Hats Off For Pat Travers!

Pat Travers

The other day, I was listening to music in my van. My radio antenna is broken, so all my music in the van comes from a USB drive. Pat Travers came on. Pat Travers has a lot of albums on my USB drive. I tell you, he rocks. Every song is a serious rocker. And he’s been doing it forever! Here’s a list of his albums:

All good, hard rockin’ albums

I saw the Pat Travers Band with a friend of mine, Raymond Victor Smith, (doubt he’ll ever read this) at the Capital Center many years ago. (1977?) Pat Travers was opening for Bob Seger, who was on tour for his famous Silver Bullet album. Ray and I were driving around one night, nothing to do, and we decided to see if we could get tickets. We drove to the concert and got some nosebleed seats, all that was left. Pat Travers blew Bob Seger away! My friend and I were jumping around, jammin’ to the music, while everyone else was pretty much just sitting there, waiting for Bob Seger. I particularly remember “Gettin’ Betta”, incredible! (That’s the song in the video above).

When Bob Seger came on, everyone else was jumping around, and Ray and I were pretty much sitting there. I turned to Ray and said, “If the next song sucks, let’s leave.” The next song was some mellow ballad, and we left. The concourse was totally empty, everyone was inside. The parking lot had not a soul in it.  Only concert ever where I got up and walked out before the show was over. (Bob Seger sucks)

Pat Travers is one of the worlds greatest, most underrated, rockers, good times or bad, recording contract or not, he keeps making music. And it’s good, rockin’ music, not like a lot of bands who get famous for one rockin’ song, but the rest of the album sucks. Or bands that are around for a few years and fade out or disappear completely, like, for example, Bob Seger.

So if you’re looking for some new music, of if you think Rock ‘N’ Roll is dead or dying, check out some Pat Travers! You’ll be glad you did! Also, look at his personal website! He is still active all the time, after more than 40 years of nonstop rockin! You can almost always see him in concert somewhere!

Have a great Thanksgiving Thursday!

Monday Night Football on Tuesday.

Woke up yesterday, saw the score of the MNF Kansas City at LA Rams. 51-54. I thought, “dang, that must have been a very good game.

Since I have NFL Game Pass, I decided to watch it last night. I thought “Dang, that was a very good game.” It was like a good movie that you could watch over and over. In fact, I probably will watch it again.

Of course, it would have been even better if the Chiefs won!

Redskins & Chiefs, my two teams.

Have a Happy Hump Day!

Happy Birthday ISS!

The first chunk of the International Space Station was launched 20 years ago today.

(19 Feb. 2010) — Backdropped by EarthÕs horizon and the blackness of space, the International Space Station is featured in this image photographed by an STS-130 crew member on space shuttle Endeavour after the station and shuttle began their post-undocking relative separation. Undocking of the two spacecraft occurred at 7:54 p.m. (EST) on Feb. 19, 2010.

20 years sounds like a lot, but to me, starting the ISS seems like not that long ago. I’m wondering what the 20-and-unders think of the Space Station? As a kid, the concept of “Before I was born” was incomprehensible. Even now, it’s still difficult to grasp.

In my head, the way I see it, the concept of “before I was born” used to trigger a “CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD = REJECT” response, almost like an automatic brain function. Then I’d quit trying to grasp the concept.  Nowadays, it’s still hard to comprehend, but I try, I think. I wonder what that is? Perhaps it’s similar to saying something like, “After you were dead, I went to the grocery store”.

That’s your mind bender for today. Havva good day!

Washington Redskins Broken Leg Day

Yesterday, November 18th, 2018 Washington Redskins Quarterback Alex Smith broke his leg.

Exactly 33 years prior, November 18, 1985, Joe Theismann broke his leg, in an injury that ended his career as a QB. I remember seeing it, it was horrorific.

It was a bad day for my team, The Washington Redskins. They lost too, but barely. I think Alex Smith will be back next year. At first they thouht it was an ankle injury.

I think the Redskins backup quarterback, Colt McCoy, is a durn good QB though.

Bah, it’s Monday. Thankfully, I have, again, acheived the perfect cuppa coffee! Have a great week!


Got up this morning, walked the dog, got ready for work. Instead of posting, I got on Facebook. This is what I saw.

Giant Stingray Skeleton.
Good Advertising
Florida, a Joke
Tube Dude
Stoned Santa.
The Song Of The Cat!

Have a great weekend!!

Do The Stuff

This is how I feel this morning. Yesterday was like; “Wow! It’s Wednesday already!” Today is like; “It’s not Friday yet? This week is dragging on forever.”

My coffee is perfect this morning.

I suppose I should raise some hell with Adobe, referring to yesterday’s post. There’s a program called “Cool Edit Pro”, by Syntrillium. Syntrillium sold Cool Edit to Adobe, who changed the name to Audition. It’s basically the same. I have Cool Edit working, no problem, so I have everything I need, but it’s the principal.

I also need to get off my butt and get Jetpack working again, seems like nobody can find my blog without it. I need to figure out the mechanics of that..

Yesterday, at my beach lunch, people were moving their boats because of some weather ccoming in. This morning is windy from the north, cool and nice. And big waves, I can hear them from here, and I saw them this morning on the walk. I wish I knew where the fishermen and divmasters get their weather info, because they’re always ahead of the weathermen.

I’m tired this morning, I went to bed early, and woke up early. I just need more coffee!

Have a great day!

Adobe Audition Ripoff

I guess I’ve been ripped off by Adobe Inc. I purchesed Adobe Audition 3 (an audio recording and editing program) many years ago, I have the disc and registration but when I install it, it wants to do some online verification which fails. There’s phone verification, which has a recording saying that phone validation is no longer supported. I can see my putchase when I log in at Adobe’s website but, making a long story short, I haven’t been able to get it to work.

A while ago, I was whining about several years of lost photos, when I quit backing them up to DVD. So I got a DVD burner, and hooked it up to my ancient Windows XP machine, which couldn’t see the DVD burner. So, I upgraded (free) to Windows 7. After that, I was eligible to upgrade (free) to Windows 10. So I did. Just for shits and giggles, I decided to try to install Adobe 3.

Making a long story short again, I wasted about two days on a machine that I barely even use anymore. All I use this laptop for is external hard drives, which an Android tablet can’t drive.

But I’m mildly disappointed in Adobe. Audition 3 costed about $300, if I recall correctly. Oh well.

It’s Wednesday! I can smell the weekend just around the corner!

Have a good day!

Stan Lee, & California Fires

Stan Lee, of Marvel comics, died this weekend. My wife and friends and I always looked for his appearances in all the Avenger movies.

Apparently, there’s two sets of fires in California. My first cousin and family lives in LA, and they had  to briefly leave their home. They’re keeping their boxes packed, in case they have to leave again. That fire is called the Woolsey Fire. There is also “The Camp Fire” which is in Northern California. 

It was good, long weekend. I went to the beach and watched NFL Football.  Now it’s back to work for a short week.

Have a good week, stay safe!

Must’ve Forgotten Something..

It’s 6:07 AM, I’m ready to go to work already. Usually I’m not ready till after 6:30 or so, at the earliest.

Got up, shaved, walked, showered,dressed, coffeed, it’s all there.Maybe I went through s time warp.

Yesterday at lunch, I swam out to the island again. It was very nice out there. I used to go camping out there, with my dog, Ditto. I was thinking about him a lot while I was there.

Here’s a selfie as I was ready to swim back.

Small Island Selfie
The Island, SW of Grand Cayman

The float you see behind me is a boogie board modified to be a freedivers float. I added handles all the way around, a diveflag holder, and I added an anchorpoint on the bottom, so one could tie it up so it won’t float away. Also there’s a way to secure things to the top, like my camera and waterproof bag. (Inside the waterproof bag is my towel and hat, and a waterproof box that has my car keys, phone, a cigar, and lighter.) I’ve had that float for at least 15 years, and the dive flag, I bought in Florida nearly 30 years ago, when I drove down to the Florida Keys by myself with my new kayak on the roof of my van. That was a great adventure!

This has kind of turned into a Flashback Friday post! Have a great weekend!

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

Last night we saw Bohemian Rhapsody, it was quite good. It wasn’t as good as all the hype, but I don’t know how the movie could have been better.

Nothing can capture the sensation of listening to Queen’s album Bohemian Rhapsody, loud, with the Bose noise cancelling headphones. Especially the vinyl record.

One thing I didn’t rally care for in the movie was the homosexuality.  I knew it was there, so I guess I didn’t really need to see it. But I still wouldn’t have changed anything about the movie. Of course, they could’ve always added more music, but the movie was already quite long… 

It was good, no room for improvement. Definitely see it on the big screen if you can and you like Queen. The band, Queen, was even better than the movie portrayed is all I can say.

Tomorrow is Friday, Monday is a holiday, our first holiday since June or July. Holiday drought is over!

Coffee is perfect this morning.

Have a great day!