Governor Dinwiddie Passes

MY Governor, Governor Bruce Dinwiddie, passed away day before yesterday. He was my favorite Governor of all the Governors that have been here since I have. I was working at Radio Cayman and I met him a several times. I always had interesting conversations with him the few times we spoke. We were both at Diego Garcia, a military island/atoll in the Indian Ocean. He knew me and said hi if he could when he saw me.

Read the article HERE.

Once, in the sea at the Governors residence, I was telling a visitor “That’s the Governors house. The Governor lives right there, and no Governor ever goes to the beach or comes in the sea!” I heard a noise, or something made me turn around, and there was Governor Dinwiddie, up to his neck in the sea, wearing some goofy looking swim goggles. He was looking right at me and heard every word I said. I laughed and said “Hi Governor Dinwiddie!” He broke into his big toothy smile and I can’t remember what he said, but it was funny because everyone knew I stuck my foot deep in my own mouth.

He was young and I don’t think he died of natural causes, but I don’t have any more details. I hope he didn’t suffer and I send my condolences to his family and friends.

He will never be forgotten my me and many others.

Rest In Peace Governor Dinwiddie.

Glad I’m Not Camping!

Easter weekend in Cayman, many people go camping on the beach. This morning is high winds from the north, and steady rain.

Glad I’m not out there camping. Last year, we weren’t allowed, because of covid. So I guess a lot are this year.

I suppose it will get nice again by the end of the day.

Have a good long weekend!

Winter World

I’m reading a book called “Winter World“. It’s pretty good, I’m about half way through.

The two main characters are Emma and James. Emma is the sole survivor of the ISS destruction by aliens who are freezing the earth. James is this genius dude who was serving life without parole for building what I suspect is some kind of robot or something, we don’t know yet.

So they pulled him out of prison and sent him up in space to save the world from these alien spaceships. And rescue Emma. (James and Emma and a bunch of other people are out in space, looking for the bad guy spaceships).

They yank a convict out of prison ’cause he’s soooo badass and genius. It’s funny. Fifty thousand years ago, when I was in Cub Scouts, I had it all figured out that if they needed to, they’d make us Cub Scouts fight the bad guys after the US Army got its ass whooped in a war. And we had to be ready. Same thing in this book, pulling the hero out of prison to save us all! How grandiose!

It’s a good book, I just don’t think it was a good idea to start James off in prison. Kinda childish and not realistic.

We’ll see. James just picked up this guy on earth from a frozen basement who seems human, but I think he’s the robot. We’ll see. (Yeah, he’s back on earth (with Emma, of course) after his spaceship got shot down.)

I’ll say it again because I think you don’t believe me, good book. Entertaining.

Easter weekend starts tonight. (Monday/Friday holiday plus four days vacation time starting next Tuesday.) And two weekends. It’s Movie Night at the Westin again tonight. And ILM class at work today.

Have a great weekend! And Happy April Fools Day. Already.

Green Things

Pictures of green things today.

Underside of a date palm (I think it’s a date palm)

My wife’s new leaf sprouting bottles in a box. So cute! A lady at work was throwing it away, and I saved it.

Our newest batch of bananas, just about ready for picking.

I feel guilty because I owe everyone comments. I appreciate each and every comment I receive. Thank you!

Have a good day!

Free At Last!

The ship, Ever Given, stuck in the Suez Canal since last Tuesday, has been freed. Get in the back of the queue to resume normal shipping.

That wasn’t as bad as expected, a six day blockage of the Suez Canal. It wasn’t the first time, or the longest amount of time it’s been closed. Until this news story, I never realized the canal was so old, 1869.

It’s a Tuesday, short week ’cause Friday is a holiday, and I’m ready to git’er done (this week).

Enjoy your day!

Monday Mixapix

It was a good weekend, like usual. Saturday I read and got some sun, Sunday we went out on a One Dog At A Time fundraiser boat trip. It was really nice.

Below are random pix I liked and saved.

In reference to the last pic, the news said that the Ever Given is 80% free now, thanks to dredging and a “fleet of tugboats”. Hopefully thatsa problem cleared up soon.

Have a good week!

Stuck In Suez

As you probably already know, the Panamanian-flagged container vessel MV Ever Given is stuck in the Suez Canal, turned sideways in low visibility and high winds.

Some say weeks to free her, Egypt says they’ll have her out over the weekend. The news says this disruption in shipping will have a planetary effect.

We’ll all find out.

From what I’ve read the past few days, about 40 ships a day pass through the Suez Canal, at about $350,000 USD . The price is based on the cost of going around South Africa.

It will be interesting to watch this unfold.

Happy FRIDAY! We had tacos and I also had a big burger last night. I think we’re pretty much going to be regulars at the Westin Movie Night from now on.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Happy Pre Fridayday

Happy Thursday, or Pre-Fridayday. Things are good, the weather’s been great and tonight we’re going again to the Westin Movie Night. Wife thinks they’re playing Dirty Dancing but I heard they’re playing Top Gun.

I got my friend’s number that I lost, mentioned yesterday. Still don’t know whatever happened to that piece of paper….

I’m still reading Ready Player Two. LIke I previously said, it has not-so-hot reviews but I think it’s great.

Book two makes me have to go back and re-read the first one because in my brain, I think I’m mixing up the book and the movie. With Ready Player One, the book and the movie are both totally the same and completely different. You’ll have to experience both to see what I mean.

Have a great day!!!

El Estupido

I ran into a friend from 30 years ago on the internet. I took his number. I went to call him, and he wasn’t on my phone. “Ah!” said I, I wrote it on a notebook on my desk and didn’t put it on my phone, I’ll copy it when I get home.”

Well, I can’t find the paper… The pen’s still here, where’s the paper? It couldn’t have gone anywhere.

I have this quality in my life, anything I look for, I can’t find. A piece of paper, an email, a passage in a book.

How am I going to get this number again? Dammit.

Daily Dilbert

I used to have an app that opened the Dilbert cartoon for that day. It quit working, years ago and I kind of lost touch with Dilbert. But this morning I stumbled across some and they’re still really really good.

Today is the first day I’ve seen any DIlbert in years. I’ll have to re-connect.

Have a good day!