Phone Case Mod 1

I modified my phone case yesterday. The phone was too big, and the velcro barely touched and it wouldn’t stay closed. So I bought one button (30 cents) and sewed it on wilh dental floss, then added the brass grommet and not one but two girls hair thingies. (“Hair thingy” is the proper scientific name, so I’ve been told.)

And below is a picture of me holding the sun between two fingers.


I’m sure I’ve taken a nearly identical picture before.

Have a great day!

Phone Died

This morning, I woke up, looked at the clock, and it was 5:10. my phone alarm didn’t go off. It’s been giving trouble, not coming on when I wake it,  but this has been the first potentially catastrophic failure.

100% of my active readers demand more Italy pictures. Therefore, I have decided to post almost all of them. Starting today, I will upload pics in post per day in Italy groups. 

Stay tuned!