My BDay Gift To Myself

For my birthday last week, I bought myself a fountain pen. I think they’re cool and increasingly uncommon.

It sucks, my writing looks terrible using this pen.

I think I’ll give it to my wife….


I wasn’t ready for this week, after my vacation weekend. Yesterday was tough, today I don’t wanna go to work. Waaa Waaaa.


Flypaper: Great Movie!



Watched a great movie yesterday, Flypaper. Two sets of bad guys try to rob the same bank at the same time. This is a comedy that IMDB says is an “under the radar” good movie. This is definite watch-more-than-once really really good movie. I highly recommend watching it.

It was a good weekend. I planted two more papaya trees, I saw that we have some more bananas on the way!

Mostly stayed at home and hung out. We had some much needed rain as well.

Looking forward to making it through this first full week after vacation.

Have a good week!

On Our Way Home To Cayman



We’re getting ready to leave for the airport. I was sad when we left Cayman to come here, and I’m sad to be leaving Costa Rica now.

But when I get home, I know I’ll be glad!                           bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

These “b”s were typed by Lea the cat.


Goal Zero Disappointment


As you may remember, I had a Goal Zero Nomad 20 portable solar panel. I loved it the few months I had it, and I used it all day every day.

Then one day, it died. Under warranty, with good customer service and friendly staff, the manufacturer sent me a  replacement.

Happily, I took the new panel out of the box and plugged in one of my two Guide 10 power packs.

Nothing. No charge light. I check the cable and when I touch it, the charge light comes on, let go, it goes off. Intermittent (bad) cable.

I emailed the manufacturers and they want me to check all this stuff. “Yeah, it all works, except the bad cable”. I know a bad cable when I see one.

So now, customer service doesn’t seem so good, but really, the problem is on my end, I don’t feel motivated to go through the motions of  getting another panel.

I’m very very disappointed (I should type “very” a bunch more times in this sentence). I woke up at 4 this morning, thinking about it.  I got up and decided to write about it here..

I figured those cables were the weak  point before I bought it. They are permanently attached and cannot be removed/replaced. Plus the storage pouch stays full of all these cables that never get used. I only used one, sometimes two. It would be a better design if there were jacks that you could plug the cable you need into, instead of an octopus of cables coming out of a box. The jacks could be very strong. The cables could be  easily replaced. It would be far superior. Although I must point out that it wasn’t the cable that failed the first time, it was something in the electronics.

I  bought a new connector, and am ready to cut the bad one off and solder the new one on. I guess I should do that today, but I think I’ve “fallen out of love” with my Nomad 20 solar panel I want to find a new model and manufacturer, something more durable and with a better design.

This is a rare Sunday post.  I didn’t post Thursday because of a massive dog mess that I woke up to and had to clean up. Then Thursday afternoon I dropped my motorcycle off to get a new tire and had to leave early Friday morning to catch the bus to work, hence no Friday post either. Now it’s Sunday and tomorrow we’re going to Costa Rica! I’m off work till April 9th!

Sure do wish I was taking my solar panel with me to Costa Rica, Costa Rica is a good place to have a solar panel.

Photo Friday


My Mom’s first ever selfie!


My Mom’s hallway, her door is at the very end!


Richard, Bobbie, Gary, Paloma and me


Entrance to my Mom’s neighborhood


Cheap gas, we pay almost triple this in Cayman


Where I lived, 1965, 66


Where I lived, 1977, 78


Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Rt 50


a pic of pics of my Brother skiing and me in boot camp. Hate the photo of me.


Travlin’Tim on the bus, from Baltimore to Silver Spring.


Tiny banana, grown in our yard!


Fish Fry, Boggy Sand Road


Vacation Is Over! :–(

Back to work today.
First of all, let me say that the piece of crap, loud noisy police helicopter has been hovering overhead,way up high, since about 10 till 6 AM. Right now it is so loud I can’t hear myself think. At least 30 minutes so far, hovering as still as they can.

Vacation was good, one week ago from this minute, I was on my way to Baltimore, MD. I saw my Mom, and a few friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in 15 years.

I did come back a day early though, because of a massive snow storm threatening the North Eastern US.

So I’m returning to work after two days on the beach!


Travelin Tim at Rehoboth Beach


Frozen Pond at my Moms

I have to locate and sort all my pictures, there’s more coming.

I went to see a Navy friend in Delaware, I had a GPS in my rental car. I just entered their address and didn’t look at the map. Well, the GPS took  me all the way around the Chesapeake Bay, instead of over the Rt 50 bridge, so the 2.5 hour trip took about 5 hours. I felt like a dummy. But it was a beautiful drive, except for the Baltimore slums along the way.

Glad to be back, Have a good week!