Scool Day 2

Getting ready for scool day 2. Yeah. Scool.

Yesterday was good.  We voted to start an hour earlier (8 instead of 9) amd get off earlier.

Last night I went to Tacp Bell for a late night snack. There were employees out front, and and they said that the walk in was closed. I asked if I could walk through the drive through.  One girl got on her headset radio and then told me I could go ahead. She they had to make sure I didn’t get run over. I went around the side and the window girl made a big show of stopping the line of cars and took my order. Then she told me to wait “over there”. Really nice girl, chatting with the customers in their cars and smiling. Took me back to high school days, girl like that, working a part time job. Then she made a big production of stopping the cars again and waved me over and gave me my order. I gave her a $5 tip. That made her day. She said “really?” I said “yeah, thanks” As I walked away I heard her calling “Hey guys! I just got a $5 tip!” Her reaction made me feel good.
Here’s a pic from yesterday. Satellite dishes at my school.


Have a good ‘un!

In Miami




I’m in Miami, headed to school in about an hour.

Flying yesterday, there was a yellow haze almost the whole way. It didn’t look like Earth. Earth, The Yellow Planet.

And the top picture was my view until I got sprinkled by the sprinkler system.

Finally Friday

I’m glad it’s Friday.
Monday I start a school for work. I’ll be in Miami all next week.
Hurricane season hasn’t even started and there’s a storm out there. Tropical Storm Ana.


Yesterday it was nice and sunny. Today should be the same. I’m riding the scooter to work for the first time in over a week.

I ordered an espresso tool from eBay. It is like one my Mother-In-Law has.  I love it. I am excited.


It has a scooper on one end and a tamper on the other. Greatest thing since sliced bread!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Workaround For WordPress App

You heard me complaining the other day about the update to the WordPress app that loads all the photos instead of letting me steer to a folder. Well, I found a workaround. I can go to the photo album app, select images and then “share” them with WordPress. Then I have the option to send them to a new post or add them to the media library.

So here’s still more U/W photos.







Flashback From My Mom

A few days ago, my Mom sent this story, a lot of stuff I never knew.  I guess I’ll have to read the two books mentioned…
My Mom said I could post this.

When I first came to DC in 1958, I lived in a boarding house on capitol hill called the Betty Alden Inn.  It was at 111 First Street, exactly across from the drive.  I was looking for a dentist and one of the guards, Mr. Ernie Joines, said, try Dr. William L. Walters on Connecticut Ave.  He doesn’t take many new patients, but maybe he will take you.  So.. I went to Dr. Walters and he began a two year appointment relationship of fixing my teeth.

As I got to know him better, I told him about my coworker who was into gemstones and the two of them became great friends over the years.
One day in his office, he said, Janet there is someone I’d like you to meet.  He introduced me to Alice Roosevelt Longworth.  She said a few pleasantries to me and that was it.

The reason I am remembering this, is that there is a new book out called “Hissing Cousins” by Dwyer. 

The reason Eleanor didn’t like cocktails was because she adored her alcoholic skirt-chasing father.  I believe on one occasion he left her sitting on the street for a long period before she went and dragged him out of the bar.

Alice chose my dentist because he lived in her neighborhood, DuPont Circle.  I later lived on 20th street in the DuPont Circle neighborhood. for 6 weeks study before going back to Boston.  I later lived about two years in Georgetown on Q street…  this is where I met Marvin.  . 

Neither woman made much success of motherhood.  Eleanor had five children who had a total of 17 marriages. and Alice’s daughter, Paulina, was commonly known not to be Longworth’s daughter but of someone named Borah.  She toyed with the idea of naming her daughter Deborah. Paulina apparently took her own life in 1957 at the age of 31.

The book review brings together a lot of old memories.

Another good book is “Boys in The Boat”  about WASHINGTON STATE Olympic team in 1936.  It is nonfiction and you willo not lay it down.

Enough nostalgia for today.!!!!!

Wrong Side Of The Bed? What Can Ya Do?


I think I may have woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I’m crabby I think.
I’m crabby because I had to do dishes this morning. I didn’t have to, but I did. I HATE dirty dishes in the sink all night. These were kind of crusty that were soaking overnight.

So let me ask you, Dear Readers, when YOU  wake up crabby, how do you get out of it? What do you do to not let it ruin your whole day? A lot of times when I’m crabby, I don’t know I’m crabby, but today I can tell.

On a positive note, IT’S FRIDAY!!!!

Friday Is Coming!

It’s Thursday, but that means that it’s Friday on the other side of the international date line! And Friday is speeding aroundthe globe, headed our way!

It’s supposed to rain this weekend, and while I’m normally not a rain fan, we really need it. Yesterday the weather was showing some major rain between Miami and Havana. Now it’s not looking like so much rain will be coming  :-(


I got a new backpack, very similar to my old backpack and I’m happy with it.

And now it’s time for me to make lunch, and get ready  to head off to work. And  get cuppa coffee #2!

Enjoy your day!