Nice Dreams

I dreamed that the tide went down about 100 feet, My dog, Ditto and I went up to what normally is the dropoff, and looked down into the water. We could see the water level coming back up and turned and ran as our feet got wet. We were running across the sand flats, which are normally 60 feet under water, as the small waves from the rising tide chased us.

I was running and laughing and I looked down at Ditto, running beside me and I could tell he was as happy as any dog could be. Tongue out trailing alongside his face, ears blowing in the wind, eyes sparkling as he looked back at me.

It was a wonderful dream, Happy and fun.

I wish Ditto could stay young. Nowadays, he mostly sleeps or paces the floor. We’re pretty sure he’s deaf, not sure he can see, and pretty certain he’s senile and doesn’t know where he  is a lot of the time.

It’s not fair.


Got the new Kindle going, upgraded and loaded with my books. It’s just like my old Kindle now, except with  a better keyboard and 2 gig instead of 4 gig, and no WiFi….

Have a good day!!!!!

Hobbit, Battle Of The Five Armies


Last night The Wife and I went to see “The Hobbit, Battle of the Five Armies”.
It was quite good, I need to go re-read the book to check the facts. The third quarter of the movie, I didn’t really remember precisely.
And when the dragon was killed, in the book, the arrow went completely inside the dragon, feathers and all. Didn’t happen in the movie, there was a bit poking out.

But it was very good.

Glad it’s Thursday. Tomorrow’s Friday.

Thank You Penelope Marzec!


A few weeks ago, I won one of Penelope Marzec’s giveaways, a book and a tote bag! We have been blog buddies for  a long time. As I always  say: “Blogging is for finding new friends, Facebook is for finding old ones.”

I was very excited to receive her package yesterday! In the giveaway, Penelope said she would send the book of my choice (by her, of course) and I said I wanted her to choose for me. She chose the ‘The Pirates Wraith‘, about a modern day woman who gets strick by lightning and wakes up back in Pirate Days! It sounds like a book I am going to enjoy and an an exceptional beach read!

The bag is very nice too, and very heavy  duty material and a velcro closure. We use these bags in The Cayman Islands for groceries as the grocery store charges for each plastic bag. Even  though when my wife took the above photo and said the bag looked “Just my speed”, I’m going to give it to her. She likes using a bag like this to go to the beach, and this is by far the best one out of all we have!

Thank you  again Penelope!

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday Woes

Well, here we are on a Monday. After months of drought, the forces that be chose  my vacation to make it rain.

I read  some books, Orange Is The New Black, (not like the tv series). I read the Divergent trilogy/ the first two books were good, the third, had to put it  down.

It’s cloudy and thundery right now. It’ll get sunny again when I go back to work.


Time To Lighten Up

After my heavily political posts for the last two days, I think it’s time to lighten up with a simple photo post. Here’s a couple pictures of a couple birds that I took when I went to see my Wife at lunch yesterday.Jun 11, 2013 002 Jun 11, 2013 001

We got some new bird books, I could probably look them up and find the type.


Have a happy hump day!


I read this book in its entirety yesterday. It is a book I couldn’t put down. It is written through the eyes of Bruno, a 9 year old boy who is the son of a high ranking Nazi in WW2. His father moves his family from Berlin to “Out-With” after getting promoted by the “Fury”. Bruno doesn’t like it because it’s not as nice as Berlin and there is no one to play with. Then he meets a boy exactly his age from the other side of the fence. They develop a very strong friendship, which Bruno keeps secret from his family.

There’s no blood and guts in the book, but the overall picture is pretty shocking. It’s an easy read, you will finish in a couple hours. Absolute must-read.