Cool Little Plane

Yesterday at work, I saw the coolest, teeny tiny twin engine plane.

Door closed, refueling.

Made me think how nice it would be to zip down to Costa Rica for the weekend,

Door open.

Or Miami.

Yesterday, the weather report said “abundant sunshine”. So I took my scooter to work. Man, it rained all day. Off and on. Scattered showers. I didn’t get rained on though, I got rained on a little, at the beach, and I got a little wet on the way home, when I rode through a really big puddle. Today calls for thunderstorms, so I’m taking the van. It’s pretty typical Caribbean weather, with showers or thunderstorms every day, no matter what anybody forecasts.

I did this entire post today the voice-to-feature. I had to make some corrections, but it worked pretty well.

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Cool Little Plane

    • I’ve flown in single engine planes, but this has two! I’m guessing 17 to 1 glide ratio is pretty good? The wings looked huge!

    • I guess it has less surface area than a big plane, so maybe pretty good, but it weighs a lot less, so maybe pretty bad!

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