Backwards Wright Flier

Officials in Ohio had to — literally — reverse course when they realized their new state license plate design featured a plane flying backwards.

read the NPR article HERE.

I thought the Wright Brothers were from North Carolina?

Speaking of reversing course, I undid my plan of taking Mondays off starting mid November. I’m transferring 5 vacation days to 2022. I’m still taking off all the Fridays though!!

My new shirt, mentioned yesterday, is in the give-away box. Wasted money. I can’t return it because I washed it and wore it (for a couple hours). I wore it to work and couldn’t stand it. I went out in the morning and bought 3 new shirts. All three together cost less than the one microfiber monstrosity. I changed my shirt in the shirt store parking lot.

And now I’m out the door for work! Remember to keep flying forward!

Decrease Your Walking Time

I believe I’ve discovered a way to decrease the time I spend walking in the mornings. Without decreasing the distance walked. I’ll show you: go on, get up and walk. Now walk faster, faster still, a little bit faster, faster! That’s pretty good!

I believe the term that I should use for this faster walking will be “running”.

I shall get it to patented and copyrighted and I shall be rich for my invention!

Seriously though, it’s Wednesday, I slept good last night, I feel good now, I’m ready to go to work. I plan on swimming in half mile at lunch time like I did yesterday.

Have a wonderful day!


Super top secret agent and international spy Goldeneye, here disguised as a frog.

I took this last night. Pretty amazing gold frog and gold eyes.

I also discovered some rotten wood in my eaves last night. I was chasing ants. I think I can fix the eave, the ants I might need some help with, they’re everywhere. They eat potted plants from the roots up. They’re in the bathroom, they’re on the roof. In the yard. Everywhere, all sizes. Big and small and microscopic almost.

I wish the frog would eat all the ants.

Have a Happy Hump Day.

Winter World

I’m reading a book called “Winter World“. It’s pretty good, I’m about half way through.

The two main characters are Emma and James. Emma is the sole survivor of the ISS destruction by aliens who are freezing the earth. James is this genius dude who was serving life without parole for building what I suspect is some kind of robot or something, we don’t know yet.

So they pulled him out of prison and sent him up in space to save the world from these alien spaceships. And rescue Emma. (James and Emma and a bunch of other people are out in space, looking for the bad guy spaceships).

They yank a convict out of prison ’cause he’s soooo badass and genius. It’s funny. Fifty thousand years ago, when I was in Cub Scouts, I had it all figured out that if they needed to, they’d make us Cub Scouts fight the bad guys after the US Army got its ass whooped in a war. And we had to be ready. Same thing in this book, pulling the hero out of prison to save us all! How grandiose!

It’s a good book, I just don’t think it was a good idea to start James off in prison. Kinda childish and not realistic.

We’ll see. James just picked up this guy on earth from a frozen basement who seems human, but I think he’s the robot. We’ll see. (Yeah, he’s back on earth (with Emma, of course) after his spaceship got shot down.)

I’ll say it again because I think you don’t believe me, good book. Entertaining.

Easter weekend starts tonight. (Monday/Friday holiday plus four days vacation time starting next Tuesday.) And two weekends. It’s Movie Night at the Westin again tonight. And ILM class at work today.

Have a great weekend! And Happy April Fools Day. Already.

Daily Dilbert

I used to have an app that opened the Dilbert cartoon for that day. It quit working, years ago and I kind of lost touch with Dilbert. But this morning I stumbled across some and they’re still really really good.

Today is the first day I’ve seen any DIlbert in years. I’ll have to re-connect.

Have a good day!

God Must Not Want Me To Have Money

You’ve heard me complain about money many times. I don’t think money is in the cards for me.

I pay homeowners insurance 10 months out of the year, these are the two “off” months. Instead of having a little extra money, I get extra bills. New tires for the car and scooter.  Dentist. I have accepted the fact that I will always be broke. God doesn’t want me to have money.

At least it’s Friday! And I live where I want to live!


Have a good weekend!

A New Day!


I am excited about today. The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny during my lunchtime!

It’s one hour before sunrise. I’m on the back porch. The Crux is near the horizon in front of me and Leo is overhead, with Cancer just in front of that. The sky is just beginning to turn light.

Apparently, it rained last night. I sat down in a big  puddle of water that was in my chair. Had to go change my pants. Funny huh? The chairpuddle was an inch deep AFTER I sopped it up with my butt.

I heard there’s a problem leaving comments here. I’ll be looking into it today.

Have a great day, I plan on it!

Have a good day.