Better Week

Contrary to lasst week, this week is going much faster. Last week seemed like it lasted forever.

Not much to say today, getting used to the new keyboard. It’s gettting better and better.

looks like a scooter day today too!

It Don’t Make No ¬†Sense¬†

I come home from work and eat dinner, then I am really tired. But I don’t go to bed, I stay up til I’m not tired anymore, then I go to bed and can’t sleep. Then, finally when I’m sleeping really good, the alarm goes  off and I have to wake up. What would happen if we  went to sleep when we were  tired and got up when we woke up?

I got a new bluetooth keyboard. it’s better  than the on-screen keyboard, but compared to the old keyboard, I really have to whack the keys to type, and I get a lot of double letters. But it has some better qualities too, like button layout .  

My C25K this morning was: Run one mile (10 minutes), walk 3 minutes,  Run one mile (10 minutes).Week 6 day 2, I think.

Supposed to be rainy this morning, and sunny in the afternoon. Yesterday I went to the beach or lunch but forgot my towel. It  justt  rained really hard for 60 seconds annnd stopped

Have a great day!


Yesterday was a rough Monday. This morning, apparently my Bluetooth keyboard died. Bad “O”. I’m typing this on the on-screen keyboard.

Had a nice run this morning. And swim. Now it’s off to work!

Hopefully, I can fix this keyboard, or find another.

Havva good one!

Sore Morning

Didn’t sleep well last night. This morning my back and shoulders hurt. Went outside to run and swim, but it was raining. So I didn’t go.

It was a good weekend. Beach Saturday, snorkeling Saturday evening.

Restful weekend. 

Finally Friday!

After the longest week ever, and several false starts, finally it’s Friday for real! Nothing this week has been really bad, just that the time went sloooow. 

Yesterday I took my car to the shop, easy fix, power steering pump hose. And there’s not much to say.

I do not appreciate Donald Trump not participating in the Climate Change meeting. Not so much because of CO2 emissions, but to stay in the know about green energy.

Have a good weekend!

Happy Huricane Season

June first, huricane season starts today. An average season is predicted.

Hope we don’t get any!

Had a good run this morning. Set a record for fastest mile on my fitness app. 

Today I’m taking my car to the shop because of a slight oil leak. Warranty.

And that’s about it. Can’t believe it’s not Friday, this week is taking forever!

Happy June!

Weird Weather Day

The weather these weeks has been basically featureless Caribbean perfection. But today is a chance for rain. Some “Tropical Wave” going by. Tomorrow is back to “basically featureless Caribbean perfection”.

I’m taking the van, no scooter.
My run this morning was cut short, emergency bathroom break. I ran only one mile instead of my planned 2.3 miles.

Slow week, seems like. It’s only Wednesday. Have a good one

Weird Dream Monsterkids

Last night I had weird dreams. When I woke up I was choking this kid who hacked my phone. There were all these 10 – 15 year olds, and they weren’t  really kids, they were monsters.

I think I’ve been watching too much Grimm.

I was choking this kid, and his neck was as thin as a hair, and I couldn’t squeeze iy any smaller. He was just looking at me and breathing. I could hear him breathing. Then the dream faded, and the breathing  I was hearing was Sheba the dog snoring.

I also remember running from these kids/monsters, and I locked myself in the bathroom. Then they broke out a panel at the bottom of the door. I could see their eyes glowing under the door. Then the biggest one came in and we fought, and I started choking him.


Have a good day.

Weekend Report

It was a good weekend. I got a new used bike, from the internet. I like it. Today I’m getting new pedals, ’cause one is broke.

I think I accomplished something else too, but I can’t remember what it was right now. 

My sister is doing much better, she’s moving to a different care facility, one concenrtating on re-habilitation, rather than a place to die. I thank God for the miracle he granted me. 

My C25K had one run today, two miles. How many Kilometers is two miles?

Supposed to be nice today, and a bigger chance of rain tomorrow. Scooter today for sure. Maybe drive the van tomorrow.

And that’s about it. Have a great week!

One Thing After Another

Got a new lawnmower yesterday. Not the cheapest one out there, a good one. I want to take better care of it. I want to use my weed whacker around the rooty trees and the rocky areas.

So yesterday, I tried to start my weed whacker and the primer bulb disentegerated, as well as a plastic tube that might be a fuel line.

Soo I gotta get that fixed or replaced too.

On the plus side, it’s Friday!