two days to go

I don’t have much to write about.

I guess I’ll start my xmas shopping today. That’s right, I haven’t started.

I’m taking off work early today because the exterminator is coming. Highlight of my week.

I still can’t lay down, roll over or inhale fully after falling earlier this week. My leg is a little swollen from the knee to the ankle. I’m starting to think maybe I should see the doctor.

The OI girl sent me flowers at work yesterday. My first reaction was rage. Who would dare insult me by sending flowers?! Then I read the card, “ok, she didn’t mean it as a bad thing….. cool down…cool down.” Coincidentially, she called almost immediately and I told her I got them. She didn’t think my reaction was as it should be. I hadn’t had time to adjust my attitude when she called. Then she was in a sad mood because of my reaction.
A girl at work asked me what I’m going to do with them and I told her I’m going to take them home and put them next to my pink girlie panties. That was after I tried to give the flowers away. I’m having a very hard time not being angry. Flowers are for women, not men.
I feel persecuted for not being happy about it.

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  1. I thinking seeing a doctor is definitely what you should do. You could have broken something!It’s ok to give flowers to a man. I think it’s nice. No one thinks less of you because you got flowers and if they do, then THEY have a problem. Merry Christmas (be safe out there with all those other shoppers)

  2. I agree re: men and flowers…if other people think you’re a girly man, screw ’em. A lot of men I know love to get flowers, my man included.Besides…if they’re roses…you can always sprinkle the petals on the bed and then get busy.Sudiegirl

  3. Hey, go to the doctor. It could be serious.Women don’t think along the same lines as men. We like to get flowers from a guy when he has messed up. That is the ultimate, I’m sorry and I still love you gesture. UHHHH….do you get the hint? Maybe she was trying to make amends, say I’m sorry, and I love you.If you love her, then call her get excited about the gesture. If you don’t love her then keep your current plan.

  4. If you are having some difficulty breathing you may have cracked or broken a rib or two. It wouldn’t hurt to see a doctor.Flowers are not just for girls, and I don’t know that it’s something to be angry about but certainly your are entitled to feel however you want to feel. Perhaps the flowers were the nail in the coffin so to speak? Maybe there’s more to the reaction to the flowers than just about the flowers. Make sense?

  5. Sorry you got hurt. :(I heard on the radio that something like 23% of men wait until the last 3 days to do their Christmas shopping — so I guess you are in good company.And about the flowers, don’t men appreciate beauty just as well as a woman?

  6. Being an old-fashioned girl myself, I can understand about the reaction you had to the flowers.On the other hand, it’s obvious this girl cares about you and wanted to do something to make you smile. Us chicks tend to get disappointed when our expectations aren’t met (as for her reaction to your reaction), so maybe you could just try to take her gesture at face value. Hope your last-minute shopping goes well, and that your Christmas is relaxing and happy. And I hope you heal up fast and well (I also think the doc is a good idea).

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