Friday Is Coming!

It’s Thursday, but that means that it’s Friday on the other side of the international date line! And Friday is speeding aroundthe globe, headed our way!

It’s supposed to rain this weekend, and while I’m normally not a rain fan, we really need it. Yesterday the weather was showing some major rain between Miami and Havana. Now it’s not looking like so much rain will be coming  :-(


I got a new backpack, very similar to my old backpack and I’m happy with it.

And now it’s time for me to make lunch, and get ready  to head off to work. And  get cuppa coffee #2!

Enjoy your day!

Today MUST Be Better Than Yesterday!

Yesterday sucked. From the time I woke up wrong to the evening when it was almost bed time, yesterday sucked. I was freezing all day. I felt like crap, although I didn’t have a headache or stomach ache or sore leg or anything in particular, I just felt like crap. I felt better after I drank some tea my wife gave me. At least I quit freezing.

Yesterday my weather app said “sunny, all day” and it poured. I was glad for my full rainsuit riding home on my scooter.

Today will be  better than yesterday.


That’s fer sure.

Itsa Nuther Mundee

It was a good weekend.


Friday I passed test two of my real estate exam.

Saturday The Wife and I harvested our first bananas, bought a new kitchen faucet. We stayed out late Saturday night.

Sunday we drank a LOT of coffee, and installed aforementioned faucet and three out of the four American football games went my way.

We even had a little much needed rain!

Can’t complain about the weekend.

Work today though, I could complain plenty about that!

Weekday Two, that’s why it’s TUEsday!

Rainy Tuesday put a serious hampering on my exercises this morning.


view from the rainy window

Although it will probably be a nice day.

My Mom wants me/us to go visit soon. The Wife has no vacation time left, I have 6 days. I’m thinking about going….

I got the contract for the real estate job. I have to sign it and pay the registration fees, Thursday is payday and I’m scheduled to take the contract and fees back then. (I always lose my warm fuzzies when it’s time to hand out the cash.) Hopefully this will grow into something that will soon replace my day job. It’s pretty exciting, but I don’t really want to work two jobs. You know me, I just want to go to the beach!

Now it’s not raining any more, and looks totally nice out. Have to check the weather app and make the scooter/car decision!

Have a good day!

Change of Plan (Hopefully)


See that gray cone on this picture? That’s a tropical depression,  9 I think. Yesterday the cone showed the storm coming straight at us, now it’s cruising more over land, which weakens it, which is good.

Yesterday was not as rainy as I expected which is good, tomorrow is Friday, which is also good, so things are looking pretty good! I vowed to swim at lunch rain or shine anyway….

Have a good Thursday!

Monday Woes

Well, here we are on a Monday. After months of drought, the forces that be chose  my vacation to make it rain.

I read  some books, Orange Is The New Black, (not like the tv series). I read the Divergent trilogy/ the first two books were good, the third, had to put it  down.

It’s cloudy and thundery right now. It’ll get sunny again when I go back to work.


Rainy Friday

It’s a cold rainy Friday. It’s been raining for days. I’ve been driving the car not the motorcycle all week.
I haven’t been to the beach since Monday at lunch time.

I’ve discovered I don’t care about the weekends if it’s going to be raining,

I just deleted a long rant about work because it was not appropriate for this blog. I try to remain politically neutral here.

I’m going to get going now, and wish you a happy weekend.

I think foul weather makes me insane.

Two Days Till Thursday

Well, Monday is gone. now it’s Tuesday. payday is day after tomorrow.

Last night we went to dinner at Macabuca. It was pretty good food and there was a nice sunset.


Yesterday in town it rained hard almost all day. West Bay didn’t get drop. I couldn’t go on my beach lunch yesterday because of the rain and I was on the scooter. Now it’s nice and clear but I wonder it’s going to rain again today. 30 percent chance haha!

We’ve had a new coffee maker now for about a week. I suppose it makes acceptable coffee. It is one of those Keurig kinds with the canister.

My studying has been going extremely slow. I’m afraid I’m going to have to get up even earlier in order to study and accomplish anything.

That’s it for today. Have a terrific Tuesday!