Weird Hurricane Matthew 

I drove the car yesterday and it didn’t rain a drop.

Glad it’s Friday!!!

Matthew is a weird hurricane. It’s gonna loop around and go back to Florida?!?

Wife is going to Florida tomorrow morning and mixing business with pleasure.  She’s spending the weekend with friends and work next week. 

I’ll be home alone…..

Car Day, For Sure!

This morning when I got up I could hear the sea. I knew there’d be no swimming this morning. I walked to the dock and sure enough, big waves, no ladder. Also thunder and lightning on the horizon. Now, showered and ready for work, it’s totally cloudy.

Ya know, I was thinking, the picture above really does look like an accurate weather map. Hurricane bearing down on Miami. Our friends there are evacuating. My wife is supposed to go to Miami for work and is going to visit them. Wee shall seee.

Have a Happy Thursday!

Matthew Passed Us

I feel sorry for the people of Haiti and Bahamas, but I’m glad Cayman dodged that bullet.

I was waiting for Matthew to get north of Cuba before I said “whew!”.

We might get some rain today, but just a little and not hurricane related. 

I feel tired this morning. The wife has a hip that has been hurting for quite awhile now. I woke up and she was awake and I could tell she was in pain. She’s been to the doctor and it all looked ok, but something is wrong. I’m telling her to go back to the doctor. 

Hump day. Yeay. Have a good day!

Bye Bye Smiths Cove

The forces that be are going to build condos at Smith Cove. Found out yesterday. Read it here

Of course I’m against it, but if it’s private land and the owner wants to build on it, what can be said? I’m very surprised to learn that it was private land. The wife says it’s the lot next to Smith Cove, and not Smith Cove itself. We’ll see.

I remember the old Seaview Hotel. Fantastic island hotel and dive spot. Got wrecked in hurricane Ivan, and rebuilt as private condos. No more access.

When I moved here, probably half of Seven Mile Beach was undeveloped. Sea grape trees and casurina pines and the best beach in the world. Now you can hardly get on Seven Mile Beach. Condos and hotels with security guards. The beach is public, by law, but you can’t get access through the condos/hotels.

When I moved here, there was a law prohibiting building more than three stories tall. That was a good law. No matter what, the buildinds never cleared the treeline, and you never lost the Caribbean Island look. Now skyscrapers are going up everywhere. Ugly skyscrapers. To me, from the street, the Ritz looks like a prison.

When you get old like me, I guess all change is bad.

Friday, Now What?

Finally a Friday, although we have a storm coming and the weather will be quite questonable. The wife has to work this weekend, inventory, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. 

The water was quite rough for my swim this morning. I got in, but didn’t really swim.

Yesterday, we got a new water filtration system installed, no more bottled water for coffee. It (the water, not the coffee) tastes like melted snow. Delicious!  I remember when I was a kid, I’d see my Mom drink water and say “Why drink water, when you can drink Coke or Kool Aid or juice?” Now I love water. Funny, huh?

I’ll probably take the car today…

Have a GREAT weekend!

Gratitude and Perspective

last night, I went out for  a walk. There was a man with a bicycle, sitting on the curb down the road a piece. He saw me, waved, and called out “Excuse me, sir!”

I waved back, and he got up and came, pushing his bike over. I thought “great, what kind of amazing bullshit does this guy have to offer.”

As he walked towards me, he said he was waiting for this guy with a noisy car. (My neighbor across the street) Then he asked, with wonder and awe, “Have you ever”, he said, “filled out a form?” I iformedd him that I had indeed filled out a few forms in my life.

It turns out, that he was trying to fill out a work permit renewal form for Cayman Islands Immigration, and basically, he couldn’t read. 

So I helped him fill out the form, he had his passport, and I showed him  went in each of the blanks. Explained to him why “Maiden name” stayed blank, and had to explain extensively what a maiden name was. 

He had his passport with him and I read his passport number to him as he struggled to write it down in the tiny blank. 

I told him how to spell his wife’s name. He didn’t know. Of course, he knew her name, but couldn’t spell it.

He made cryptic marks on the top of some of the sheets. “This sheet get’s filled in by the immigration office” I told him, he made a mark that looked kind of like a C. “This is a checklist of everything you need to turn in with the form”. He made a mark that looked like a cross between a F and a S. I read the list, which inlcuded several fees. “Oh Lord Jesus, how am I ever going to get this done?” looking up at the sky. “This page gets filled in by your employer, and asks questions on pension, insurance and housing”, another cryptic squiggle at the top. 

At the end of it all, on the nearly final blank, “occupation”,he said he said he was a gardner, but his new job was going to be a janitor. I told him I thought that getting a new job would require him to have a new work permit, not a renewal. He looked up at the sky, Oh Lord Jesused again and seemed really worried. I told him to leave it blank, and ask his boss.

He was working for the guy across the street, (the one with the noisy car). I guess my neighbor was supposed to help with the form, but didn’t show up.

I felt sorry for the guy, worried about this form, work permit, and wether he can even stay on the island. I felt sorry for him not knowing how to spell his wife’s name. Great big giant strong guy.

I realized from all this, that even on my worst day, I’m still lucky. I walked outside for a five minute walk, and spent probably an hour helping the guy fill in his form.

My wife said it was nice of me.

Low Oil Prices?

The BBC this morning said that Saudi Arabia is cutting salaries and benefits for government employees because oil prices are so low there is a deficit.
Really? Are oil prices low? I’m still paying about $4 CI a gallon.

Watched Monday Night Football last night. Saints lost to Atlanta.

Have a great day!

Shortest Weekend Ever

Actually, as per my previous post, I’m sure the weekend was precisely the same size as all the others, but it seemed very short.

Saturday, I made a plant stand. It came out ok, but one cut was a little crooked. No one can tell but me. Then we went out shopping and had lunch out. Seems like I can’t remember much of Saturday.


Sunday, I was volunteer photographer for a 5k walk/run. I got up at 4:45 and was at the beach at 6. Then I stayed at the beach till 11, came home and we had breakfast for lunch. Then I started making a bench for upstairs. I’m almost done painting it. Plus the Redskins won! Also, our friends Kelly & Hamish went to the Seahawks game. The Seahawks kicked butt and I bet it was a super fun game to be at.Sunday felt like Saturday to me all day.


Now I’m ready for work, posting my post and trying to make the scooter/car decision..