Happy Friday The 13th

I did a search on the internet for images pertaining to Friday the 13th, and all I got was murderers with hockey masks and black cats and similarly gruesome stuff. Like frikkin’ Halloween! So, I did a search for happy pretty stuff and got this grotesquely cute picture and made my own Friday the 13th image.

For me, Friday the 13th’s have always been lucky days, black cats to me mean good luck, not bad.

So Happy FRIDAY! The 13th!

Have a great weekend!

Early Hump Day

I thought it was Tuesday,, I really did.. Glad it’s Wednesday. One dayy clooser to the weekend.

Had a good run/swim this morning. I’ve added an abs workout to my morning schedule.

There’s an exercise called the dead bug. I couldn’t seem to do it properly. I kkept loweringg my arm toward my knee instead of raising it over my head.

Have to figure it out.

I’m officcialllyy seaarchhinng for another new keeybboardd. This one sucks, llikee thhe llast oone. I sepend mmore time correectting than typingg..

Have a great day!!

That Streetlight Thing

Sometimes, when I feel too lazy to run in the mornings, and feel theere’s no justification for walking, I do the streetlight thing. I run to one streetlight, walk to the next, then run to the next, and so on and so forth. That’s what I did this morning. Monday morning.

It was an allright weekend. Saturday, went shopping with the Wife. Sunday I worked on a project at home.

not much of a post today. Have a good week!

Photo Friday

I’m glad this week is over, I entered this week with no hopes of it ever ending, and because of that, it went quick and mostly painlessly. (First week back after vacation time off….)

Here’s some random pics:

Beach scene

Sunset pic

a cool wood dresser

My Dad and his parents, first and only pic of my grandfather I’ve ever seen.

Sheba and me at the beach

Creepy dolls from an art festival we went to couple months ago

Do NOT start your engines!

Beach pillow selfie.

The Toothache and the Cold

Yesterday I left work and went on an emergency dental run. I had a toothache so bad.. The night before, it was sensitive to cold ery bad, and yesterday, It got worse and worse.

The dentist re-did the filling on the hurting tooth, it still hurt as the novocaine wore off. I had pretty crappy sleep the last two nights.

This morning, it doesn’t seem as bad. I’m wondering if it’s part sinus infection from my cold last week, I’m still pretty stuffy headed.

My dentist has been saying for quite a while that I need a root canal… The filling goes very close to the nerve. Why do teeth have nerves anyway?

I started a new abs program after my morning run. This morning was the first day. I like it so far.

Have a great day

Life On The Run

Last night I had a dream that my sister put sticks on my car, a 1975 Plymouth Gran Fury, that my Mom and Dad had when I was in high school.

After that, my wife and I fled my evil sister and mom, and lived a life on the lam. It was strip clubs, sex toy shops and cheap motels after that. But mostly I remember drivin the car.

Right before I woke up, a very tall, thin woman with short blue aluminimum foil hair was leaning down to kiss my wife. Then I woke up.