Dead Drops


I heard about this on the BBC this morning. Dead drops

‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessible to anybody in public space. Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your laptop to a wall, house or pole to share your favorite files and data. Each dead drop contains a readme.txt file explaining the project. ‘Dead Drops’ is open to participation.

I might give this a try, I don’t think it will ever get too popular,  but I have some old thumb drives, 5 minute epoxy, and might give ‘er a go! You could do it with your phone and an OTG cable and  you wouldn’t have to carry your laptop..

Hump day of another twisted, weird week.

Mastic Trail Picture Post

Sunday the Wife and I hiked the Mastic Trail round trip. Below are some photos:


Cayman Parrot


Healthy Birch tree


wife in the chair tree


panorama shot. going up


The Bridge


My favorite plant


funky tree


On the trail


turn around point

It was a good hike, we were both tired when we got home. Sunday I did some painting and fixed our ice machine.

Have a good week!


Yeay! It’s Friday! Been a long weird week.
Monday didn’t seem like Monday because it seemed like last weekend was a day short.
Tuesday seemed like Monday
Wednesday and Thursday were timeless non-specific voids of white noise in a black hole.
And now it’s FRI-DAY-HAY-HAY! Yeay!


Wednesday and Thursday this week, (without sound)

Tomorrow The Wife and I are going to hike the Mastic Trail. No  plans for Sunday yet.

Have a good day and weekend!

I Forgot My Device!

  • I left my Nexus 7 at work (I hope, because I can’t find it) so I’m using my phone to post this post. Teeny tiny typing.
  • Now I’m going to try and upload some pictures.
  • And it’s making bullets.
  • They’re all ships.
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Leonard Nimoy


I haven’t mentioned Leonard Nimoy’s death yet. I remember Star Trek as long as I can remember.
He was 83. My father died at 79.
I don’t think a person who dies at 83 died of smoking when they quit 30 years ago. I think it was just old age.

Live Long And Prosper Mr Spock.
Rest In Peace Mr Nimoy

Getting Lighter Earlier


It is noticeably getting lighter earlier and staying light later, a sure sign that spring and summer are coming. This makes me very glad.

I am officially a real estate agent. Do you want to buy something?

I’m glad we got Monday out of the way, it was along, hard day. Today must be better.

I need to start taking more photos. I love my camera and hardly use it anymore. The new wears off until I pick it up.

Have a good day!

Can’t Get Going Monday

Got up, showered and dressed, sitting zombie-like in the sofa ever since.
We went and saw Sponge Bob 3D last night and I have a popcorn hangover. I probably ate at least 6 cubic inches of popcorn.


It was a good movie though. Especially the 3D effects.

Have  a good week, talk to you tomorrow!

Apps To Never Update


It really bugs me when updates to your favorite app ruins it. On my device(s), I have a “Never Update” list, because the update ruins the app.

On top there is ES File Explorer. It’s similar to “My Computer” on Windows. But it has/had other features. Like the ability to back up an app and save it as an APK file on your drive. This feature is the main reason the apps ruined by updates aren’t uninstalled. If I hate the update, I can install the old version from my backup.
The  latest version of ES File Explorer take this feature out of the app. Degraded the app considerably.

Spite and Malice is a card game I really enjoy, the newer version, year or two ago, added all these fancy graphics and perfume and glitter that I didn’t like. This was before ES backup was available, so I emailed the Spite and Malice developer complaining and was emailed the old version. That was very nice. I am a truly loyal fan because of that.

UC Browser  isn’t that great. Memory warnings come up when you use it for a while, Their newest update wants to add “identity” to the permissions, that seems to be the purpose of the update.. My answer is “Why?” UC Browser was on my boycott list for years after an update put what I thought was spyware links on my machine. I was using Dolphin Browser for a long time. I’m thinking about switching back.

That’s about it for today. It’s already Friday in New Zealand!