Nineteen-Eighty-Four Is Finished

This weekend I finished the book 1984, by George Orwell. I gotta say, I liked the first half quite well, from 50 to about 65% was an interesting, but overly long, explanation of how society’s classes work. Basically the upper class wants to remain upper class, the middle class wants to become upper class, and the lower class wants everything to be equal for everyone.

The final 35% is about his getting caught by the Thought Police, his breaking down and being rebuilt in captivity.

The book, while reading it, repeatedly reminded me of the movie Brazil, a weird movie where everyone pretty much works for the government and everyone always tattles on everyone else. This movie truly reminds me of someone rom the 1940’s or 1950’s view of the future. The clothes, architecture and style was 1940-50’s, computers looked like an antique typewriter with a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube, like in an old television) attached, and the user had to look into the CRT through what looks like a magnifying glass. Cosmetic surgery for was like a hobby for the upper class, and the main characters mother kept getting younger and younger throughout the movie.

The movie, I thought was a 1940’s person’s real view of what things would be like in the future.

We finally had some good rain Saturday, a whole lot. Good flooding everywhere. I have bananas almost ready to pick and the rain is what they needed. Sunday was cloudy, with a threat of rain, but not none that I saw. We even had an hour of sun, shining through a tiny hole in the clouds on the Caribbean radar picture on the Weatherbug app.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at precisely 10:12 AM, I’m getting a covid 19 test at work. 10:12 is the scheduled time for me, as it takes three minutes to do the test and they want to efficiently test a lot of people. My friend had the test and they stuck a q-tip way up his nose, but I saw some people on TV get tested and they shoved it way down their throats. I prefer the throat over the nose.

Have a good week!

I Could Use Some Trips…

It’s Friday, again. It”s my last names beach day and shopping day. I could use a trip to the grocery store, the hardware store and the beach. And an airplane ride somewhere for a while.

I feel tired right now, not body tired, but the tired feeling in the eyes, like I just want to close them.

It’s still mostly cloudy, with no mentionable rain. If it’s not going to rain, I should be sunny.

I’m reading the book, 1984, by George Orwell. I find it quite good. My wife said she hated the movie. I didn’t know there was a movie.

Have a good weekend!


Over the last two evenings, my wife and I have watched season one of the TV show on Amazon called “Upload“. It’s a show where, if you can afford it, right before you die, you can be uploaded and maintained indefinitely in computer servers, and exist in a virtual world, the quality of which also depends on what you can afford.

In the show, this guy is in a serious car crash. Right before he dies (It’s questionable if he would have died) he gets uploaded. But his girlfriend has the account on his “files”, so in a way, he’s like her prisoner. He starts developing feelings for has service rep, a non-dead girl.

And apparently he may have been murdered, because, for one reason, self-driving cars don’t crash.

One odd thing I noticed about the show, is they move files a lot of time when it would be better to copy them.

IMDB has it listed as a comedy, which it’s not really, but it is light, has good special effects and is worth a watch. Hopefully there’ll be a season two.

In other news, I didn’t swim yesterday. I went to the beach and it was cloudy and windy and lugubrious and nobody was there, so I didn’t. I came home an weed-whacked.

My Beach Day

Today, alphabetically, is my Beach day. I get to go for the first time in a long time. I’m looking forward to going today, But I’m not sure which beach to go to. Probably more than one…

There’s thick, heavy clouds, 100% of the sky is covered.

Maybe I’ll swim out to the little island

Enjoy your day!

Feeding A Clowder

It’s not Monday, but it’s the first day of the workweek here. Today the beaches and hardware stores open, and you’re allowed to go if the first letter of your last name is in the second half of the alphabet. That’s not me, I have to wait till tomorrow.

I’m not in a great mood right now. i have a problem. One cat outdoors needs a different kind of food than all the others. Trying to make one cat eat from one particular bowl is quite difficult and time consuming, considering there are always five or six cats, vying for position. It also doesn’t help that one cat has to eat food that probably tastes like crap, compared to the regular food the others are eating. Trying to force feed yukky food to one cat out of a clowder whilst trying to prevent him from eating the yummy food interferes with my alloted time for my morning walk/run/swim, which is already hampered by having to take the dogs with me. Morning swims have been out with the dogs, even before this covid kee-rap.

So, I’m just going to go to work. Hunker down, wait till tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and since the beaches have opened, the weather has switched from “Sunny Drought” to “Always cloudy and might rain”.

Just my luck.

Have a Great day!

Brain Void

Today is the bank holiday Discovery Day. Like I said Friday, holidays these days are pretty much like any other day,

Lately I notice a desire to type. I want to write something, but I don’t have anything to write. I wish I had something in my brain, that I could squirt out on paper through a keyboard, but there’s nothing I’m aware of. I’ve been aware, since I was a youngster, that I have an above-average lack of creativity. Other kids assignments seemed so imagineitive and brilliant and clever, while I struggled to even come up with an idea, and then end up with a boring product.

It’s similar to the difficulty I have coming up with a topic to post every day here, kinda like drawing a blank when I always wondered what I wanted to do with my life. I guess I haven’t done too bad in life, but I’ve never myself propelled in an original, self-determined direction. A seemingly huge section of my mind, that when I look there, it’s a blank. I want to produce something, create something, but there’s nothing available.

Tomorrow here is going to be a really big day. The hardware stores open and the beaches open. It will be a normal day for me, because of my last name, I can’t go to either till Wednesday. The hardware store is going to be super duper crowded. I need a ew things, not much, some stuff to hook up an ice maker, a piece of 3/4 inch PVC and a 90 degree curve. And a new hacksaw. My hacksaw broke a couple months ago, the nut that pulls the blade tight stripped out and I kept forgetting about it until I went to use it. Life is tough without a hacksaw, lemme tell ya.

I can wait a few more days.

Stay safe!

Saturday SwiftKey Test

I’m trying SwiftKey again. The spell checker that works with an external keyboard. Last time, it worked in the beginning but then weirdly swapped keyboard characters.

Last night I had a pretty pleasant dream, I was at the beach and a dolphin got washed ashore. I picked up the baby dolphin and put her back in the sea. It was like a cartoon dolphin, big eyes, overly cute.

Last week, I had another dream that I still remember. This girl from work and I were going to become knights. We were sitting on the floor, waiting to get our helmets and armor when her phone started ringing. I looked at her, wondering why she didn’t answer her phone, but it wasn’t her phone, it was my alarm clock. An thus ended the dream.

I’ve decided I don’t really need Swiftkey, the only time I need a spell checker is when I don’t know how to spell a word. I’ll leave it on for awhile, being aware that every keystroke is sent to SwiftKey.

Year Of Wasted Holidays

Happy Friday! Here, Monday is a holiday, Discovery Day. It’s to commemorate Chris Colombus “discovering” the Cayman Islands back in the year 1503.


It really makes no difference with this covid lockdown. One cannot do anything, except sit at home. The year of wasted holidays. And vacations. At work, I have a vacation request approved for July, the wife and I were going to Canada. The flight is already cancelled. The accomodation is already cancelled, refund received. But the leave request is not. Hopefully the island will be re-opened by then.

2020, the year of wasted holidays, and vacations!

Have a good weekend!

Whew! Ebay Reputation Intact

Like I care…

Had a fairly long online “chat” with an Ebay service agent, he veriies that the problem is at the sellers end and my ebay reputation won’t be tarnished. I don’t think I’ve used ebay in 20 years at least. Since it first started. Ebay started like an auction place, where people bid for an item online. For me, bidding never made any sense. I’d look at the time the sale ended, go there 5 minutes early, bid at the last second and take the item if the price was low enough. Now it’s more like Amazon, where you just buy it. On Ebay, I knew the sellers had ratings, but I never knew, till yesterday, that the buyers have ratings.

It’s almost the weekend, Monday is a holiday. Makes no difference with this lockdown. In the News this morning, New Zealand pretty much opened up all the businesses. People lined up all night at the hairdressers. I bet Chris is happy.

Goldie the cat seems to be doing well, he’s getting out of the cage (for the most part) today, and he’ll be a yard cat again.

Havva Happy Thursday!

Harassment & Threats From Ebay

Today I’m posting my first post from my new tablet, Samsung Galaxy S6. It is quite nice. The keyboard/case that Samsung made for it got quite bad reviews though and I didn’t order it. I was looking for a keyboard/case online, Amazon doesn’t ship much down here. I did find one, but weirdly it didn’t have a “Buy Now” button. I had a friend verify this on a different computer. I guess they were showing it off but not selling it. You could add it to your Amazon list, but not buy it.

So I went to ebay. lots didn’t ship here, but after a while, I found one I liked and it supposedly shipped here. Instead of buy now, it had a “commit to buy” button. I clicked it, filled in my address and when went to the next screen to pay, I was told it didn’t ship here after all.

That was it, I was stuck. End of story. Almost.

I got a message from the seller, asking if I wanted the item, saying he was going to cancel my order because I didn’t pay. I replied but haven’t heard back from him. We can’t really communicate through ebay.

Now I’m getting emails from Ebay, saying I comitted to buy the keyboard but didn’t pay the seller. And threats that my ebay account may be marked with a bad buyer rating.

I want the keyboard, and I’m trying to buy it, but Ebay won’t let me.

It’s a real pickle.