Cat Wrangler

“they look like cats, but they’re pigsimage

We have Seven Cats (and two dogs) which makes us “Cat Wranglers”. These cats are ferrel, and after two years, I can barely touch them. Oh, they love The Wife, she can pet them and scratch their bellies and they run to her when she comes outside. I get quiet indifference.

But the purpose of this post is to tell all a yall that I think some of our cats are really pigs, namely the males. We have 3 males and 4 females and they all get one scoop twice a day. The males woof theirs down, then try to steal the rest of the ladies dinners.

So lately, I’ve been trying to stop this from happening. When the males finish first I try to prevent them from stealing the girls’s food. I just put my hand out and catwrangle them and try to stop them from pushing the ladycat out of the way.

The boys seem to understand, they quit pushing bit sit a short distance away and STARE rudely at the girls untill they walk away to preen, obviously thinking “All men are pigs!”

But in defense of men everywhere, with the dogs its the girl who is the pig, who stares, and would push the male dog out of the way, if we weren’t already such accomplished “Dawg Wranglers”