Right Now in The UK

As I type this, my Wife is probably getting off the plane and getting her luggage and going through customs at Heathrow Airport. They have an hour and a half wait then a 3 hour flight to Edinbourgh, Scotland. She left at 6 yesterday afternoon. It seems longer to me, being here, while she’s traveling for 13 hours than it seemed when we travelled eveh further Miami to Rome nonstop.

It’s Friday, yard needs mowing, animals need tending to. Sheba’s been wearing the cone because she’s been digging up a sore on her cheek. I have a complicated schedule of pills for Sheba and Ashy thee cat. (I dodn’t know my wife did all this work when she was here!)

Because of the cone, Sheba has been depressed. I want to try to get her on the kayak this weekend. I haven’t had my kayak out in a very very long time.

It is the first day of hurricane season too.

Have a great weekend!

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