Home From Canada

We’re home from Canada. Got back yesterday afternoon. Glad to be home, sad to have left Canada. It was good, we were there for their two weeks of summer. It will be freezing in a couple of weeks, I was told.

I definitely miss my brother in law and sister in law though. They are the coolest couple.

Travlin Tim took a fall on vacation, and  has been glued back together…. again, but he’s missing the tip of his hat. Somehow he came out of his seatbelt after our helicopter ride.


I’m back to work Wednesday, not looking forward to that.

Slept 11 hours last night, I needed it, apparently.


Overslept this morning. Photos still on the camera. Looked for meteors last night and saw zero.
My wife takes pictures with both her camera and phone,  and uploads photos instantly.  Im taking pics with my camera.

See ya tomorrow. Hopefully!

Helicopter Tour


We went on a short helicopter tour yesterday. It was great! I videoed the whole thing.

I tried to upload the video but am having problems.. I recall every time I try video with this app, it gives me a hard time. Aint nobody got time for that!


We’re going to Lake Louise!

Final Friday!

Today is my last workday before Vacation!


Usually on Fridays, I like to tie up loose ends, but today it looks like I have a pretty busy day lined up.

This might be my last post until Canada. I have a feeling it won’t be, but it might.

I can’t wait to get to Canmore!

Have a great day and fantastic weekend!

My BDay Gift To Myself

For my birthday last week, I bought myself a fountain pen. I think they’re cool and increasingly uncommon.

It sucks, my writing looks terrible using this pen.

I think I’ll give it to my wife….


I wasn’t ready for this week, after my vacation weekend. Yesterday was tough, today I don’t wanna go to work. Waaa Waaaa.