Mortal Engines

The wife was volunteering at a museum event last night and home alone, I watched a movie called Mortal Engines. I thought it was excellent. Possibly more for the visuals than the plot. The plot was very good, but if you took your eyes off the screen, you missed something really cool. Nonstop coolness movie.

To summarize, it’s way in the future after the 60 Minute War wrecked the world. Powerful weapons even caused the tectonic plates to shift, so the continents aren’t even the same as now. The survivors are living in mobile cities and the bigger ones (like London) are huge predator cities that consume smaller cities for their resources. Like a big animal eating a smaller one!

Old stuff from before the war are real collectors items. Called “old tech”

The bad guy on London, (Agent Smith from The Matrix) is working on a powerful weapon to attack the well defended non-mobile city.

The the best stuff for making these weapons is “old tech”.

One of the good guys was Klause on Umbrella Academy. There’s lots of big stars hidden under excellent costumes and makeup and I tell ya, it’s my kinda movie!

Definitely watch it if you can!

Happy Friday! Hopefully we won’t have a totally rainy weekend. But our outdoor plants are doing so well, I kinda hate to fry them with the hot Caribbean sun

Have a good weekend!

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