Possible New Vehicle

Above are pictures of a vehicle I looked at yesterday. A micro miniature van. It is a Toyota Lite Ace, 2009. It drives very nice and yoou can see everything around you easily. I had a really good feeling.

Your thoughts are welcome. Now it’s time to get the money…. Scary part.

No Weather AppsĀ 


Since Intellicast went away, there are no decent weather apps out there. The most  important thing is a weather map, with high pressure and low pressure and fronts shown.

That’s the most important thing.
It’s starting to get to me. In this age of technology, less is availalble. The basics are going away and not being reoplaced. 

What am I supposed to get from the mess?

Fed up with weather apps.

Happy Friday Again!!!

I got my scooter back yesterday, so now I have transportation. But today I’m taking the bus to work, so I can ride my bicycle home, which I rode to work yesterday.

No weeekend plans, I hope. Maybe go look at a car, mini van, really.It seems nice, and I’m skeptical because no one has bought it yet.

Well, that’s it for today, I gotta walk to catch the bus!

Happy Thursday! (AKA Monday #2, this week only)

Oh gawd, not another STINKIN’ Monday. Sheesh, I don’t think I can take it. Oh wait! It’s Thursday! Tomorrow’s FRIDAY!

It was a nice day yesterday, Caught some rays on the porch, cleaned out the cubbard that was quite full of old stuff.

 Now I’m getting ready to head off to work on my bicycle! (I’m really starting to wonder where my motorcycle parts are. They supposedly were in Miame two weekends ago, to be shipped and to here two weeks ago, but nobody knows what’s going on with them.

Also, I’m looking for a car.

Have a good day!

Seeing Clearly Underwater

These kids can see clearly underwater. Apparently any child can do it, but adults can’t. Read the article HERE. And a similar article HERE.

I wish I could, that would be the greatest!

Today is a holiday, Ash Wednesday. I woke up a little later than usual, but still pretty early.  Not sure what I’m going to do today, we’ll see when the Wife wakes up.
Ejoy your day! Hope you aren’t working!

Tuesday, Don’t Feel Like Riding

Yesterday, coming home on my bicycle, the chain came off of my front sprocket. When I put it back on, it was making a weird noise. That’s not why I don’t feel like riding though, I just don’t. I’m ready to get my scooter back. Yeesterday  I also went to look at some cars. Didn’t see much.

Tomorrow is a holiday here. Ash Wednesday. Looking forward to it.

Have a great day! I gotta go pedal!

Two Short Weeks, In One!

This week is Monday, Friday, Short weekend, Monday Friday, weedend. Because Wednesday is a holiday here!

Still haven’t gotten my scooter back ffrom repair. Still riding my bicycle back and forth to work. 8.5 miles one  way, adds up to over 20 miles a day with side trips and errands.

Plus I really need to finda new car. Hard to go looking for transportation with no transportation. 

Have great week(s)!

Premium Friday

Japan has a new scheme called Premium Friday, which sends workers home early the last Friday of the month.

Japan workers work very long hours and they work very hard,  They also have a high suicide rate.

Read the article HERE.

Yes, it’s FRIDAY! Tonight is the wife’s birthday dinner. Just the two of us. I got her a purse and a bracelet for her birthday. She likes the purse, but she hasn’t found the bracelet yet, it’s in the purse pocket. The best way to keep something secret is to post it on the internet.

Have a good weekend!

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Wife’s birthday. The party was last weekend, and the official birthday dinner is tomorrow, FRIDAY! She is the best thing that ever happened to me, and all I want to do is spend time with her.

Yesterday I didn’t ride my bicycle, because the weather forecast said 100% chance of rain. It rained for maybe 30 minutes all day… Today I’m riding it, and it’s very windy. Hopefully it will push me along and not blow in my face.

And that’s it for today. Have a great day!