More On 2 Sleeps

I’ve been waking up at about 12 or 1AM lately, can’t really remember when it started. But I wake up, get up, then go back to bed after an hour or two. I was re- reading about Two Sleeps.

It makes sense. I’ve complained more than once to you about how I’m exhausted when I get home from work, especially right after dinner, then stay awake till I’m not tired anymore, then go to bed. What if I just went to bed?

When I’m awake in the middle of the night, I worry that I won’t get enough sleep, and will be hurtin’ the next day, but it never seems to happen. I’m fine.

It’s interesting to me. Either that or stay up later.

Sliding Glass

Had a little problem with a sliding glass door yesterday. The plans call for an 8 foot door, but they’re special order items, 8 weeks for delivery. I was discussing this with the contractor, and possibly through some misunderstanding, she made the call and switched us to a 6 foot door. So, I had to scramble and cancel the 8 foot door order, and get a 6 footer.

Hopefully we’re on track again today, we’ll see.

Dangers of Dressing in the Dark

When I get up at 4:45 AM, it is dark. Totally dark. My wife is still sleeping, so I don’t turn on any lights. It is dark. Totally dark. On the floor by the bed, I keep my running shoes pointed thisaway, and my flip flops pointed thataway and my work shoes pointed thotherway, so I can put on the proper pair with no light.

It is quite dangerous. This is what I found when I turned on the light in the bathroom this morning.

Same as my clothes in the closet, I take a shirt and pants from the left, and hang up clean laundry on the right.

Dressing in the dark is quite dangerous, as you can plainly tell from the picture above. Other dangers include going to work with my shirt inside out and wearing the wrong trousers. I’ve actually gone outside to run and realized I was wearing my flip flops only when I started hit the street.

Its’ a crazy world out there, stay safe!

Tater Teeef

I was talking to the wife on the phone yesterday when I saw Daisy eating the giant sweet potato. My first thought was that the wife gave Daisy the potato before she left for her plant sale. But No. Daisy got the potato from a bag of potatos in the kitchen

A Potato Thief!

She pretty much demolished the whole yam, aand judging from the volume of potato parts, I didn’t think she ate much, but after bedtime last night, we were awakened by the retching sound of a brown dawg puking orange.

My weekend was OK. Every time I thought about going to the beach, it got cloudy. And every time I started doing anything indoors, it got sunny.

Good progress was made on the downstairs construction. Walls almost to the top. Starting to worry about tiles and bathrooms now. Wife picked the tiles already, I think.

It’s very cloudy and it rained on us for the morning dawg walk.The builders need more materials, which I’m ordering today. I feel like I’m too busy to go to work, too distracted by this project.

Have a good week.


Finally got the inspection yesterday. Today the electrician is going to start running wires and putting electrical boxes in and stuff. Also, filling in the holes in the concrete blocks and finishing blocking up the walls. Yesterday, I literally filled my van full of flexible PVC, and fittings and whatnot.

I, today, am going to work, but I’d like to make it out to look at some sliding glass doors and a regular front door.

I got my eye on a new gas grill, but the $500 pricetag is making me shirk.

And it’s Friday. I don’t think I’ll have much free time this weekend, but you have a good one for me!

First Horse

I was walking the dogs this morning and at one point I noticed they weren’t paying any attention to where they were going, running into me and each other. Then I realized they were staring out into a field we walk by every day. There was a horse out in the field, and the dogs seemed amazed. I think it was the first time either had seen a horse.

I thought about walking them closer but it was still dark and the field was very grassy/muddy/car tracky and holey. So I didn’t.

Maybe we’ll walk by there again this afternoon.

Today it’s back to work. Doesn’t feel like a Thursday, feels like Monday. Gonna try and do a whole weeks work in one day.

Have a good day!

Dental Day Yesterday

Yesterday I had a long dental procedure, installing the titanium post for my implant. My favorite part was when the dentist pulled out a tiny torque wrench and checked the torque.

In two weeks, the stitches come out and the ceramic cap goes on.

I have a sick note from the dentist today, so I’m off work!

At Least It’s Not Monday

But it feels like it. After 4 days off, I’m ready to go back to work. Kinda. Today I have a 90 minute dental appointment, installing implant #2. This afternoon, I have training at work. That means my work, which has been accumulating will accummulate more.

Didn’t see any transit of Mercury yesterday, it was cloudy.

On the building front, there’s supposed to be an inspection today. The walls are almost done. I’m starting to worry about bathrooms and toilets and showers. Worried the shower base might be available. And stack-up washer/dryer combinations.

I need a whole lotta coffee today.

Have a good day!

Transit Of Mercury

Remember my pics of the Transit of Venus? Well, today is the transit of Mercury.

I’m ready to watch it the only forseeable problem is clouds.

Today is a holiday Monday. Back to work tomorrow.

It was quite cool this morning for the dawg walk.

My attitude about the construction has improved considerably since yesterday, although it has been a long tough weekend. I’m just going to one-day-at-a-time it. What may sound contradictory, is I’m trying to think ahead, so I have the materials when they’re needed. I’m delegating a lot of that responsibility though. I got the wife working on colors and tiles and bathroom stuff.

Fun fact: Did you know a standard toilet sticke out 30 inches from the wall? That’s a lot! I’m going to find one that sticks out less.

Have a good week! Hope you get to see Mercury passing the sun today.

Problems On The Construction Front

On Saturday, yesterday, the foreman of my construction project quit. He said the owner of the company wasn’t paying him what was agreed. The owner says otherwise. He’s been replaced already, and I find his replacement acceptable.

Continuing the building of the walls, it became apparent that two electrical outlets are directly under two windows. This concerned me, because when someone leaves the window open and it rains, (which will definitely happen, sooner or later), water will come in the window and get the electrical plug wet. So, I ended up eliminatiing one window and moving another. Eliminating the window was easy, remove something like two and a half blocks and fill it in. Moving the window is going to take cosniderably more work. maybe removing 6 to 10 blocks.

Another concern I have is the bathroom. Theres going to be a stand up shower and a stackable washer and dryer. I think the shower entryway is going to have a toilet right in front of it. And I’m worried about the barrier between the shower and washer/dryer. The architect didn’t put the washer/dryer in the layout, but it is in the electrical drawings. The drawings show a big shower (bathtub size?) and no room for the washer/dryer. That’s something to worry about another day.

So I’m a little stressed right now. My vacation day was spent on the road, getting materials, stuck in inexplicable traffic. Yesterday I was helping the one worker move blocks. (more workers showed up eventually) And today I discovered that have and extra window that I hope I can take back. (It hasn’t even been delivered yet.)

That’s been my holiday/vacation/weekend so far. One more day till back to work.