Ocean Floor Landfills

God should just kill us all now. We’re not worthy of this planet.

I just read an article that alarms me greatly and quite literally, makes me sick.

In hindsight, I should have known we were doing it. And of course, it’s worse than I can imagine. And you know the humans are doing it on purpose, because it’s the easy way and they can get away with it.

I’m talking about humans dumping garbage at sea. Humans allowing litter to enter waterways, lakes and oceans.

Look at the video below, look at all the plastic bottles. (in the video, there’s a date in the upper left, so I’m not sure this is really 10 years after the tsunami, or even that is is garbage from the tsunami, but it’s disgusting anyway)

Nowhere is exempt

Imagine underwater garbage dumps with a garbage density greater than that of a landfill.

Read the article.

Like so many things, by the time you hear about it, it’s already pretty much too late. I think plastic is the worst. Here, the only beach litter you find is plastic, pretty much. I’ve avoided generating plastic waste for years, it’s literally impossible, all we can do is the best we can, but too many of us don’t seem to try at all or even care.

And this post, and the article, referenced is primarily about the garbage that sinks. Click Here to read about floating garbage.

5 thoughts on “Ocean Floor Landfills

  1. I avoid plastic as much as I can. If it’s in plastic, I don’t buy it but there is still some you can’t get away from. It is pathetic seeing all this trash in the waters around the world.

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