Pictures make the post

I have discovered that taking more pics mean easier blog topics. Here’s a frog I found in the mouth of an old rusty frog on our back porch. The Wife posted similar pics that she took.

I love my camera, I remember when it was new, I said I’d use it all the time. But now the new wore off, and I don’t take pictures like I wanted to. I still carry it everywhere, but seldom think of pulling it out.

This is my last week before I start my new job. I am excited and nervous. After two years of making my own hours, I hope I can easily adapt to the 9 to 5 routine again.

Yesterday I went to comment on blogs and it was like nobody had updated their blogs since last week. Then The Wife asked me if I read her blog, because she updated it. Something musta been wrong with my machine, and it was reading an old webpage. I’ll check again today.

Looks like rain here today….

6 thoughts on “Pictures make the post

  1. I love the frog in the frog’s mouth… too cute. I take lots of photos cos as you said, it makes it so much easier to blog every day with blog fodder like photos!
    I blog every day… so you should have known something was wrong from your end!

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