Vengeful Cars

I took my car to get the exhaust fixed. When I got it back it was messed up. Bad alternator is the verdict. So now my scooter and car are in the shop, and I’m riding with the wife.

Every car I’ve ever had, when I decide to sell it, the car breaks down, like they know and are punishing me for my disloyalty.Maybe I’ll rent a car.

Almost Friday! Have a good day!

Six Hour Work Days!

I wish!

Sweden has been experimenting with six-hour days, with workers getting the chance to work fewer hours on full pay, but now the most high-profile two-year trial has ended – has it all been too good to be true?
Read the Article HERE!

Many people don’t know that it was Henry Ford of Ford Motors who originated the 5 day, 40 hour work week. I’ve always said if I could go back in time and talk to him, I’d say “ten hour days, four days a week. Take my word for it, I’m a time traveller.”

Six hour days would be nice! How about four eight hour days a week? Weekends are too short!

Happy Hump Day!

Radiation Clouds

HERE’S a new one, radiation clouds while flying.

That’s pretty interesting. One more thing to worry about, not that I care…

After I failed to fix my own exhaust system last week, I took the car to have it done. I dropped it off yesterday and it wasn’t finished by time to go home, so I had to bum a ride with my Wife. Also I’m catching a ride in with her this morning.

Coffee is good this morning, that’s a relief. Sometimes I make a really bad pot o’ coffee.

Have a wonderful day!

Super Bowl 51

It was a very disappointing game for a game I didn’t care anything about in the first place.First half was all  Atlanta, second half was all New England.I think the halftime is too long.

Amd now it’s Monday and I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Have a good week! 

Twenty Tomorrow

Finally, it’s Friday. This morning I got up, showered, dressed, fed the animals, sat down to post my post and thought, “Where’s my coffee?” I forgot to make coffee. So I made it, and boy oh boy is it good!

Today is Feburary 3rd, tomorrow, Feb 4th marks 20 years that I’ve been living on this wonderful island in this wonderful country. I cold never go back to live in the USA.

Here’s to 20 more!

Have a great weekend!

Worst Product Ever

I bought this exact product to repair a leak in my exhaust.What a waste of time and money. The package contained a foil envelope with what seemed to be a strip of wet tissue, a small piece of aluminum tape, and a tiny coil of wire. The instructions say  to wrap the wet tissue bandage (tightly) around the leak and hold in place with the wire. The aluminum tape (heat shield) is not mentioned in the instructions.

SO, I opened the foil bage with the bandage. It rips as I am unfolding it. It ripped repeatedly as I tried to wrap it around my exhaust pipe. Then I tried to secure the bits of wet tissue to the pipe with the wire, which was coiled like a spring.

I considered trying to wrap the whole mess up with the foil tape, but I didn’t think the adhesive would stick to the wet toilet paper “bandage”. Besides, there was no airtight seal with the bandage, the whole thing was a mess and a joke from the beginning. I took wire cutters and cut the wire off and removed all the wet tissue/toilet paper. Then I came upstairs and we had pizza for dinner. 

When I started typing this, it was raining pretty good, a cold rain. Good, we needed it.It’s not raining now though. 

Tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!! 

Have a good day.

Space Junk

In the 50 plus years that humans have been exploring space, a lot of debris have accumulated in ordit.

Japan made a satellite that “fishes” like a net that is supposed to slow down this junk causing the orbit to decay, and burning up as it falls back to earth. However, there seems to be a problem with it, as Japan is unnsure whether the “net” has deployed. Read article HERE.

I read articles that say between half a million and a million pieces of space junk are orbiting the earth, with 20,000 said to be larger than a softball. Not sure what the significance of being softball sized is.

This space junk poses an ever-increasing risk to space exploration. 

It was very hard to wake up this morning, I was going to post about getting a good night sleep, but I think I’ve done that about a million times, plus, in the articles I read, there was nothing that I hadn’t read before.

Back to spacce junk: reading about this reminded me of the “island of plastic” that has accumulated, floating in the Pacific Ocean in kind of a dead spot in the Earth’s current and wind system. A topic for later.

Have a great day!

Soicial Media Bubble

I thought I heard on the BBC this morning about “Social Media Bubbles”. I couldn’t find it on the BBC website, but I did find this good article about the subject.LINK 

I notice some of my democrat friends have disappeared since the election, but plenty are still around, so I don’t think I have a social media bubble, but to quote a phrase I think I coined myself, “A closed mind thinks it’s open, and an open mind thinks it’s closed“. That means a person with a closed mind refuses to consider whether they are seeing both sides of a story. “Of course I’m open minded!”, while a truly open mind questions itself, “Can I really see what’s going on here?” And never truly believes they can empathize with the opposing view.

Yesterday was supposed to be cloudy and rainy, but it wasn’t. today is supposed to be cloudy and rainy but we’ll see. It is relatiively cold and windy though.

Have a good day!

Accomplishment Weekend

Friday  after work  I stopped by and picked up t he chest type freezer for the new closet. I un packaged it and  put it away before tthe Wife got home, I wanted it to be a surprise, but little bits of styrofoam on the floor gave it away.She looked in the closet and saw the freezer. She was pretty happy.

Saturday we went shopping for frozen foods for the freezer. And I also patched some cracks in the driveway.  I can’t remember what else we did that day.

Sunday morning I mowed the yard, and blew up the lawnmower. I hit a root and engine oil came flooding across the mower deck. Cracked engine block. Right before that, I hit a rock that sounded much worse, pretty sure that is what did the damage, the root just finished her off. In the afternoon, we took Sheba to the beach.

The weekend was still and sunny, this Monday morning it is windy and supposed to rain again.  I hope It rains decently, not just sporatic rain or drizzle that ruins ones beach lunch.

Iguess that’ll do it for today, Have a great week!!!

A Person Is Smart, People Are Stupid

All the crap on social media today is the equavalent of propoganda in the past. News agencies think they can print anything they want and say it is freedom of the press.

In one of the “Men In Black” movies, Agent K said “A person is smart, people are stupid”, and it is kind of true.

It has been my my opinion for a long time that people want to vote for who they will think will win, rather than thinking abut who they think will be the best for the job. That’s why it has been almost automatic that every recent US President has served 8 years instead of 4.

Also, it occurs to me, that many in the US have never voted for anyone who didn’t win. I think people are sore about this, a lot of people, and they’re all unified on social media.

I left the US almost 20 years ago and didn’t vote in the election, but in every presidential election I did vote in, I never voted FOR anyone, there was always this one SOB running who the voters had to make sure DIDN’T get elected. This election, it was Hillary Clinton.

I never considered myself a Democrat or Republican, but all the crap going on these days has really soured my view of Democrats.

Quit your whining and support your President, Americans!