Breakfast, the most important meal?


When I wake up, I’m not hungry. Just give me coffee! If I don’t eat, I don’t get hungry till almost noon or 1PM. If I do eat, I am starving again before 10 AM, and I mean STARVING!, I HAVE to eat if I can. Then I will eat  my lunch too early, and be starving again by the time I get home. So I eat when I get home, then The Wife gets home, and I eat dinner when I’m not hungry.
So isn’t it better for me to not eat breakfast, and eat when I get hungry?

Who are these scientists that tell me it’s better to eat breakfast when I’m not hungry? Who has the authority to declare breakfast the most important meal of the day?
If I was told that from now on, I’d only be getting one meal a day, and had to chose which meal I wanted, I guarantee you I wouldn’t chose breakfast!! I’d choose dinner.

What do you think about all this?

Have a good day!

Purple Peppers

On our back porch, we have purple peppers growing. They are quite interesting to look at and I can’t wait to eat one.



They’re a little bigger than a golf ball now, and they should get as big as a red or green pepper from the grocery store.

Last night we went out to the monthly C.A.R.E. trivia night fundraiser. Man, I suck at trivia.

And tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Have a good day!

Eat More Salad

For the past several months, I’ve been starving. I eat and get “not hungry”, then suddenly, out of nowhere, I get completely starving again, with nothing in between. Or I feel starving right after I ate and my belly is feels stretched full.
When you’re painful starving like I was, you gotta eat if you can. You can’t help it.
I gained about 10 pounds.
Saturday,  I did what I’ve been wanting to do for over a year. I went to the Pizza Hut and got the salad bar, all you can eat. I picked Pizza Hut because I was in there to meet someone a long time ago, and the salad bar there was the best looking salad bar I’d seen on the island.

I had three pretty large helpings of salad. Lettuce, tomato, carrots, green peppers. A couple scoops of cottage cheese. It was the best thing ever.

There was a time in my life, when I ate a lot of salad, I’d order the giant chef’s salad if they had it at a restaurant when we went to eat. I’ve always loved a good salad.
Since Saturday, I feel much better. I haven’t been maddeningly starving since. I need to eat more salad.

Here Again, Monday

My weekends are too short. Saturday I had a friend visit, Sunday we visited with the Bro and Sis In-Laws. I need some time to myself, to do nothing, go to the beach, think etc. After two days off, I’m really just getting settled down and rested. If I had my way, (And I’ve ALWAYS said this) the week would be four days long, 10 hours a day, instead of 5X8.

So today is back to work, and I don’t wanna go. It’ll be alright, once I get there, like it always is, but now, I got the Monday morning blues. (did I say that last Monday?)

Last night th’ in-laws, wife and I went to Copper Falls steakhouse. I got the Porterhouse, 28 ounces. I always wanted to see if I could eat it all and it was easy. I wanted to pick up the bone and gnaw on it, but didn’t because we were in a restaurant.

I might get the new scooter today. They agreed to let me test drive it. I also have the “Gonna spend a lot of money” nervousness. I’ve heard all good things about this particular scooter.