Yesterdays cold front  is now todays stationary front. Cloudy and windy. My wife asked me to protect the plants in the screenhouse but I don’t know how. If I set up plywood, the plywood might fall on the plants and be worse than the wind.

And that’s not all.

Maybe another storm coming.

I don’t want the wifes plants to get wrecked on my watch, I really don’t.

Friday tomorrow!

Wintertime Coming Soon

Today is my last scooter day for a while. Cold front and rain coming. The sun is really low when I come home from work, and in about a month and a week, the days start getting longer. I’m ready for that!

The wife gets home one week from today. I’m missing her bad this morning.

Last night I saw the brightest shooting star I think I’ve ever seen. It looked like a single ball from a roman candle, coming down. It looked like it hit the clouds before it went out. Green.

Running late this morning, gotta go make my lunch. Have a good day!


Here’s ny suoermoon photos

I read tht the moon was 7% closer and 15% brighter (or vice versa) and that the human eye couldn’t tell the difference.

Yesterday was our first holiday in about 6 months. Remembrance Day.

The wife is in Costa Rica. I’m in charge while she’s gone.

It’s Tuesday, feels like Monday. Blah.

Have a good week!

Happy Effin’ Friday

I thought yesterday was Friday.

Long weekend this weekend. Work today, then straight to a sound job tonight. And tomorrow. Sunday the wife heads to Costa Rica for a week. I wish I was going too.

Not in a good mood this morning. Don’t want to go to work. Don’t want to work tonight and tomorrow. Crabby crabby crabby. Whaa whaaa whaa.

President Trump

Who I think voted for Trump: Workers living paycheck to paycheck. Plus almost all the military and ex military. 

Who I think voted for Clinton: People born to wealthy families, who never really needed to work to survive. People with high paying jobs whose parents paid for their college. People interested in continuing their support recieved from government.

LIke I said from the beginning, Trump was the only one running.

USA Election Day

Big day today for the USA.

Possibly the last chance for voters to stop the spirialing descent of decades.

If Trump wins, there’s a chance for change. Clinton wins, more of the same.

I predict a discrepancy, kinda like when G Bush was running for president and they needed a re-count in the state  his brother was governor in.

Hydroponic Garden 

This weekend we purchased a hydroponic garden setup.

Saturday we set it up and checked itnout. We’ve started seedlings and should be in operation by the end of this week.

Sunday, we went to the  beach with Sheba. There was another dog there that was nice and they played.

And now it’s back to work. PS: Last week my job interview went well, and I’m feeling very hopeful.

Yesterday Was A Great Day !

Yesterday was a very good day for me.

First , I  was nervous about my job interview , but I think it went well. I came out feeling very good and excited .

I’ve been looking for a solid brass padlock for a long long time, and finally found them yesterday.

Also, I  ordained a new good luck charm. A shell I found on my swims out to the little island earlier this week . wp-image-133783213jpg.jpg

And that’s about it,  all that made it such a good day.

Now it’s Friday !!!!!!

Have a good weekend