Operator Error Kinda

I am able to now see my followed sites on the WordPress App. I was logged into this site, markd60.com, but not my old, unused, invisible, obsolete wordpress.com site.

So I’ll be back to commenting on your neglegted blogs again! Half my followed sites are on Feedly, half are on the WordPress App. I’ve been meaning to transfer them over to Feedly, but you know, well… procrastination is sloth in five syllables.

Had a good walk/swim this morning, today the weather is looking good and I’m taking the scooter, dammit!

Work is very frustrating lately. There’s a line, and the people on one side of the line cannot or will not listen to anybody on the other side of the line. We’ve had a problem for six years, for six years, I’ve been saying “Let’s do this”. For six years, every time it comes up, they say, “Lets do this instead”. Finally, they hired a consultant, who does what I said in the beginning. The same thing is happening again. And it’s frustrating.

Yesterday my gut instince told me to call in sick, but I diddn’t, and I went to work and instantly wished I did, and it went on all day.

I don’t care, because I don’t bring it home with me.Have a great day!

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