Dreams Again

Last night I had a couple of memorable dreams. I dreamed I was out on the road for work, and found a Cayman Islands $2 bill. (There’s no such thing, I don’t think.) I put it with my stack of money and noticed a thread hanging off of it. I tried to burn off the thread with a lighter and all my money caught on fire and I threw it on the road to try and stopm it out and it smooshed like shaving cream. Then there was nothing left but ash.

The other dream was I was in a big work truck, and the driver parked and I mounted a boxlike object on the side of the truck. Then the driver started moving the truck and I voiced my concern because he might hit something with the box. Then he parked, and I could feel that the truck was right on my tool bag. The driver was my brother Bruce, but I never realized it was him until the end of the dream.

And now it”s almost sunrise, I’m waiting for the tile guys to arrive and start the back. After today I should have a good idea of when they’ll be done.

new tile, front porch.

Have a great day!

Too Far Far Away

When I was very young, in my grandmother’s apartment there was a painting that I thought was spooky. It was a river in the woods with some girls in white standing by the water. There was a dirt embankment between the river and the woods and on the horizon beyond the woods far far away looked like a field. To me the whole thing was creepy but the worst part was that field. I felt like if I ever found myself in that field I could never find my way home again and would be gone forever.

Last night I had a very similar dream, sort of. I was in a building and I could look out the windows. Far far away was a very remote parking lot, full of cars. All the cars had people in them and they couldn’t get out of their cars. I knew that if I was in one of those cars I couldn’t get out either, and I would be gone forever. It seemed like, in the building, I could look towards the parking lot and be there. I could instantaneously travel from the parking lot to the building without ever really leaving the building. Throughout the night I kept going back and looking at the parking lot and it was scary, like my grandmother’s painting.

That’s my post for today, have a good Tuesday.

Spooky Space Suit

Last night I had a dream about a spooky space suit. It was my space suit I guess from the days I was an astronaut.

There was something wrong with it. It was haunted or something. The suit part was fine, it could hang in the closet and wasn’t really in the dream much. The helmet was just in the way, and there was something wrong with it. It seemed like a repeat dream but I don’t really think it was. Just a weird dream.

Tonight is movie night, I want to go but the movie’s not that great. I’ll probably go anyway.

Have a happy Thursday!

Rough Night

Woman Lying In Bed Coverig Her Eyes With Her Hands With Eyebrows Painted

Last night was a rough night. Woke up about 2:10. Then I was in and out all the rest of the night. Twice, I dreamed I forgot how to breathe and woke up gasping. At one point, I was laying there, seriously wondering if I was asleep or awake. And not sure of the answer. Sometimes I think I’m awake all night, but my sleep function on my watch says I was asleep.

I turned in an essay for a course I’m taking. I was going for the Ace, 100%. I worked hard, I thought it was good. I got it back, she didn’t even finish grading it and she wants to see me after class.

I got super angry with a driver on the road yesterday. Yelled and cussed and laid on the horn. Scared my passenger I think.

I have become the exact person I didn’t want to be as a child.

I sometimes feel like I’m on a different planet than everyone else.

I’ll be glad when today is over.

Dreamy Night

I had dreams last night. First, I was on the beach, at my normal lunchtime spot, but there was a cave or small round door in this erosion wall that’s been there for a while. I was getting ready to crawl in when I saw my indoor cat, Ashy,, laying on a towel on the sand in front of the door. (Ashy kept trying to go outside yesterday while I was unloading groceries.) Then I looked down and discovered I had barely missed stepping in a huge pile of horse crap. I mean huge, so huge, the “h” is silent.

The other dream I remember is that I was on a small balcony, with a small table, like a hotel. I was laying out my dive gear. I looked over and on another balcony was a girl in her swimsuit, laying out her dive gear too. She gave me an unfriendly look. l reached into my pocket and pulled out an orange, wrist mounted electronic compass that didn’t work. (Which is why I took it off) but for the first time, I noticed it had a small magnetic compass on the wristband too. I watched the arrow-needle swing back and forth as it came to a rest on north.

And that’s my dreams of last night. It feels like Friday but it’s not, it’s prefriday. Have a wonderful day!

Don’t Know What To Tell Ya

She started moving out. Her clothes are gone, plants and pictures gone. We’ll see what more is gone when I get home from work today.

I wish her well!

Had a dream last night, there was a main hallway, and a back parallel hallway. The (ex) Wife’s best friend wanted to, but was aftaid to go down the back hallway by herself so I went with her. I don’t know what she was afraid of, it was a well lit, nice hallway. Reminded me of a school hallway with doors and windows to rooms. She seemed really happy I went with her, I never got the feeling she liked me very well in real life.

Brain Dead Tuesday

It was very hard to get up this morning. I was dreaming that my wife, and a navy friend were driving in San Francisco (I think) when I saw a friend of mine from here in Cayman. I said pull over, and we parked illegally and were walking over to the sidewalk where my friend was when the alarm went off.

Went running this moning, I tried to take Sheba but she couldn’t keep up. Didn’t go very far when I turned around and came back.

Right now I just feel tired, and want to go back to bed.

Not much more than that to say this morning. There’s not much more than that in my brain.

It”s very cloudy, and very windy, with the clouds travelling against the wind.

Evaluate My Dream For Me

Had a weird dream
I was in a car, with a little white dog, and our new cat, Ashy.
I pulled into a store parking lot (the store I really wanted to go to was aroud the corner from the store we were at, but I didn’t want any body to know I wanted to go to that store)
I got out of the car and took this big tractor tire out of the back. I was rolling it across the parking lot, toward the store door. I was thinking “I should have left this in the car, heck, I should just throw it away, It’s a pain in the ass, carryng this tire everywhere.” But I knew I wouldn’t throw it away because that would be littering.

I looked back at the car, and saw a place in front of the car, where I could ditch the tire. I saw the dog and cat, playing. The cat was biting the dogs tail. I thought to myself, “At least the cat’s finally gettig along with the dog.”
I also saw a picnic table, in pine tree woods, On the table were playing cards, and a whole bunch of empty bottles and cans, like there was a card game there last night, and everybody just got up and walked away.
I walked over to the table,  (with my tire) and looked. The cards were huge, more than twice the size of regular cards, all face up. There were a lot of them, and I turned some over and some were red, and some were blue. Two decks of cards. They were cool, and I wanted to take them, but I thought “that would be stealing” although they were clearly abandoned.

The lesson I learn from this dream is that I carry a burden I don’t want to carry, because I worry what others will think (ditchig the tire/littering) and I don’t do what I want to do, again, because I’m worried what others will think (not going to the store I wanted to go to, and not taking the cards, although they were clearly abandoned, laying with a pile of trash)

What do you think?

No News Is Good News

It was a great weekend! Friday I stayed home while the Wife went out to Oktoberfest. Not my cuppa tea)

Saturday I went to the beach, wife had to work (only for two hours). The beach is full of seaweed, and I had the whole 7 Mile Beach to myself! Didn’t see another soul. The sea’s been pretty  rough, with the wind coming opposite the normal direction. Good sand n sun tho, it was great!

Sunday, we took Sheba to the beach at Barkers, not much seaweed there, came back, gave Sheba a bath. Then I trimmed the tree in the back yard. It had branches hanging down almost to the ground. After that we went to a friends house and hung out by the pool.

And I watched Football, Redskins won,  Dallas lost.

It was a good weekend.

Super weird dreams last night though. I had a brain twister about the anomalies of the number 96. And a different dream that someone was building real structures of optical illusions. There was a corner of a building, a house really, that was up on a pole. It had a still-alive woman from olden days, still young and not affected by time. And more illusions. Too weird to retain in the brain. Waker-uppers. I got up and laid on the back porch for a pretty long time, since
sleeping wasn’t comfortable. 

But it was a good weekend! I feel pretty good this morning, despite lack of sleep. We’ll see now the day goes.

Have a good week!

Friday Finally Fantastic

It’s Friday. I feel very relaxed and calm. Not much to say today. All good.

Supposed to rain today, according to my weather apps. It has rained every day this week, but my weather apps have said all clear, so I rode the scooter. I got rained on once. Today, I’ll take the car, (on the weather app’s advice), so it’ll probably be clear. Not complaining.

Supposed to rain tomorrow. I’m supposed to go diving and look for an airplane that crashed long ago. Last night, I dreamed I went diving. I just remembered.

Have a great weekend!