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Happy Tuesday!

I got nothing to post about today. There seems to be a lot of pretty, red bugs that look like fireflys in the house lately. I just collected about 10 off the kitchen ceiling with the dustpan brush and released them outside. They’re red, with a black X on their backs. I should have taken a picture first. I always see them at the beach, just where the trees start, where the sand starts mixing with the dirt.

I just Googled “Cayman red insects with black X on their backs” and found a picture of them.

Funny how inaccurate my descrition of them was…

Below is from here.

The cotton stainer, Dysdercus suturellus, is a pretty bug that does ugly damage to certain plants, including cotton. Both adults and nymphs feed on the seeds in cotton bolls and stain the cotton an undesirable brownish-yellow in the process. Before the advent of chemical controls for this crop pest, the cotton stainer caused serious economic damage to the industry.

Unfortunately, the cotton stainer doesn’t limit its attention to cotton plants. This red bug (that’s the actual name for the family, Pyrrhocoridae) damages everything from oranges to hibiscus. Its U.S. range is limited to mainly to southern Florida.

I don’t think they do any damage, we’ve got some lemon trees on the porch, but the bugs aren’t on them, I think they flew into the house.

Anyway, I started with nothing and ended up with what I think is a fairly decent post. You know about cotton stainer bugs!

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Cotton Stainer Bug

    • I simply touched them with a brush from a dustpan, they stuck to it instantly. I took them outside, shook the of the brush into the dustpan, and dumped them on the ground. No Cotton Stainers were harmed in the posting of this post!

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