Sorting Pictures

I’ve been sorting pictures from Italy, Getting them off my phone and camera, changing the names by date.

In the olden days, we’d get our film developed, take out all the good pictures, show thrm around, maybe put them in a photo album. The not so good pictures would be left in the envelope and eventually end up in a trunk in the attic or basement, or the garbage.


Nowadays, the not so good pics get deleted, the ok pictures get saved on a disc somewhere, the favorites get posted online. It seems worse, like the pictures don’t physically exist. If humanity ever descends back to the dark ages, and I’m sure it will, the digital age of humans will be lost. For example, do you have data on 3.5 inch discs in your closet? I do. Do you have a device that can read a 3.5 inch disc? I don’t. VHS tapes? We’re losing data even in our lifetimes.

In many ways, the old way was better. Hard copies.

THE David

Yesterday we saw THE David. The original. David who killed Goliath.



Quite impressive. I guess he’s about 20 feet tall.

Below is a photo a famous statue and David.


Lots of other art too.




Yesterday we climbed up a dome. I forget the name right now. Many steps and twisty stairs.





Travlin’ Tim is getting pretty seasoned.

Today we leave Florence for Rome. Tomorrow we fly home.

Italy Bound!

I a very few minutes we leave for the airport. To Italy.

I hate leaving Cayman, although I look forward to Italy.
I feel like there is no better place on earth than right here right now. But going to Italy is better than having to go to work!!

I’m ready to go!

Three Days and a Wake Up

Today, tomorrow, Sunday, wake up Monday and go to Italy!


I am ready to go!

Today is my last workday, It has been my experience, that on the days I want to take it easy, it doesn’t happen.

My wife packed last night! Thats the signal I was waiting for!

I think my scooter is totaled. $600 to repair a $2500 (new) bike…

Time to go, not to Italy, to work.

Have a good day and weekend!

Thurday Before

It’s Thursday. Today and tomorrow to go before vacation!

I’m ready to go, wish I could fast forward through the workday, have a good beach weekend and get on the plane Monday!

I imagine the suitcases will come out tomorrow or Saturday. Im waiting for the wife to make the first move, concealing my excitement.

Got some euros from the bank the other day, got some US dollars too.

I’m pretty ready!

One Day Vacation

I’m off today, one day vacation. Cousins coming on a cruise ship. Cloudy and rainy weather unfortunately. Oh well.
They seem to come every other uear or so…

Anyway, I’m insufficiently coffeed up az yet so I’ll TTYL!

Good Morning Monday

UGH. Monday. It was a nice, quiet, cool windy Valentines Day weekend. We went out to dinner Saturday and beat the Sunday crowds.

Don’t have much to write about this morning.  The weather should be relatively good. Scooter day.

The Wife is talking about a trip to Monument Valley in May, our annual vacation. Sounds pretty good to me.
We’ll see how it pans out.


Have a wonderful week!!