Personal New Year

Tomorrow is my birthday, 7-11.


I’ll be 55.

When I turned 40, seems like about 5 minutes ago, I thought, “My life  is approximately half over  (If I don’t screw up and get m’self kilt)”. This second half seems  to be moving a lot faster than the first.

I think that birthdays are good times to make new years resolutions, after all, it is the start of a personal new year, isn’t it?
My resolution is “no TV when the sun is above the horizon”. I gave up television totally before I got married, now, the Wife likes it, so I end up watching too, and getting addicted. I like Modern Family.


This weekend, we’re going to East End for a mini stay-cation. It’s gonna be GREAT!
We have a young woman staying over to take care of the dawgs.

You know you’re getting old when you call a pretty girl a “young woman”!

Have a good weekend!

38 Years

Today a high school friend is coming to visit on a cruise ship.
Haven’t seen him since 1977. That’s 38 years! I have the day off and am taking them to Cemetery Beach.

That’s the plan, pictures to follow!

Did I Mention Our New Hot Tub?


Couple weeks ago, we got a new hot tub. The wife had been wanting one, but I really wasn’t a fan.

I gotta say, it’s growing on me.

First we were gonna keep it cool, because, who needs a hot tub in the tropics, right? Then we decided to try the heat. It’s nice, because the water is hot when you get get in, but you get used to it really fast, then when you get out, it seems nice and cool.

Plus a little hot tub action before bed, followed by a cool shower, really helps you (me) sleep!

Weekend’s over, no more holidays till November. Back to work, ugh!

Havva goodun!

The Future of Human Sexuality: A Prediction

I read that the US made same sex marriage legal.
I also heard that some clothing manufacturers are switching from “boys” clothes and “girls” clothes to “Youth” clothes.

This made me start thinking, and my conclusion is that in the future, parents will think they are “cool” if you can’t tell if their kid is a boy or a girl. Plus, parents don’t want to influence the kids decision what gender he/she may choose.


Remember “Pat” from Saturday Night Live?

Then, not too far in the future after that, you’ll start dating someone and won’t know if it’s  a boy or girl till you get them home and get their pants off.

Then, in the future after that, if you find out potential lover has the “equipment you didn’t prefer”, and you reject them because of that, then you can go to jail for discrimination.


Of course, I’m just being silly…. Or am ?