File Transfer App

One of the reasons my blog has less photos on it is because I blog on my tablet and take pics with my phone. Their paths rarely cross.

Sooo I’m installing a photo transfer app to each device so I can easily move files from phone to tablet and vice versa.

Possibly not the best choice, I’d rather have something more technical that boasts transferring files instead of photos, but this one came up near the top of both devices app list so here we go.

Hopefully, soon, more photos!

More of a DIARY.

It’s Tuesday and I feel pretty good again. Last night we went to the Macabuca Monday night bbq with some friends and it was nice.

Yesterday, the weather said rain today, and I was looking forward to taking the van instead of the scooter, but now the weather says clear, so I’ll probably scoot. But maybe not. 

I guess this blog is more a diary than anything  else. I don’t know what I expected. It’s not very “cool”, which I definitely wanted.

Oh  well, I’ll keep posting.

Have a great day!

Been A Long Time?

It seems like it’s been a long time since I posted, which must be a good sign, a sign that it was a nice long weekend.

I was reading a nice article about Britans Tidal Islands. It was a very pleasant read. You can read it HERE, if you’d like.

Oh and  the coffee came out good today too.

The Wife bought a new huge pot for growing big plants. I think it’s 100 gallons or 500 liters. We set it in place and put the dirt in it yesterday. (8 cubic feet of dirt filled it nicely)

AND as of 5:28 AM EST, about 45 minutes ago, SPRING HAS BEGUN! Or, Autumn, for my dear friends in he southen hemisphere.

Have a wonderful week and new season!

Let Me Be The First

To say Happy Springtime!!!

Here, the day is now longer than the night, which means that spring has sprung! May you have a wonderful spring and summer! Technically, it’s not spring until the sun passes over the equator, but here, the day is now longer than the night-tropics are weird that way, I’ve noticed.

Yyesterday at work, I got my computer replaced. The old one had been flakey since I got it. On the network, all my drive numbers were different and I couldn’t access a lot of stuff, like the “Global Shared Folder”. It was unfindable using “My Computer”. I made shortcuts to access severl folders. 

This week, they quit working. IT Deprtment scratched their heads and replaced my computer. It took all day. Now I feel like everyone is mad at me because I didn’t do any work yesterday. It’s unfounded, but I can’t shake the feeling. Now  feel angry at them for being (imainarily) angry with me. Insane.

It’s cold and windy here today No scooter – van.

Have a good day and HAPPY SPRING!

Coffee Differences

I make the coffee every day, because I get up first everyday. I make it the same every time too, 1 scoop of coffee for every  two cups of water. 
Some days, like today, it’s good. Some days, like yesterday, it was terrible. My wife thinks it’s good all the time, and says the difference is in my taste buds. I don’t know if I  agree with this, as the coffee at work seems much more consistent. Does anybody else experience this phenonemon?

Windy, north wind here, no scooter today, driving the new van!

Overslept, Woke Up Early

Yesterday, we had a power failure, and my bedside clock died. I reset it before going to bed.

THis morning, I woke up about half an hour before the alarm was supposed to go off, and tried to go back to sleep. 

I was snoozing, thinking “This half hour sleep is great!” Eventually I woke up again, and looked at the clock. 5:51. 51 minutes past wake up time. I NEVER oversleep, I was surprised. I didn’t remember turning the alarm off.

I got up and went to the bathroom to start my showering and shaving. I looked at my watch. 4:55. Go back to the bedroom and look at the clock. 5:55.

“Ohhhhh” says the brain. resser bedroom clock and lay down. 5 minutes later, the alarm (on my phone) goes off and I get up.

And here I am! Spot on time!

I’m thinking I could maybe start sleeping till 5:30…..

Have a great day! 

Good Morning Monday!

It was a good weekend, Saturday, I rested at home, Sunday, the Wife and dawg and I went to te beach, which was as perfect as I could be.

There’s not much more that I can say that that.

I’m not actually even feeling that bad about going to workk this morning.

Have a great week!

Happy Friday New Van!

My mini van didn’t seem as mini as I thought yesterday afternoon when I was parking in my spot at home.

I didn’t take any pics either.

But I’m glad it’s Friday.

I got a tax bill from the city of Chesapeake for $4775.50 yesterday too.


This weekend I plan on seeing if my kayak will fit in the van.

Have a great weekend!

Bought The Van

Yesterday I bought the van, pick it up today! Very excited! I also had them replace the japanese navigation/radio panel with a stereo. It’s all licensed and insured and ready to go as soon as they open.

I’ll post some pictures of it soon.

It’s gonna be great!