Soicial Media Bubble

I thought I heard on the BBC this morning about “Social Media Bubbles”. I couldn’t find it on the BBC website, but I did find this good article about the subject.LINK 

I notice some of my democrat friends have disappeared since the election, but plenty are still around, so I don’t think I have a social media bubble, but to quote a phrase I think I coined myself, “A closed mind thinks it’s open, and an open mind thinks it’s closed“. That means a person with a closed mind refuses to consider whether they are seeing both sides of a story. “Of course I’m open minded!”, while a truly open mind questions itself, “Can I really see what’s going on here?” And never truly believes they can empathize with the opposing view.

Yesterday was supposed to be cloudy and rainy, but it wasn’t. today is supposed to be cloudy and rainy but we’ll see. It is relatiively cold and windy though.

Have a good day!

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