Fun With A and An

It occurred to me yesterday that it would be funny to transpose the words “a” and “an”.

You know the rule right? If the next word starts with a vowel sound, you’d use “an”. An apple. An hour.

If it starts with a consonant sound it’s “a”. A car, a pickle.

Your assignment for to day is to transpose a and an in your speech, but move a letter to keep the rule intact.

For example:

“A napple”

“Ak lock” ( a K)

“An Ewt”

“A norange”

Only in speech, not writing. And just for today. Don’t be ab ore.

Just do it.

Maybe no one will notice.

4 thoughts on “Fun With A and An

  1. That was fun! Well, it grates on my ear when someone says: “There is (should be “are” of course) three people in the room.” That error is so common place I hear it everywhere, including the TV news. The TV news people use language as their trade and they can’t get it right.

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