Backwards Wright Flier

Officials in Ohio had to — literally — reverse course when they realized their new state license plate design featured a plane flying backwards.

read the NPR article HERE.

I thought the Wright Brothers were from North Carolina?

Speaking of reversing course, I undid my plan of taking Mondays off starting mid November. I’m transferring 5 vacation days to 2022. I’m still taking off all the Fridays though!!

My new shirt, mentioned yesterday, is in the give-away box. Wasted money. I can’t return it because I washed it and wore it (for a couple hours). I wore it to work and couldn’t stand it. I went out in the morning and bought 3 new shirts. All three together cost less than the one microfiber monstrosity. I changed my shirt in the shirt store parking lot.

And now I’m out the door for work! Remember to keep flying forward!

Goodbye Cayjet

The other day, an old Cayman Airways 737 took off and left the Cayman Islands for the last time. It took off, did a loop around and flew really super low over the runway, wagging its wings, then headed for the Victorville aircraft graveyard, where it will rot, or maybe get stripped for parts or scrap metal.

it makes me sad. Ships, (airships, waterships and I guess spaceships) are not like other machines. They’re like people with personalities and specific characteristics that make them alive and loved. Maybe cars too.

I still lament the sinking of my first Navy ship, the USS Somers DDG 34. I wish she was still here, and I wish I could go visit.

But alas, water under the bridge. Good by airplane. You’re missed by at least one person, and you were loved by many.

I bought a new shirt yesterday, did laundry last night and am wearing it today. I dunno, it’s microfiber and feels shapeless. It feels like it will stretch out but not stretch back in. It might go straight into the ‘give away’ box.

It’s hard to find a plain old cotton polo shirt these days.

Have a fantastic day!

British Airways Landing

Yesterday , coming back to work from lunch, my motorcycle dash cam caught the BA 777 landing. I think it’s quite cool. Please watch the 22 second video below.

I could smell the burnt rubber from the landing gear hitting the tarmac.

I could smell the burnt rubber from the landing gear hitting the tarmac.

Today, for work, I have a first aid class. I’m looking forward to the break in my routine.

Have a happy Prefriday

Helicopter on Mars

I wanted to post this a few days ago, but just getting around to it. There’s other videos out there, but this is the best I’ve found.

the link above is a re-tweet I re-tweeted on Twitter. If you follow me, I’ll follow you. Just let me know.

It’s almost Friday!