Twigs Unlimited

I’m headed back to work today. After 3 days of vacation and a weekend, all used to clean up after Hurricane Grace. The yard is as clean as it can be. I started off clearing a few huge logs and ended up with an unlimited supply of tiny twigs, forever getting smaller and smaller.

endless twigs

In the end, yesterday, I ran the lawn mower over the whole thing, grinding up what was left. I’m done for now. I’m trying to save all the plants I can try to save. I am pleased with how things turned out, yard-wise.

And now:

Looks like more storms are coming.

Oh well, I am powerless over the weather. Have a good day!

Back to normal?

It’s back to work today for me. I’m going to request some vacation time because I need to clean up the yard and do a lot of work after Hurricane Grace. It might not have been a hurricane when it got here, but it was one when it left.

I have a lot of cleaning up to do, tree branch removal and general clean up of the yard. My paint locker blew off the porch and all the paint and gas cans were submerged underwater and they have to be gone through to see what’s good and what’s not good. Plus the paint locker itself must be repaired or replaced. There is too much to list here. And, work has been pressuring me to use up some of my vacation so yeay!

Sun’s out, let’s dry up some of this stuff and get ready for the next one!

Have a productive day.


Hurricane Grace

It’s blowing pretty hard right now. It’s loud and noisy, things banging around outside. I took the above video about a half hour ago, about 6:15 AM

If it’s actually a hurricane, It’s category one. But we had a couple of very strong gusts a little while ago reminding me of Hurricane Ivan..

Water and power are off. Power went off about 5 till 6, water about 6:20.

All good here. But I wish there was power for coffee.

8:07 AM update.

Seems like the wind is coming from the south now, instead of the east. Lots of damage in the yard, none to the house or fence, so far.

UPDATE: 11:22 AM: Still blowing and raining hard, but easing up. Still no power or city water, but I needed coffee.

Best cuppa coffee ever!

I’m supposed to be at work at noon, that’s not gonna happen.

TS Grace

We are dead center for Tropical Storm Grace. My hurricane shutters are up already or ready to go instantly, but I don’t expect it to really be that bad.

I drove past a grocery store yesterday during lunch hour and traffic was atrocious. People were blocking 4 lanes of traffic to enter the grocery store parking lot. It never occurred to me why until I got back to work and thought about it for a minute.

Not to be boastful, but I somewhat maintain a state of readiness even when there are no storms coming.

Have a happy Tuesday, stay dry, & don’t freak out.

We need rain (it’s raining)

It seems like it’s raining everywhere but here. I’m in the mood for a couple days of good rain. Maybe we’ll get some rain from the storm after Fred.

It was raining a minute ago, but it stopped. It HAS been raining, just not enough. Seems like it rains everywhere but here. Here being in my yard.

It’s cloudy and rainy enough to stop you from going to the beach. It stops you from riding your scooter instead of driving your car. But it doesn’t water the plants.

Anyway, I can’t control it, so I might as well not worry about it. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!

Busy & Not Too Fun

I spent most of Saturday and some of Sunday trimming trees in the backyard. See pic above. I wish I had taken a before shor, you could touch the tree branches from the porch. Ran into chainsaw trouble Sunday, I’m still not done. I rekkon I’m done enough.

I missed a big street parade Carnival Saturday too. I really wanted to go, but, you know, chainsawing.

Weather coming, looks like. We need some rain.

Today, both dogs are going to the vet to get shots and checkups.

Last week, I think it was Wednesday, someone creased my car in the parking lot of the grocery store. I think I noticed it immediately after it happened. It is upsetting, to say the least. I’m not going to do anything about it though. My first damage to my new baby van.

And that’s about it for today. Have a good week!

Solar Storm

There is a news article HERE about a solar storm we’re having now. I was going to post this yesterday, but found a blurb that said this July 2021 solar storm stuff was fake news.

I don’t think solar activity is fake news, but if you Google “Solar storm could cause catastrophe”, you find we almost died practically every year since the internet was invented.

It takes light 8 minutes to reach earth from the sun. We’d not know what hit us if something happened to the sun. Maybe some of our instruments could give us a little heads up, but there’s nothing we could do about anything that happens to the sun.

In other news I did go to the farmer’s market yesterday, compared to the weekend one there was very small. I didn’t even take any pictures. But I did buy a mango smoothie and a star fruit that I ate at work. Maybe I can germinate the seeds…

Tonight is movie night but I’m not sure if I’m going or not. Have a wonderful day!

Day After July 4th

It was a nice weekend, right up until today. Friday I went to dinner with my Friday night dinner club. Saturday I finished painting the roof (except I’m going to put another coat on.) And made it to the Annual Mango Fest in George Town.

I really wanted a Mango smoothie but for some reason they were gone, already finished. But I did have some good juices and bought a piece of art. Two Cayman Parrots.

I really like it.

Sunday, I finally made it to Ragazzi Pizza on the beach at Luca. It was my 4th time, but they had been closing early. Basically the advert was wrong. It was really good pizza and locale. I will be going back with friends.

After Luca, went to this little beach right in the middle of town. It has been calling me for weeks. So I went and found lots of sea glass. And I tried to take a video but instead got a series of pictures. Not sure what I did wrong, but the result was interesting.

Today is cloudy and rainy, Tropical Storm Elsa is to our north. We had heavy lighting and rain last night and this morning. Today, (bank holiday) looks lIke it’s going to be a write-off, which is OK in my book. Tomorrow will be sunny again, I hope.

Have a wonderful week!

TS Elsa

Elsa is move more north of Grand Cayman now, but Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are still on the edge of the cone. Today is looking pretty good weather-wise and I think I’m going to risk a scooter ride to work. Hope it doesn’t rain on me!

It’s a long weekend coming up with a holiday Monday. I think it’s the last Cayman holiday until November.

Have a good weekend!