Rambler Rambling

Yesterday, for some reason, I thought it was Tuesday. So, that makes it seem like a quick week. Quick weeks are good, quick weekends are not.

The wife is back Saturday.

Above is a picture I took of the house yesterday. Below is a pretty seaplane that was at the airport yesterday too.

And there ya have it! A rambling picture post!

Don’t Kill My Babies!

After yesterdays post about cotton stainer bugs, everybody here and on Facebook says they’re going to try to kill them.

They’re cute, pretty bugs! Don’t kill ’em! Besides, I discovered their source in the house, the wife had a plant trimming growing roots in water, and I think they must have hatched on it. I took the whole thing outside, mystery solved!

Since they were born in my house, that makes them my babies, so don’t kill my babies!

In other news, this morning I was looking for the tiny, crescent moon that I expected might be visible just before sunrise. When I started my dogwalk, it wasn’t visible, but I saw it on the way home, and took the picture below when I got home. Venus, not in the picture, was much brighter than the moon, and I’m quite impressed with this shot.

Tiny crescent moon.

Tomorrow, the moon won’t be visible, and I rekkon the next time we’ll see it will be in the evening sky, day after tomorrow, or day after day after tomorrow.

Have a great day!! Happy Hump Day! (Woke up thinkin’ it was Tuesday..)

Cotton Stainer Bug

Happy Tuesday!

I got nothing to post about today. There seems to be a lot of pretty, red bugs that look like fireflys in the house lately. I just collected about 10 off the kitchen ceiling with the dustpan brush and released them outside. They’re red, with a black X on their backs. I should have taken a picture first. I always see them at the beach, just where the trees start, where the sand starts mixing with the dirt.

I just Googled “Cayman red insects with black X on their backs” and found a picture of them.

Funny how inaccurate my descrition of them was…

Below is from here.

The cotton stainer, Dysdercus suturellus, is a pretty bug that does ugly damage to certain plants, including cotton. Both adults and nymphs feed on the seeds in cotton bolls and stain the cotton an undesirable brownish-yellow in the process. Before the advent of chemical controls for this crop pest, the cotton stainer caused serious economic damage to the industry.

Unfortunately, the cotton stainer doesn’t limit its attention to cotton plants. This red bug (that’s the actual name for the family, Pyrrhocoridae) damages everything from oranges to hibiscus. Its U.S. range is limited to mainly to southern Florida.

I don’t think they do any damage, we’ve got some lemon trees on the porch, but the bugs aren’t on them, I think they flew into the house.

Anyway, I started with nothing and ended up with what I think is a fairly decent post. You know about cotton stainer bugs!

Have a great day!


This, to me is hilarious:

Did you know, you don’t have to check the box, just press the orange ‘Publish’ button, and it posts? Usually…. Sometimes it gives you a whole bunch of pictures to pick to prove you’re not a robot…

Below is a picture for Mike. Completely off the topic of his post, but if you look, you’ll see why his post reminded me of boobs. And leave him a comment, everybody loves comments. DON’T tick the robot button tho!

Good weekend, got a lot done, getting ready to paint the roof, still have LOTS more to do.

Today I have an appointment to get the oil changed on the van, I’m putting my bike in the back to ride from the oil changing place to work. It’s cloudy and seems like rain. Hope it doesn’t rain on me.

I’m not kiddin’!

Happy April Fools Day!

Barking Happy Lenny

Every morning I get up, let the dogs out into the yard, get the catfood ready for the outdoor cats, grab the leashes, go outside, feed the cats and walk the dogs.

When Lenny sees me with the leashes, he starts barking with excitement. Then I yell at him “No Barking!” And we’re both waking the neighbors up. I try not to yell, but he’s soooo annoying.

I said I’d never get one o those anti-barking collars, but now I’m thinking about getting one. Give me one with a button I can press and I’d zap the hell out of him. He’s been the most difficult dog to train that I’ve ever seen. Not that I’m an expert.

The advice on the internet to teach a dog to stop barking seems stupid. “First teach him to bark on command, then teach him to not bark.”

Glad it’s Friday.Not particulalrl exctied about the weekend, wife’s gone, but it’s still a weekend.

Have a great day! And weekend!!!

Over Achiever

Eggo Frozen Waffles

Yesterday, the wife flew from here to Ft. Lauderdale, then from Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego. She landed in San Diego about 1AM Cayman time. I was awake and sent her a WhatsApp message15 minutes before she landed, but apparently, I fell asleep before she replied.

Then, I woke up about 3 AM, and and got out of bed about 4. (It’s 5:24 right now.) Now I’m getting really sleepy. I needed some good sleep, because there were things I wanted to get done today.

It is super windy and fairly cold right now. I can’t understand it. Nothing was in the weather report about a cold front moving through.

This is not what I intended for this post. Not sure what I had planned, but this isn’t in. My method, when I don’t have a pre-determined topic, is just start typing and then come up with the title later.

Anyway, I’m probably going to take a nap. I’ll have gotten up, taken a nap, and gotten back up again, all before most people even get up the first time. I’m kinda an over-acheiver like that….

Have a great day!

Royal Visit, Wife To SD

Today I’m taking the wife to work with me. She needs a ride to the airport, and I work at the airport. How convienent! She’s going to San Diego for a work related conference.

Today Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall  arrive in Cayman for a visit and, among other things, to open the new airport.

Traffic will be horrendous. It would be a good day to scooter, but can’t. But… TOMORROW IS A SPECIAL PRINCE HOLIDAY!! Looking forward to it. Thanks Your Majesty!

Have a great day!

New Boss Day

Today our new boss starts. I was quite liking the old boss, so I hope I like the new boss. The old boss says I’ll like the new boss, so I can only assume it’s true. The old boss was temporary, from the beginning. The Who have a son with the line “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss”. I hope it’s true.

Tomorrow the Wife goes to San Diego on a business trip. As soon as she gets back, it will be time to start getting ready for COSTA RICA!!!! I haven’t been in about two (or three) years, so I’m super-excited.

I switched back to the Logitech 480 Keyboard from the Samsung. The Logitech is superior.

Pura Vida!

Fake News From Mars?

happy monday y’all. Not quite as perky as “Happy Friday Y’all!“, not perky at all.

Is the above fake news? How come this isn’t all over the big media? I read the article, and it seems to say there probably is life on Mars, but the headline indicates “Look, here’s a picture of fungi on Mars”. I’ll have to really peruse the article, as of right now, it’s merely fodder for my blog.

It was a somewhat productive weekend. I installed a shelf over the door of my workshop/storeroom. Fixed a major drywall problem in the bedroom.

Also I added a new page to this blog, Ratings. Restaurant reviews and tourist attractions and my opinions of places. So far, it’s just screenshots from my TripAdvisor account. Still under construction, but viewable.

Last night I went to bed early, slept well, and I’m still exhausted this morning. The weather is indeterminate, I don’t know whether to take the van or the scooter. “When in doubt, van it out”, I always say.

Have a great week!

Happy Friday Y’all!

Happy Friday! A weird thing happened on my keyboard yesterday. The and the @ switched places. Yup, press shift and 2 and you get and press shift and ‘ and you get @. Anybody ever heard of that? There’s nothing on the internet about it.

Here it’s clear, and windy. And cold! I’m wearing a jacket. I rekkon I’ll ride the scooter this morning, but thinking about the van because of the comfort feature. But thinking about the discomfort of the heavy traffic on the ride home, makes me indecisive. I won’t know till I pick up my keys on the way out. (I have a separate keyring for my scooter.)

I’m glad it’s Friday. I have outdoor projects planned unless it rains, (which it might) and an indoor project if it does.

Now I’m at work. I was typing this and all of a sudden, my “go to work” alarm went off, surprising me. Time certainly is flying!

Have a great weekend!