Picture Of The Inside Of My Head

Last night, I was speculating on my mind, comparing the morning brain-dead-ness. Looking around inside my head, so to speak. How I felt then to now I feel now. “Feel” isn’t really the proper word. I don’t know what word to use. The difference between the inside of my head last night and now is astounding. Normally, I just feel how I feel and cannot really detect the changes, as they happen slowly. Last night I made an effort to “take a picture” that I can look at today. It seems to be effective, I can tell the difference, but I cannot be specific on what the difference is.

I wonder if there’s been any studies done on this? I’ll have to look into it today when I’m supposed to be working….

Bahamas sure don’t need another strike. They need a few months os sunshine to dry things out so they can rebuild.

It’s raining here now but we need the rain.

This morning I couldn’t find my coffee cup. Finally, I found it where I left it yesterday, with a half a cuppa coffee in it! Oh the shame, the embarassment!

Have a great day!

Oil Rig #4 or 5

Last week there was another oil rig parked near the island. From shore. this one looked smaller thn most I’ve seen. Never have I seen one stay around for so many days, they’re always on the horizon, being transported.

I’ve head they are assembled in Bonaire, and hauled up to the gulf. Search for “oil rig” on this blog and see what you get. I haven’t done it yet.

Today, I’m taking Ashy Thee Cat to work with me, then the vet at noon, she’s been coughing, she seems grumpy and we wonder if she’s in pain, plus she needs her annual shots. The wife has a detailed list. Checkbook: prepare for a workout today!

Have a great day! We’re supposed to get some rain this week, we need it.

Yesterday, Not The Beatles

Yesterday, I had several topics, easily available in my head, thre was no way I could not think of a topic this morning. Alas! but this morning the brain is as .. as… something that is really featurless and blank. Inspiring me to write a poem

Yesterday, all my topics ranged from far to wide 
Now they seem so hard to find.
They've all been erased from my mind.

I wish I had a topic now

Yesterday, I had topics to write about.
somehow they were all thrown out,
Now I can't see any of them about.

I wish I had a topic now.

Yesterday, I had a brain to operate,
now my mind is a blank slate
Can't remember today's date.

I wish I had a topic now.

Yesterday, a blog was such an easy game to play
Now it seems a million miles away
Wish I had topics from yesterday..

Aww screwit.

It was a good weekend, beach Saturday and Sunday, Can’t remember much else. Need more coffee.

Have a grea week!

Quadruple Espresso

I occured to me yesterday, that lately I’ve been drinking a quadruple espresso as my first cuppa coffee in, I dunno, months?

See, not too long ago, year or two, I got a new coffee scoop that was smaller than my older coffee scoop. Lately, for a very long time, I’ve been making coffee in my four cup espresso maker.

Since my new scoop is smaller than the old scoop, I was using two scoops instead of one. At some point, I decided three was necessary to equal one of the old scoops. Then, I started using a little creamer, at the suggestion of my dental hygenist, who said creamer would reduce the amount of staining. SO I added a fourth scoop to the mix, thereby filling the coffee funnel full, and tamping it down.

Then the light bulg came on, the realization hit.. it’s a 4 cup espresso maker, I’m packing it to max capacity to make one cuppa coffee. Quadruple espresso!

With a little creamer.

Happy full moon Friday the 13th! First Friday the 13th full moon in 13 lucky years!

Have a great weekend!

Gravity Bikers

There was a story on the BBC this morning about Gravity Bikers in Colombia. You can read it here. In the story on the radio, they talked about how the bikes have hooks to attach (without the drivers permission) to a vehicle so it will pull them up the hill. I didn’t see the hooks mentioned in the linked article.

Then, after the kids ‘hook’ their way up the hill, they coast back down. The bikes have weights to make them go faster.

It’s a lot of fun, and very dangerous. I pobably wouldn’t like it. Once, when I was a kid, I got a skateboard. First thing I did was go to the top of this hill. I remember standing there, one foot on the road, one foot on the skateboard. The instant I lifted my foot off the road, I was flying a million miles an hour. I steered over to the curb, and crash landed in the grass.

Not my kind of thrill. I was never much of a skateboard rider after that.

If you google gravity biking, you’ll see images of guys wearing helmets and all kinds of safety gear, but these kids in Colombia don’t have any of that. The reason this story made the BBC News is the large number of kids getting killed.

But still, I was interested in the hook for getting up the hill, maybe I need one of those…

Have a great day!

Different Yet The Same

This morning, I left the dogs in the yard. I went for a short walk and swim. Nice morning.

I took this picture of Lenny yesterday afternoon. Apparently, he smokes cigars now and has invaded my humidor. Or maybe he buys his own. I’ll have to check later and see what’s missing.

Actually, it’s an Oinkie. Don’t want anyone to think I’m allowing my one year old to smoke cigars. Our complaints department is full.

It’s been cloudy, mostly, raining at night. Haven’t been to the beach for lunch all week. Today, I’m going to change that, rain or sleet or snow.

Have a great day!

Brexit, As I See It

I”ve guess you’ve all heard about Brexit, very long, drawn out mess that has divided the people of the UK. Here’s Brexit in a nutshell:

You’ve got Northern Ireland, part of the UK, which is leaving the EU with the UK. You’ve got Ireland, not part of the UK, part of the EU. Not leaving the EU.

The UK wants to leave the EU but not have border control between Northern Ireland and Ireland. EU says “No way!, That’s like leaving the back door open for a bad neighbor!” The UK’s trying to figure a way to keep an open border that the EU will accept.

That’s it, in a nutshell, as I see it.

Funny thing, untill I started writing this post, I thought Ireland was leaving with the UK, and Northern Ireland was staying, shows that really, deep down, I have no idea what Im talking about.

I’m sitting here, listening to dogs bark in the front, but not doing anything about it. I’m your bad neighbor. Leave the back door open for me!

Have a great day!

Never Seen Anyone Else

I’ve never seen anyone else, walking theur dogs, getting all angry like I do about the dogs pulling them down the street. I HAVE seen other dogs dragging their humans and the humans not doing anything about it.

Never seen anyone else in their yards, furious, telling their dogs to quit barking at nothing. I HAVE seen people who leave their barking dogs outside 24/7 and don’t do anything about it. I don’t know how they stand it, let alone disturb the peace and wreck the whole neighborhood constantly.

I was furious this morning. I find their incessant barking intolerable. I walk them, they apparently think they are in control of the speed and where we’re going. Afterwards I leave them in the yard, and by the time I get out of the shower, they’re barking. I don’t want to be the neighbor with the barking dog in the yard all the time.

I remember getting angry with Sheba, but the wife says these two are much worse than Sheba. I don’t necessarily agree, I keep hoping these two dogs will learn, but her statement made me wonder. I’ve always said Lenny was incapable of learning, because he’s so timid, but with Daisy around, he doesn’t seem so timid anymore. When Daisy isn’t around, Lenny turns into his old self, running away and hiding at every encounter.

I’ve never seen anyone else get so angry as me, demanding control over his dogs.

Still Dorian

Dorian is still out there, no threat to Cayman, but nonetheless food for thought. I have friends in Hatteras and all over Virginia Beach, where Dorian is now. Plus news is coming out about The Bahamas devastasion.

I built my house with hurricanes in mind, but Dorian makes me realize that nothing can stand up to a hurricane. A structure may be rated to withstand winds of 250 miles per hour, but missing is the time factor, 250 miles per hour for how long?

The buildings here that survived hurricane Ivan in 2004 were weakened by the storm, will they survive another? My old apartment from Ivan seems fine now, but in the storm, a big section of roof was lifting and flapping in the wind. Now, gravity is holding it in place, but was it repaired? I doubt it. How many other similar examples exist?

Fear of hurricanes Friday.

The Following Story Is True..

…..the names have been omitted to protect the guilty.

Thursday Morning, September Fifth.

0525: Took suspects on their daily furlough, it was a normal, uneventful exercise routine. I say normal, except one of the suspects deficated in the middle of the street.

0550: Suspects were left in the yard of the compound, while the warden (me) entered the main building for normal preparation for the days activities.

O559: Heard commotion, coming from the yard, went to investigate. Upon my arrival, I found the suspects behaving pecularly innocently.

0602: Nabbed the suspect with the worse criminal record. Remanded her* to solitary.

0610: Upon returning to normal daily preparations, I noticed no further commotion coming from the yard, verifying the correct suspect was nabbed.

0625: Suspect in the yard was returned to main building. The suspected suspect was released from solitary. Normal mealtime was observed for both suspects. Order and normal routines have been restored.

We always get our…….. Pooch!

The suspects
  • (* Any good detective can figure out which of the above suspects is the guilty party..)