Lost and confused

WordPress has operated flawlessly since I started, then suddenly I’m having problems. Twice I’ve tried to publish a post and get “Invalid Request” when I push the publish button. It seemed like if I uploaded one photo, it would replace the previous photo. Also I lost two posts and couldn’t find them in my drafts.

Also, what’s the difference between “Post a Photo Post” Post a Video Post” and ” Post a Post Post”? I assume a video and photo lets me post one video or photo.

It seems like this morning I found several new places to post a post from. Now I have to figure out the differences and how to get back there again.

In the posts I lost were the pics above, (which I expect to be three across, side by side) and my sadness that Andy Griffith passed away yesterday.

Lets see if I can publish this post. This is too much to lose, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll be pissed!

2 thoughts on “Lost and confused

  1. I got me a wordpress blog too… just a back up of me Diet coke rocks on Blogger… and damned if I can figure out how to use it too! It’s so DIFFERENT from blogger!
    I hope you sort out the issues with WordPress!

    I can’t post a comment on WordPress without using an alternative email either, so I had to make a new one! (email account)

  2. I have avoided wordpress because I don’t want to change my header..and everyone loves it at first and then they start bitching about it..so I’ll stay with blogspot.

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