Embracing Bureaucracy

Back to work today. This morning I was walking the dog, thinking that I need to work around the bureaucracy at work. It’s preventing me from getting things done. Some of my co-workers and bosses embrace the bureaucracy, to me, to the point of being a hinderance.

But I normally don’t talk negative specifics about work here. This isn’t the place for it.

It was a good weekend, the wife had a party for a friend who is getting married. I set up the tables and lights, and helped as much as I could. Then I got out of the house for the party. Sunday, I took down the lights and tables, and Yesterday, we took them all back to my wife’s workplace and helped her put them away. Then we had a huge breakfast at a restaurant called Laurens.

I also made it to the beach this weekend.

So it was a pretty good long weekend. The wife has the day off today, wish I did. When it comes to weekends, longer is better!

The weather reports are getting flaky again, some say rain, some say not. I suspect there will be rain, later this week.

Have a great week! Don’t get rained on!

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