Body Sore

My whole body hurts this morning. I can’t hardly sit to type, best to keep pacing.

This morning I went running and swimming. But I think I’m sore from sleeping. The past two nights, I haven’t been able to get comfortable.

Talk to you tomorrow!

THE MarkD60

Wife got home yesterday afternoon. Glad she’s back.

I have a new Garmin Vivoactive HR. So far, I like it, but I’m having trouble making it sync. ALSO, I created an account at Garmin, MarkD60 was already taken. I figured it was me, from my GP’s I’ve had/have, but I can’t get logged in. I am THE MarkD60 on this planet. Do not be confused. Research shall continue today.

Didn’t sleep too well last night, I think we went to bed too early.
Monday, don’t get me going. I swam this morning, it was pretty dark. I plan on snorkeling at lunchtime. Like always.

Have a great week!

Olympics Start Today

Today the Olympics Start in Brazil. Not sure I’ll be following anything.

Friday! Wife comes back Sunday. Can’t wait. I feel  like I  get tireder and tireder when whole time she’s gone.

Took a sick day yesterday. Never left the house.

I have a wart on my finger. I bought some drops at the pharmacy. I put a drop on the wart. Now I have a hole in my finger. How do I know when to stop? The hole gets bigger with every drop. I guess you’re supposed to keep going till you see bone. I dunno.

It’s really dark when I get up again. I needed a light to get dressed this morning. First time.

Have a good weekend!

Not Much Storm

The storm passed to the south of us, we had about 10 minutes of rain and high wind while I was at work. I tried to take a video of sheets of rain, blowing across the tarmac, but the door I was standing next to blew open, hit me in the arm really hard. And the video didn’t come out! Seriously, it almost broke my arm.

Went and saw the new Star Trek movie last night. It was quite good. I’m getting a little confused about the young Spock/old Spock thing though. I guess, if there’s more Star Trek movies, Leonard Nemoy won’t be in it any more, since he passed. Is the young Spock destined to do everything the old Spock did?
This morning is quite cloudy and breezy, but supposed to be clearing up today.

I miss my wife. Even when she’s in there sleeping, it’s comforting to know she’s there. I can’t remmember my life before she was in it, and can’t imagine life without her. Four days and a wake-up till she’s home!

Have a great day! 

Shed Done/Small Storm

The shed is, for the most part, done. Just some touch up paint, to cover the newest staples. And I have a door handle and some push/pull signs for the door, just to be cute.


We have a little storm coming, invest 9. May be a tropical storm by the time it gets here later today.We’re supposed to get up to two inches of rain. I should put the plants out, then it won’t rain at all!

The Wife’s still in Canada, having fun. I’m getting ready for work. Have a nice day!

Internet Down Again

Internet was down most of yesterday, still down now. It’s intermittent, every once in a while, several WhatsApp messages come thru, but the net is usually down before you can reply.

This is normal. Complaining is useless. Usually. Except now I have a dialog going on still from when the internet was down for a week…

Wife went to Canada on Saturday . Dogs came in the yard again and I shored up the fence more. I actually saw a dog leave the yard, under the fence. They don’t care about personal injury, they just push on under.

Worked on the shed a little. The door is on, but needs adjustment. Just screen one more wall and it’ll be done.

Have a good week!

Friday Non Report

Friday. Thank God!

Worked on the shed yesterday after work, the door and door frame. I wasn’t planning on posting a photo of it till it was done.

Tomorrow the wife goes to Canada. 

Glad it’s Friday. Super glad.

My Pen Pal in Italy

Day before yesterday, on a whim, whilst driving to work, I called my pen pal in Italy. Giorgio. We’ve been pen pals for years, and met for the first time on our trip to Italy this year. Talking to them put a smile on my face that lasted all day. His wife,  Ada, is so cheery it is infectious, she answered the phone and we chatted for a while and she passed the phone to Giorgio.

This morning I got an email from their son, who we also met. It seems the torch has been passed from father to son.

Her we’re having rain every day. It is nice for the plants, but keeps me from riding my scooter. Our trip to Italy made me love my scooter even more!

The screenhouse/shed is coming along nicely. I am building a door for it. I’m worried about achieving the precision necessary to build a (perfectly) functional door. I expect to have the shed/screenhouse done in the next couple of days. Today maybe, weather permitting. I will post pictures when it’s done.

My wife is going to Canada on Saturday. So start making sandwiches to mail to me. Just in case.

This morning I woke up and walked outside. I immediately saw a very bright satellite. It must have been the International Space Station. it was very cool.

Have a good day!

Rather Not

I’d rather stay home than go to work today. I could mow the yard and maybe finish the screen shed. All that’s left is the side with the door on it.

Work would just be a waste of time! Of course, I’m obligated to go and I do it for the money. But still, I could get so much more good done at home.

So, the lawn and shed’ll have to wait. It’s supposed to be off and on rainy anyway…

Have a wonderful day!