Fighting Ants

I don’t mean ants that fight each other like jousting or duelling, I mean I’m having a battle with ants in my house. I think I won the battle of the bathroom and now I’m attacking a regiment in the kitchen. I am attempting to secure the perimeter and cut off supply lines to the multiple armies with which I battle.

That means I sprayed all around the house with this ant killer spray. Wherever concrete meets diry

What’s I found an ants nest in a picture frame.

It’s an ongoing battle.

Outside in your flower pots if a plant suddenly starts to die odds are there’s an ant colony inside eating the roots

It seems to be a Caribbean wide problem, everybody I know has the same thing.

And it’s almost Friday!

Wednesday Washout

It’s Wednesday. I have nothing to post. So here’s a bunch of funny pictures.

Yesterday, my weather apps unanimously called for no rain, it poured and flooded town and I got soaked on my scooter. It didn’t rain a drop here. I’ll be watering the plants before going to work today.

I guess I’m driving today.

Have a Nexellent day!


I sat down with my coffee this morning to post.. Then I started reading emails. Then, because of the angle of the sun I could see dust where no dust was seen before. So I dusted. Then I remembered I made myself an overnight oats, So I ate the overnight oats while I read article about color e-readers.

Now it’s almost time to walk out the door to go to work and I haven’t posted yet, so this is it.

Last night for supper I actually made chicken tikka masala, which came out quite well. I will try it again soon.

Have a good day!


I think, that taking pictures is directly related to the ability to come up with the topic to post about on my blog.

Yesterday was this day a plain day, not too much happened, Nothing worth posting about. Pictures make the post.

This is my discovery for the day. Perhaps rediscovery is a better term. It’s because like I’ve always said, the picture makes the post!

Have a fantastic day!

Cleanup Progress

It’s Tuesday now, thankfully. I ran out of paint yesterday and went to get more, but all the stores were closed because of the Queen’s birthday. So instead I cleaned the second half of the pantry downstairs. I removed the chest type freezer, and all the shelves and cleaned the floor underneath. It came out good. The house is getting pretty clean.

I have been cleaning common areas and areas that I didn’t pay much attention to, areas that I considered the wife’s domain, but my areas are still pretty messy. Is my desk and my workroom especially. Today, (along with paint,) I’m buying more storage boxes. And I’m throwing a lot of stuff away.

Sunday night I went to a pizza party on the beach that happens every Sunday. I got there when they were closing but it is something worth checking out in the future. Something to add to my weekly ‘movie night on the beach’ routine.

I’ve been using voice-to-text more and more often. It seems to work pretty well.

Have a good day!

Beautiful Morning

it’s a beautiful morning. Too bad that camera can’t capture the sun coming up through the trees.

Not much to post about again today, I expect a busy, fulfilling day at work today.

This the season of daily rains, just not here in West Bay, (center of the universe). It can rain in town and not in West Bay, but when it rains in West Bay, it’s raining all over the world.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Don’t Know What To Tell Ya

She started moving out. Her clothes are gone, plants and pictures gone. We’ll see what more is gone when I get home from work today.

I wish her well!

Had a dream last night, there was a main hallway, and a back parallel hallway. The (ex) Wife’s best friend wanted to, but was aftaid to go down the back hallway by herself so I went with her. I don’t know what she was afraid of, it was a well lit, nice hallway. Reminded me of a school hallway with doors and windows to rooms. She seemed really happy I went with her, I never got the feeling she liked me very well in real life.

Ya Know What Grinds My Gears?

YouTube “videos” that are really slideshows. That really gets under my skin. There ought to be a special rule or category so you know it’s not a video before you click it.

The above was in a list of topics to post for when I can’t think of a topic.

Today the wife starts moving out. I’m sure I’ll be shocked when I get home tonight. I want to take pictures of everything so I can remember what it was like. I’m going to miss her and her stuff.

Talk to you tomorrow.