Prediction: US Healthcare Prices

I was chatting with a nurse friend of mine from the US. We were talking about healthcare prices and the skyrocketed cost of Obamacare. She said other healthcares have gone way up in price too.

Prediction: Healthcare prices will not go down, but people will blame Trump for the high prices, even though they’re already high before he takes office.

A merchant sells apples for a dollar each. Another merchant opens an apple booth across the street, and sells apples for ten dollars. Government passes a law that no one can cross the street to buy apples. The one dollar merchant will increase his price too, because he can’t get more customers and beat the other merchant, and in fact, may lose customers because they can’t cross the street antmore.

Notice I said healthcare price, not healthcare cost.

Blogging In The Dark

This is my morning view every workday morning, cuppa coffee, my tablet and my lamp flashlight, doing my blog post.
I get up at 5 AM, walk to the sea, swim if I can and walk home. I make coffee and shave and shower, then sit outside, drink coffee, smoke, and post my post.In these long winter nights, it’s totally dark when I sit down and I’m always surprised to look up and see that it’s getting light.

Today is my first day at work for 2017. I hope it’s a good year.

Blog Neglect

I realided this morning that I haven’t posted here since I started my holiday/vacation. It has been great! I’ve been going to the beach, and I’m reading a book. It has been fantastic!

Also, last night we went and saw the new Star Wars: Rogue One. It was good.

2016 is almost over. We lost a lot of famous people this year. Here’s a picture I found, depicting this, minus Carrie Fisher.

Hope you have a great 2017!

Holiday Day 1

I got an unexpected early start to my holiday this year. I got a half day leave approved, then found out today was a half day anyway! So, I got half day off this morning, half day vacation time this afternoon!


Last Full Day of Work

This is my last full day of work before vacation! Looking forward to some time off.

Not much to say. Things are good.

Finally went to bed earlier last night. I woke up earlier but feel good!

My gosh dern phone, for two nights, I think I’m plugging it in to the charger, but it doesn’t go in all the way, and doesn’t charge. So I’ll have to keep it plugged in at work

Have a good day!

21 Dec. Longest Night

After today, the days start getting longer again. Yeay!

Every day this week feels like Friday.

Last night I watched a movie called Pacific Rim. Giant robots fighting giant monsters. What’s not to like?

Didn’t make it to bed early last night, like I planned. I seem to be ok this morning though. The sea was rougher than yesterday, no swim.

Have a great day!

First Christmas Dinner Of The Year

Last night the wife and I were invited to a Christmas Dinner at her Costa Rican friends house. Turkey and all that goes with it. It was very good, and again, we stayed out too late.

Washingtom Redskins lost last night in Monday Night Football to the Carolina Panthers. The Redskins have lost 6 times in a row to the Panthers.I guess the Skins won’t be making it to the playoffs.

It is very very windy this morning. Too rough for my morning swim.

I’m very tired this morning and don’t feel too good.

Bah humbug.


I am aware of the difference between the way I felt last night, and the way I feel this morning. The general condition of my brain and the outlook on my surroundings.

Last night the Wife went to an all girls birthday party. I was watching Monday Night Football.The game was over, and I had just gotten in bed when she came home. I was exhausted, and wanted to go to sleep, she was all excited and happy and wide awake. This morning I wish that last night I was more in a similar state of mind as she was. I feel like I wasted some of our precious time together. I should have stayed up a little later.

Of course, I got only 5 and 1/2 hours sleep last night, and I’m sure to feel differently tonight…

Harder Every Morning

Every morning all week, it seems harder and harder to wake up. Just when I think I can’t handle another early morning alarm clock, the weekend arrives. 

I’m very tired right now. I got up at 5, went for a swim, showered, and now it’s 6:20, time for coffee. 

Maybe it has something to do with it being so dark. Less than a week, and the days will start getting longer.

Actually, I’m not feeling so bad now, after a little coffee.

Did I  mention that I have to use some vacation time before the end of the year? I’m taking 3 days vacation, and with holidays and weekends, end up getting 11 days off! Whoo Hoodoo!

Have a good day!

Sore Morning 

Slept good but  my neck and left shoulder are sore. Must have slept on it wrong.
The clouds seem very low this morning .


One more week and the days start getting longer again in this hemisphere. It is super dark when I get up at 5.

I feel a little discombobulated this morning. Looking forward to a lunchtime swim.