The Mission:

The wife and I are on a mission. We are going to watch all the Avengers movies, in order. Last night was Iron Man 2. Monday was The Incredible Hulk, which I don’t think I’d ever seen before. It’s a diffferent Hulk. Nobody in that moovie is in any other Avengers movie. Next up is Thor, probably Friday night. I don’t think I’ve seen, or even heard of, ‘Avengers Assemble’ either.

The picture above is Phase 1, I don’t know what that means. My wifes knows, so I don’t need to.

Almost half way through the week. I wanna go diving this weekend.

Have a good day!

Kinda Continued

Kinda continuing from our previous program..

Below is the video mentioned yesterday. Nice lobster from Sundays dive, he was touching my camera with his antenna. And a barrel sponge and a squirrelfish.

This is one of 19 videos that I took during the dive. Instead of pictures, I take videos. They need to be edited into one video and then deleted. Storage space-wise, it is not economical to keep so many videos.

Hope tyou have a teriffic Tuesday!

Unrelated Sentences.

Brits say “Go to hospital” and Americans insist that “go to THE hospital” is correct. But both say “go to school” and not “go to THE school.”

I had a good weekend, did a small concrete job, it’s not done because got an invitation and so I went diving.

I forgot to glue one of the PVC joints for an air conditioner drain. Wondering if it’s going to leak.

The internet seems slow, perhaps it’s just this computer

My divng video I’m uploading for this post is taking a very long time to upload, so it’s probably the internet and not this computer.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words.

I was planning on riding the scooter to work but now I don’t feel like it.

I’m not going to ba able to post my video today, maybe tomorrow.

Hope you have a good day and week.

Sleepin Better Than I Remember

Sometimes, I don’t think I slept that great, but the machine tells me otherwise.

Last night was one of those nights. I felt like I was tossing and turning all night, laying awake for hours, but apparently not. It’s reassuring to have evidence that I slept pretty good, even though I don’t think I did. I’d like to compare the above picture with others who monitor their sleep.

I’m loving the Galaxy Watch my Wife got me for my birthday. Still learnig it though.

Happy Friday!

Food Fight

Our poor, neglected, abused Ashy Thee Cat is waging a food war with us right now. We gave her canned wet food for the past two days, and now, apparently, her good ‘ol two different kinds of mixed Crunchies aren’t good enough for Her Royal Majesty. She is on a hunger strike. She is starving herself to death in protest, devastated by the obscene injustice, sitting by her full bowl, meowing morosely.

Look at her in the picture above. Skeletal. Look at the pain in those eyes. Ashy is also upset because she needs a few more layers of higher quality padding between her and the sofa. (We pile the cushions like that to keep Lenny the pooch off the sofa when we’re out or sleeping.)

We’re expecting the SPCA to come knocking down the door any minute, telling us that from now on we must only feed Ashy caviar and sashimi, just one small thing to alleviate her life of endless suffering, but until then…

Happy Humpday Ashy!

Aunt Aimee

Happy belated birthday to my Aunt Aimee! She turned 100 last week. Many more Aunt Aimee!

We were all going to see her for her 100th but didn’t because of covid. Another covid missed trip. I was at her and my Uncles place the Day It Rained Pears.

Here it’s practically constant thunder and lightning this morning. Rained earlier, but we didn’t get wet on our walk.

Stay dry and have a good day!

SpaceX Dragon Landing

It was a good weekend. Got a lot of rest, went out to a good dinner at a fantastic Indian Restaurant, and watched the SpaceX Dragon land successfully in the Gulf Of Mexico. I wonder how much NASA has to pay Mexico for permission to land in their gulf?

I’m guessing the Dragon landed right inthe middle of where the NASA plane was circling..
WB-57 was mentioned on the coverage as the aircraft.
See all the private boats in the background?
Reeling her in!
Putting her in the “nest”.

I was very happy they made it home safely. I almost shed a tear of joy when they re-gained radio contact after the firey re-entry and another when the parachutes deployed properly. Two tears shed, almost. Seriously, I’m glad they made it home OK. I remember my mother started crying when they first blasted off to return from the moon, I asked her why she was crying and she said that because if they couldn’t lift off, they’d be stuck on the moon and they’d die there. That was an eye-opener for me.

I went for a little snorkle yesterday evening, it was quite enjoyable. As you can tell from the picture above, I took a selfie. I’m waving, telling you to have a good week!

Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’

Above are a couple pics of Daisy, messing with Ashy. Notice how Daisy is acting all innocent? Believe me, Ashy isn’t going to take any crap from Daisy. Ashy doesn’t want to be friends. Run Daisy! Run!

Funny thing. Ashy is a grey cat. Totally grey. Daisy is a brown dog. Totally brown. There’s no confusing the colors of either when they’re apart, plain as day. But put them together, they both look the same color.

Freeky Deeky!

Have a very very good weekend!

Stefan Zweig

I’m reading his short story book “Fantastic Night and Other Stories”

The first story, “Fantastic Night” was pretty good. A bored rich guy steps over the line. The second, “Letter From An Unknown Woman” I didn’t like, because she was an idiot, and there was no point in her writing the letter when she did. Now I’m reading “The Fowler Snared” . I just started it. Not sure if there’s another story or two after this one.

The reason I looked up the author, the wife and I watched a really good movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and really liked it. In the ending credits, it mentioned that it was based on the writing of Stefan Zweig. So far, nothing I’ve read, (which admittedly isn’t much) makes me think of the movie. But the stories are not bad reading.

This morning it was super duper hard to wake up. I dreamt I was travelling somewhere using my GPS, on foot, and was somewhere between Virginia and West Virginia.There was woods, and hills and dry rivers and mud and old shopping carts tipped over all rusty. For some reason, roads were to be avoided. That’s all I know.

Have a good day!