Looks Like Clear Weather

For the first time since before we left to Canada, It doesn’t look like it’s going to rain.

It was a good weekend, Friday night and Saturday morning I mowed the yard. Sunday I started building a piece of furniture for the Wife, a thing to hold her hair dryer. But I ran out of screws. So today I’ll get more screws and finish ‘er off.

Had a good run/swim this morning, wasn’t freezing.I wanted to quit during the running part, but I didn’t.

And it’s Monday, headed back to work, on the scoooter!

Have a great week!

Recurring Dream – Watering The Plants

I had a repeat dream last night, I’m supposed o be water some friends plants while they are away. I haven’t been watering them as much as I should have been. I go to the house to water the plants, it is tall and skinny with white vinyl siding and blue trim. gravel yard with no grass. Before I go in, I look to the neighbors on the right and their house looks familiar, Brown and rectanglar looking. Brown siding with light brown trim. I look at the neighbors on the left, and the house looks unfamiliar and weird, like I’ve never seen it before. Kind of jumble-ish loking and I can’t remember what it looked like in the dream.

I go in the house I’m supposed to go in, and as I turn around from closing the door, see two big black dogs, one seems to be a doberman, snarling at me. But as soon as I turn around, they recognize me and jump up and start licking my face.

And that’s it, Seems like I’ve had the same dream before…


Nate is almost straight west of us. Did a lot of damage in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Across Mexico today and strengethining to a category 1 hurricane before hitting the US.

THIS Akumal, Mexico webcam should be pretty rough today, if it stays on.

Here we have pretty strong gusts of wind and some intermittent driving rain but nothing too bad.

Good Luck and stay safe!

Happy Friday!

Lazy Me

I got up and got all ready to run, went outside and walked to the end of the block and decided I didn’t want to walk or run, and came back home.

Now I think I’ll just post some pictures.

A snail at work

Ship coming in, taken on my lunch hour. Me working in Spreadsheet City.

In other news, as mentioned previously, it is going to rain forever, apparently. Therefore I can’t (haven’t) mowed my lawn. Yesterday, my neighbor mowed his using a weed whacker on the whole thing. Now, I’m the block longgrass bum. Everyone has nice, pretty yards, except my jungle.

Have a great day and stay dry!

Friday Safety Training

Today I have annual safety training at work. Last night I dreamed I had to take my cat to work, and when I was getting ready to go to training, I was looking for a piece of paper to make a sign for the door, “Don’t Let the Cat Out”, but every piece of paper was completely covered in tiny writing on both sides and I couldn’t make my sign. Then, someone let the cat out, and I was chasing the cat towards the road. And I missed safety training.

But it’s Friday, and I’m glad.

As I’ve said, it’s been raining all week, now, this weather is now turning into a storm. Invest 99L could become a tropical storm by next week.

And there’s another one south of us to keep the rain a-comin’!

Have a good weekend!

Tickled Pink Over $14.99 Jeans

Went to a birthday dinner party last night, then did a little grocery shopping. Stayed up late, it was hard to wake up this morning. I only ran a little, few hundred yards.

I’m wearing new jeans that I got for $14.99. I am tickled pink that I found some jeans at that price here in Cayman. Levis jeans are over $100CI dollars here. I was at our “Price Club”, there are usually jeans there, but always in huge sizes. I looked anyway, and found one pair my size. I bought them. Tickled pink.

It’s been rainy all week, looks like it might not be so bad today. I told my Wife yesterday that I was going snorkeling at lunch today, rain or shine. Maybe it will be shine!

It’s almost Friday! Have a great day!