Shortest Horror Story.


Saturday was great. Beautiful. Went to the beach with my wife. Fantastic!
Sunday, clouds and rain and thunder. Stayed home, watched TV.
Today, cloudy and thunder. Definite car day.
I feel like I need another day off.
Bah Humbug.

Mission: Impossible. Rogue Nation


The wife and I went to see Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation last night. It was quite good. My favorite part was the underwater scene. And the motorcycle scene, just like me coming home from work. The movie was very action-packed with a good plot. Good comedy inserts too. Totally worth seeing at the theater.

Monday is gone. Tuesday is here. I think I’ll be moving into my old office today or tomorrow. (remember, there was a fire while I was on Vacation in Canada) 

The weather’s been weird, super hot, no breeze daily isolated thunderstorms, only raining on me when I’m riding my scooter. No rain for our plants at home.

And that’ll do’er for today. Have a good-un!

Rainy Friday Morning

When I  started typing “rainy” above, it was raining hard. By the time I finished typing “Rainy”, it had stopped. That’s how we roll down here in the Caribbean!
Yesterday turned out pretty nice, it was sunny but the sky wasn’t blue because of some high, thin clouds.
Now it’s raining again. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow when we have our party for a friend who’s leaving the island.


Tonight the Wife and I are going to the premier of Jurassic World. There’s some kind of get-together beforehand and you’re supposed to wear blue. I was told why but didn’t pay attention.

Have a good weekend!

Happy Hump Day!

Almost over the hump. Hoping for good weather this weekend.
I went to the beach yesterday at lunch, but did not swim. Today I will probably swim. There were a lot of people  at the cloudy beach, Tryin’ ta act happy in the cloudy cold weather. They were doing a good job too, you know, acting happy. So I’ll probably join them today. I’m trying to be funny here, you know, overly dramatic? But I am definitely tired of the clouds.


And I definitely will join the sad sad tourists at the beach today.

Havva Guudun!

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Monday!



Still mostly cloudy with scattered showers, but it’s supposed to start breaking up Tuesday, That’s tomorrow.

Yesterday the Wife had a flat tire in the car park. i got my tire plug kit and scuba tank and fixed ‘er  up. When I let the dogs out this morning it was still holding air. That’s good. Also, I had this wart on my middle finger of my right hand, somehow patching that tire I ripped that sucker clean out! It bled a lot but I’m glad to be rid of it. I usually rip it out myself every other year or so.

Friday we went to a make-yer-own-pizza party. That’s a real good idea for a party. Everyone was flinging dough up in the air and all around like Professional Italian Chefs. And then we made our own mini pizzas!

Also I got somebody interested (maybe) in my first and only house for sale.

So far this week so good! Havva goodun!

More Rain


It rained all day yesterday, and it looks like a lot of more rain coming. It’s already getting to me, because it was cloudy for a long time before it started raining. But we really need the rain, and the plants seem really happy.

It seems like both the week is going slow and fast. Wednesday already? Dang  it’s only Wednesday…

I think today I will go snorkeling, rain or shine!

First Rain

I was saying to the wife yesterday, I said, “Wife, the weatherman has been saying rain for the past two weeks, and I’ve been taking the car instead of the scooter and I have yet to get a drop of rain on my car”
Well, this morning it’s raining, finally. Acourse  it’ll probably stop before I head to work..

Although I slept good, I had a hard time getting up. And I feel tired now.

Since it’s raining, I took the dogs out instead of just letting them loose in the yard. Ditto is too old to stay out of the rain. I let the dogs back in and fed the cats. Came upstairs and Ditto was on the back porch in the rain, going around and around the table. He can only turn left. Every lap he would pause, contemplating that right turn to get out of the circle, then he’d go around again…. Poor lil fella.

have a good day!

Friday Is Coming!

It’s Thursday, but that means that it’s Friday on the other side of the international date line! And Friday is speeding aroundthe globe, headed our way!

It’s supposed to rain this weekend, and while I’m normally not a rain fan, we really need it. Yesterday the weather was showing some major rain between Miami and Havana. Now it’s not looking like so much rain will be coming  🙁


I got a new backpack, very similar to my old backpack and I’m happy with it.

And now it’s time for me to make lunch, and get ready  to head off to work. And  get cuppa coffee #2!

Enjoy your day!

Today MUST Be Better Than Yesterday!

Yesterday sucked. From the time I woke up wrong to the evening when it was almost bed time, yesterday sucked. I was freezing all day. I felt like crap, although I didn’t have a headache or stomach ache or sore leg or anything in particular, I just felt like crap. I felt better after I drank some tea my wife gave me. At least I quit freezing.

Yesterday my weather app said “sunny, all day” and it poured. I was glad for my full rainsuit riding home on my scooter.

Today will be  better than yesterday.


That’s fer sure.