, I noticed our lawnmower was gone. Our new lawnmower that was locked with a bike lock to a concrete pole. It was sitting on this kind of like a pallet to keep it up off the ground, The Wife said she noticed the pallet yesterday but didn’t think that the mower wasn’t on it. So it must have been stolen on Monday.

It makes me examine my life and try to figure out what I did wrong to deserve having my lawnmower stolen.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Woes

  1. I am sorry to hear this….That sucks! Try not to look at it that way though, because whom ever stole your Lawnmower now has Karma riding his or her ass waiting for a chance to strike.

  2. Freakin money! You either have a bit to spare, or none at all!
    We more often than not have almost none at all…. but as long as we can pay the bills and put food on the table, I’m happy.
    I hope you feel a bit happier soon Dude.

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