New Camera Arrived

The new camera arrived, it is awesome! It can connect to my phone or tablet and the device can be a remote control for the camera. There’s tons  more features I have to learn.
My first picture was of my wife. I had the controls set to “A”, which I thought was auto, but was aperture  priority, so it was a little dark.


Here’s one of the baby mangos, as big as the end of your pinky right now.


Here’s one of me, using the tablet to control the camera


I look so old…

Last night we had some friends over for dinner. Stayed up till12:30. My scooter is in the shop so I have to take the bus to work. I gotta go, right now!

6 thoughts on “New Camera Arrived

  1. What type of camera did you get? I have probably read it already, but I forget.
    Never take a ‘selfie’ from low down! It just emphasises your wrinkles!

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