Movie Night Again

Movie night was good last night. “When Harry Met Sally“. There was a friend of mine who had never seen it before with is. She said “I’ll have what she’s having” about 15 seconds before the line came up in the movie.

And another friend of mine just got out of quarantine yesterday afternoon, Then someone in her group tested positive and had to re enter quarantine about 6 hours after she got out. I don’t have the story straight in my head yet, but it seems to be insane craziness on someones part.

I’m on a vacation day today, and am going snorkeling.

have a great day!

Spooky Space Suit

Last night I had a dream about a spooky space suit. It was my space suit I guess from the days I was an astronaut.

There was something wrong with it. It was haunted or something. The suit part was fine, it could hang in the closet and wasn’t really in the dream much. The helmet was just in the way, and there was something wrong with it. It seemed like a repeat dream but I don’t really think it was. Just a weird dream.

Tonight is movie night, I want to go but the movie’s not that great. I’ll probably go anyway.

Have a happy Thursday!

Helluva Good Movie Night

I went to Movie Night last night and the Westin was PACKED. There was fashion show in the lobby and Movie Night outside. Plus I heard but did not see a third event over in their “event tent”.

None of my regular movie night crew went, and I was alone, but I expanded the movie night group considerably. I saw people who I introduced to movie night and people I knew in general who indicated a willingness to attend future movie nights..

I had a nice dinner, the coconut shrimp and fruit. More of an appetizer really, but I saw someone else with it weeks ago and wanted one ever since. I didn’t take a picture of the shrimp, but I did take a picture of my dessert, and pasted a crop from the menu onto the pic. I didn’t know what coulis was, so really, it was an educational dessert. A selfless dessert for the good of you, me dear readers.

It was goooood. I could have eaten a whole bunch of them. But I didn’t, gotta watch the figure!

But I didn’t actually stay for movie night. When the movie started, I left and went and saw some friends in Bodden Town.

It was a really nice evening, much nicer than I expected when I left the house

And now it’s Friday! Ya can’t beat that!

Have a great weekend!

Hassle VS Not

I noticed this morning, shaving is always pain, but showering isn’t. Making my lunch is a hassle, but making coffee is not. Walking the dogs and my morning exercise seem to alternate between wanted and a pain-in-the-butt, but it is seldom that they are both in the same category.

I certainly enjoy EATING lunch, when the time comes, but making it in the morning… Bah!

But anyway, Friday’s almost here. It looks like it’s gonna be a movie night tonight. There’s Something About Mary, I don’t think I’ve seen it.

After that, IT’S FRIDAY TOMORROW! The weekdays are a hassle, but the weekends are not! On the bright side though, did you ever notice how it seems like it’s only the first five days after the weekend that are a hassle, after that it’s not so bad…

see ya tomorrow!

Free French Fries

Went to movie night with the wife last night. It was good. I’ve been maybe 10 times, Every time I order food I request the salad instead of French fries. Only once have I got the salad as requested. When the waiter brings it I say “I’m sorry, but I ordered salad, not fries,” and he checks his notes, finds I did indeed request salad instead of fries, apologizes, brings me a salad and I have free French fries. If I posted this on Trip Advisor, they would fix it immediately and you would never get free fries again, so don’t tell anybody. So if you want free French fries go to the Westin movie night and ask for the salad with your Burger. You might get free fries you might not.

Last night the movie was Dirty Dancing. I had seen it before. It was a really good crowd who was “Interacting” with the movie. ” Nobody puts Baby in the corner” And it was windy on the beach and the wind blew the inflatable movie screen over twice. The crowd cheered and went wild. It was a fun night.

Today is Friday and yesterday was payday.. I have to pay bills.

Tomorrow is works Family Fun Day at the beach. Normally I wouldn’t go but now it’s like “hell yeah!” People and food!

Have a great weekend!

The Crab With Eggs

The other day I saw this crab climbing the wall. I went to take a picture and then noticed the eggs underneath. I wonder what she’s going to do with those eggs, and if I’m going to have a trillion baby crabs around here in a little while. She was gone that afternoon when I got home from work, without a trace.

Tonight is movie night at the Weston. I have a date with the wife. I am picking her up at her apartment.

It’s almost Friday!

Random Fridayness

Two Spotted Eagle Rays inside the house

Itsa FRIDAY! It rained last night and it’s lighting-ey this morning.

Above in the picture are two spotted eagle rays. I had one, and had the other and decided to take a picture of them both.

Last night I considered going to Movie Night, but went outside and it was raining. Later, I checcked the Westin webcam and movie night looked like I was missing a good one. But a few minutes after I took this screenshot, I looked again and there were water droplets all over the camera. So it did rain at movie night after the below picture was taken. I don’t even know what the movie was anyway. Someone else told me that Tom Felton, the actor who played Draco Malfoy was there.

And it’s Friday, The only thing planned for the weekend are more house repairs (electrical) and lunch with the wife.

Have a good weathered weekend!

Me On The Westin Webcam

I went to movie night last night. It was good. When I got there, I noticed the Westin Webcam, which I sometimes use as a weather/wave check.

It will frequently rain in town and not northern 7 Mile Beach or West Bay. Since I was on the Westin wifi, I did a screen grab of me on the camera.

It could be a nice hobby, traveling the world and collecting selfies on webcams. I have a picture of myself on the Akumal and the Macabuca webcams. And now the Westin. I noticed that the Westin webcam had a big 10 second time delay by the way. (That rhymes.)

There was also a nice sunset before the movie, which started instantaneously when the sun dipped below the horizon.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

The Abandoned Kayak


This kayak has been sitting here at my secret lunchtime beach for an easy six months. Probably much longer. it used to be used by the submarine company Atlantis Submarines to paddle out to their submarines. The submarines are a long gone, I think they’ve been sold. But the kayak remains. (Technically speaking I think one was a submarine and the other was a glass bottom boat, but I think they’re both gone) I have 2 kayaks which I have not used in a long time, This kayak is like the 1st kayak I ever bought, a Malibu 2. Therefore its value is sentimental only, but it must be a very old kayak that deserves to be cared for and loved.

I’m not even sure this place is still here.

Tonight at movie night is “Die Hard“. I’ve been told the food prices have gone up because technically now the hotel is open, but I’m going anyway.

Tomorrow is Friday, hip hip hooray! Have a good day. (That rhymes)