Sunny Today

It’s 6:38 and we’re off to Tulum. That’s where we stayed last time we were here.
I’m very excited!
It’s been mostly cloudy since we’ve been here. Hopefully that will change and we’ll get some beach time in!


Pool view from our balcony

Last night we went out and the wife did some drinking and dancing. She’s having a little trouble with her tummy today.

On Our Way!

Woke up at 3:30 AM and I’m ready to go to Mexico! The wife is getting ready.

Got my new glasses yesterday.


The bifocals are weird, maybe I just have to get used to them. The lenses turn dark in the sun, but not nearly dark enough. I was going for a Boris The Animal look but ended up with a Harry  Potter.



Oh well, Gotta go!

When It’s Friday

I can’t think of anything else to talk about. I work today, then Monday, then we’re off to MEXICO!
Hopefully I’ll get the prescription lenses for my new glasses today, then I’ll look like Morphus….


except uglier

I’m just really excited about the weekend, and Mexico!


Good Weekend For American Football!

It was a great weekend for American Football! Every team in my division lost, except my Washington Redskins! Plus all my other teams won too! Except Seattle. Great football!

The weekend was cloudy, and a lot of rain. Still raining now. The Wife cleaned the back porch, there was black mold growing on the concrete and she scrubbed it with a brush. I helped by moving stuff and I scrubbed a litle, but she did all the work.

This is my last full week of work before Mexico! I am ready to GO! As soon as we get back, the in-laws come for a visit, then an old Navy friend who I haven’t seen in 30 years.

Just get me through this week at work.

Have a good one!

The Cruise

The Cruise was good. Today it’s back to work.
Both days on the cruise, I woke up at 5. I saw the sun come up.
We had a nice balcony room. We went on board Sunday around noon. there was a christening ceremony in the afternoon. The ship got underway about 8PM. Tuesday we spent at sea, it was nice. Wednesday when I got up at 5, we were going through the channel markers, and we got off the ship about 9AM.

On the ship, there was no internet, except ‘Twitter, Facebook, and Instagam. So I couldn’t post.

Here’s some pics:





I have tons and tons more pics, but I gotta go. Back to work today. I like to take a day off after vacation, but can’t because days off are gettng hard to come by, here at the end of the year…

Have a good day!

Rainy Monday

It;s  Monday and it’s rainy.

It was a good weekend.

Friday we had some friends (who are getting married) over, and we bought our tickets to Mexico next month. I am so excited about Mexico!  We’re on the same flight!

Saturday n Sunday I basically did nothing.

At the beginning of next month, the wife and I are going up to Miami to meet a cruise ship and go on a two night cruise. I haven’t been out to sea since the Navy! I hope there’s decent chow on the mess decks. Best of all, it”s free through my  wifes work!


Have a great week!

Home From Canada

We’re home from Canada. Got back yesterday afternoon. Glad to be home, sad to have left Canada. It was good, we were there for their two weeks of summer. It will be freezing in a couple of weeks, I was told.

I definitely miss my brother in law and sister in law though. They are the coolest couple.

Travlin Tim took a fall on vacation, and  has been glued back together…. again, but he’s missing the tip of his hat. Somehow he came out of his seatbelt after our helicopter ride.


I’m back to work Wednesday, not looking forward to that.

Slept 11 hours last night, I needed it, apparently.