Sick Day Yesterday Too

I went to work yesterday, and my boss sent me back home. Funny, when I call in sick, my instinct tells me that everyone thinks I’m faking it, and they think that I really just wanted the day off,

On the downside, now my wife is getting sick too. I feel responsible.

I’ve been driving the van to work, I don’t want the breeze while I have this cold. It is a real monster.

I read yesterday about how United Airlines kicked that guy off the plane. I think they were totally in the wrong. Then the media went and dug up all the dirt on the guy, irrelavent to the situation, and wrong too. 

Have a good day

Sick Day Yesterday

Last week I went to the US. I caught a cold up there. I got back all there was was a sore throat. I went to work last week.  This last Saturday afternoon, I got the supercold. Sunday in bed or (or sofa, watching TV) Yesterday, sick day from work. Today, I figure is I take two sudafeds every 4 hours, I should make it OK.

Not sure if it’s the same cold twice or two colds once. 

Didn’t post yesterday. I slept pretty late for me.

Getting ready for work, so TTYL!

different passwords

My WordPress powered blog,, apparently has a different password than I had to change my .com password, and this is a test post to see it I can still post using the WordPress app. I am logged into two WordPresses on one app…


I downloaded this app, C25K. Sitting on the couch to running 5K. Today I did day one. It seemed about right.

Lately I haven’t been able to upload images using the WordPress app. I get a “parse not well formed” message. I use the browser and they upload fine.

Getting hot here! The last three days, you can tell! Early, hot summer coming!

AND, it’s Friday!


I”m back from visiting my sister. She was doing better than I personally expected, but she is basically doomed unless there is a miracle. I pray for that miracle every day. My Mom made her funeral arragements for my sister already. While she was at it, she made hers too.. Here is a pic I took of some pics my Mom had out.

In the US, we stopped by this outlet mall along the highway. I got so angry and disgusted I thought I wasa going to puke. A couple of my pairs of jeans are a little faded, and I thought it would be appropriate to replace them, as I wear them to work. In the mall, all the jeans were already faded and ripped up and much much worse than the jeans I wanted to replace. In fact, these jeans were ready for the trash can. Literally. Garbage. The thought of buying such pants made me nauseous.

I ended up getting a NEW pair at a Levis outlet. Blue so blue it’s almost black. And a pair of black Wranglers at Target.

I’m going back to work today. It feels like I have been gone a long time.

Have a good one!

In Maryland, Headed To Virginia

Yesterday, my Wife and I flew up to Baltimore to my Moms apartment in Silver Spring. We landed almost exactly at midnight and used Uber to get here.

This morning, got up, drank coffee, went outside for a little walk with my Mom. She’s going to a meeting at the funeral home this morning.

I guess I haven’t really talked about it here yet, but my sister is not expected to live. Her liver has failed completely. 

She is 5 years younger than me. 

I remember when she was born, and came home for the first time. She was o the bed, in wicker basket with a big handle, like a picnic basket. She started making noise, and I took the basket out to my parents, holding the handle up by my chin while the basket part almost dragged on the floor.

So, when my Mom gets back, we’re headed to see my sister, in her hospice care facility. The doctors say she has two months to live, but her husband says he thinks less than that. 

It’s going to be a real shock to see her.

And I guess that’s all for now. We’re in the US, which to me always means no internet, so this will stay on my tablet till I can post it. It’s 8:19AM on April 1st 2017.

Last Fun Day

Yesterday I had some friends over, visiting on a cruise ship. I really enjoyed myself. 

That was my last fun day for a while. Tomorrow we go to the US to see my siister, who is gravely ill. 

The doctors say she has two months to live, her husband says much less than that.

Her liver has failed completely.

I remember the day Mom and Dad brought her home from the hospital, 52 years ago.