Happy October


Hard to believe it’s October already. When I was a kid, it seemed like the first half of the year went faster than the second, now it all goes fast. I remember when I turned 40, I thought “This is about half way through my  life.” Let me tell you, the second half is going a lot faster than the first. Turning 40 seem like about 5 minutes ago.

I guess most of the people who read this know I don’t drink, a big part of my not drinking is daily prayer. I pray for help staying sober, and freedom from anger, depression and self-pity, among other things. I really don’t hear much back  from God, I haven’t drank for almost 25 years, so that’s good, but this morning I got angry about 2 seconds after my prayer. As soon as I get up, the cat starts meowing. She’s staying in this giant kennel at night and when we’re gone, till she gets used to the place. We don’t want her running away. So, as agreed, I put the  cat in the bedroom, with my wife, and close the door, as discussed. Well, my  wife gets up, and closes the door better because the cat got out. She said “the cat got out”. No harm no malice, but it took it to mean “You didn’t do a good enough job putting the cat in the bedroom.” So I prayed again: “Ya know God, a little feedback would be nice. I got angry two seconds after I prayed for freedom of anger. A normal person would quit praying. I pray every day and don’t hear anything back. Maybe you have some divine way of operating or sending me a message, but if you send messages I can’t understand, what good is it? I gave up swimming after work because I need to come home and take care of the animals,I gave up studying in the mornings because I need to take care of animals. Do I need to give up my morning exercises too, to take care of animals more? WTF?”

My poor old Ditto is gone, maybe I can start swimming after work again.

That’s how I’m doing this morning.

Shortest Horror Story.


Saturday was great. Beautiful. Went to the beach with my wife. Fantastic!
Sunday, clouds and rain and thunder. Stayed home, watched TV.
Today, cloudy and thunder. Definite car day.
I feel like I need another day off.
Bah Humbug.

Another Monday non post

Another brain damaged, under-coffeed, no-topic Monday.
I shan’t bore you trying to make nothingness more interesting, I barely left the house all weekend. Wife went out with girlfriends Friday, I stayed home. Saturday I mowed the yard. I did go to the grocery store also Saturday

Sunday I lazed around while the wife crocheted.

And that’s it. I just want more coffee. And to stay home from work.

Beautiful Morning

It’s an incredibly beautiful morning. Hard to believe it’s supposed to rain later. This afternoon.. I was planning on driving the car but might take the scooter. Me, being in control of the weather, have the power to make it rain if I take the scooter, or make all the forecasters wrong by driving the car. I think I’ll take the car, I’ve been meaning to get some stuff from the hardware store…

I got nothing much to post, I think I’m in a mood. I’m ready for this week to be over so we can go on vacation.

My “mood” is related to work. I keep this blog “clean”, not posting about people or specific situations that could get me in trouble or be controversial.

I’m fixing to have more than $3000 worth of overtime ripped off….

Have a good day.

Scool Day 2

Getting ready for scool day 2. Yeah. Scool.

Yesterday was good.  We voted to start an hour earlier (8 instead of 9) amd get off earlier.

Last night I went to Tacp Bell for a late night snack. There were employees out front, and and they said that the walk in was closed. I asked if I could walk through the drive through.  One girl got on her headset radio and then told me I could go ahead. She they had to make sure I didn’t get run over. I went around the side and the window girl made a big show of stopping the line of cars and took my order. Then she told me to wait “over there”. Really nice girl, chatting with the customers in their cars and smiling. Took me back to high school days, girl like that, working a part time job. Then she made a big production of stopping the cars again and waved me over and gave me my order. I gave her a $5 tip. That made her day. She said “really?” I said “yeah, thanks” As I walked away I heard her calling “Hey guys! I just got a $5 tip!” Her reaction made me feel good.
Here’s a pic from yesterday. Satellite dishes at my school.


Have a good ‘un!

Whacked Out Wednsday

I spelled Wednesday Wendesday in the title and spell checker didn’t catch it.

I didn’t post yesterday because I had to go to work early. I worked from 6:30 till 4.
Today, I woke up early. I was already up when the alarm went off.

Every morning I do the same thing. Bathroom/shave then kitchen for my vitamins and BP medicine, then out to the back porch for my exercises. Then back for a shower, get dressed, coffee and post my post.

This morning I stood there with the razor in my hand, then put it down and came out and exercised.  I didn’t shave. I’m out of control.
Yesterday after work I looked for a new backpack. I have bought every backpack I have owned at one store since I’ve lived on this island. Yesterday I went to the store and they don’t carry backpacks any more. So I went to another store and they only had little kids backpacks. I ended up buying seat cushions.


See the brown and white seat cushions? Very comfy. That’s me in the photo too, BTW.

Hump day yeay!

Hava goodun!

No Title Monday

Not much to say today.  Got the blahs really bad.

I need a new backpack, I moved into a new old one that I had but I don’t like it. I need a new backpack.

Went diving yesterday, it was good.




The new version of the WordPress app I use to post posts, I dislike it. When I want to upload an image, instead of being able to steer to the folder I want, it shows all the images on the device. And I can’t see the name, I have to select by using the tiny sliver portion of the image they show you. It shows newer images first.


I’ll have to write a letter to the developer. Instagram is doing the same thing now. I’m about ready  to be rid of Instagram. I already got rid of Pinterest.

Sorry about the volume control in my screenshot.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Have a good week!


Goal Zero Disappointment


As you may remember, I had a Goal Zero Nomad 20 portable solar panel. I loved it the few months I had it, and I used it all day every day.

Then one day, it died. Under warranty, with good customer service and friendly staff, the manufacturer sent me a  replacement.

Happily, I took the new panel out of the box and plugged in one of my two Guide 10 power packs.

Nothing. No charge light. I check the cable and when I touch it, the charge light comes on, let go, it goes off. Intermittent (bad) cable.

I emailed the manufacturers and they want me to check all this stuff. “Yeah, it all works, except the bad cable”. I know a bad cable when I see one.

So now, customer service doesn’t seem so good, but really, the problem is on my end, I don’t feel motivated to go through the motions of  getting another panel.

I’m very very disappointed (I should type “very” a bunch more times in this sentence). I woke up at 4 this morning, thinking about it.  I got up and decided to write about it here..

I figured those cables were the weak  point before I bought it. They are permanently attached and cannot be removed/replaced. Plus the storage pouch stays full of all these cables that never get used. I only used one, sometimes two. It would be a better design if there were jacks that you could plug the cable you need into, instead of an octopus of cables coming out of a box. The jacks could be very strong. The cables could be  easily replaced. It would be far superior. Although I must point out that it wasn’t the cable that failed the first time, it was something in the electronics.

I  bought a new connector, and am ready to cut the bad one off and solder the new one on. I guess I should do that today, but I think I’ve “fallen out of love” with my Nomad 20 solar panel I want to find a new model and manufacturer, something more durable and with a better design.

This is a rare Sunday post.  I didn’t post Thursday because of a massive dog mess that I woke up to and had to clean up. Then Thursday afternoon I dropped my motorcycle off to get a new tire and had to leave early Friday morning to catch the bus to work, hence no Friday post either. Now it’s Sunday and tomorrow we’re going to Costa Rica! I’m off work till April 9th!

Sure do wish I was taking my solar panel with me to Costa Rica, Costa Rica is a good place to have a solar panel.

Cheering Up

A week or so ago, someone left me a comment telling me to cheer up! So I’ve been looking at the past several posts and indeed, I’ve been sounding pretty lugubrious lately. So I’m here to tell you that things aren’t so bad.
Work is my problem, like a large percentage of people.
But comparatively, my life is still great! I still go to the beach almost every day, I live in the greatest place on Earth, I have a perfect wife and all is fantastic.

My problem I think mainly is lack of content, ideas for posts. When I sit down in the morning and can’t think of a topic, I dredge up something from my  brain and it doesn’t come out too well. Another problem is organization. I take photos, put them on my computer (the only thing I use the computer for is to transfer photos from my camera to my hard drive, where they usually never see the light of day again.) I need a system to get them available to me here, on my android.  I’ve got two good photos of a lobster from last week that I’ve been wanting to post, but they’re on the hard drive, far far away. I need  to sync everything to “The Cloud”, so that I can access it from anywhere.

Anyway, don’t worry  about me, I’m doing great!


Have a happy hump day!

My Life In A Box


I wake up, I go to work, I sit in a box all day, I say things like “Oh crap it’s Monday.” and “Happy Hump Day!” “Whew! can’t wait till Friday!” and “TGIF!”
Friday comes and I don’t give a shit about anything for a couple of days, then I go sit in my box for another week.
I save all year to take a week or two off work and maybe go somewhere, maybe I can’t afford it, so I stay home.


But I always go back in the box.
I want out. I have  great life, I live in a great place, but something’s always been wrong, and I think this is it.