SEND ANYWHERE: Another App Bites the Dust

I had this fantastic app on my phone and tablet, Send Anywhere

It was simple, pick the files you wanted to send, the app generates a 6 digit code. Enter the code in the receiving device, and Viola! Your files are there, fast and easy.

Well, they updated it and it quit working, in a nutshell. Yesterday I wanted to send a 100K pic from my phone to my tablet for my post. It was sooo slow. in a half hour, I had to leave for work, it was 53%, then I left the wifi zone and got an error message. What a complete waste of time!

And that’s why there was no post from me.

I looked for other apps but found none I liked. Most require you to scan a code, my tablet lives in a case, and the rear camera is covered, so all those apps are out. Back to USB stick transfers for me.

Have a great day!

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