Friday But

I’m not feeling so good. I got a feelink like if I closed my eyes, they’d stick shut and I’d be asleep instantly. All day yesterday too. I don’t feel particularly sick, just not right. Can’t wait to sleep late tomorrow morning.

Yesterday at work, I burned my mouth with coffee, pretty bad. In the late mornings, when the pot is nearly empty, someone turns it off. I always microwave it for 30 seconds. Yesterday, it was like molten lava. I took a sip, and then just bent over and let it flow out of my mouth. Thankfully, I was outside. Tongue and lips, not blistered, but almost.

Beautiful weather though. Went for a swim this morning. Mite  chilly, walking home.

 have a great weekend!

The Weather

Yesterday, I took the car and it was sunny all day. All weekend, it was sunny here, but you could see it rainingn in town.

Today looks mostly clear, but the forecast calls for rain. I’d rather have the car in the sun, than the scooter in the rain, but I sure do like riding the scooter a whole lot better.

Today, at lunchtime, I’m going to meet a window repair man here. We have a window that won’t stay up.

I’m just rambling. Have a good day. 

Enjoyed Watching Chargers Win!

Last night I enjoyed watching the Denver Broncos get beat by the San Diego Chargers. Denver was favored and I thought they’d win. 

What kind of uniforms were they wearing? SD was wearing their high school uniforms and Denver was wearing prison jumpsuits. Both teams looked steeeee-upid.


Finally Friday, in 10 hours, I hope I’m sitting right here, smoking a cigar.Have a good weekend! 

Good Luck Bermuda

Hurricane Nicole is practically on top of them, right now, this minute. We have friends there. Hurricane season is over in two weeks, two days. Hopefully.

Suddenly, it’s Thursday. The weekend approaches!

Have a good day

Wife Back Today

The wife gets back today. Thank God.

Today is cloudy, cool and windy.

Woke up at 2:45 again this morning, but it doesn’t count. I smelled raain and got up and closed the windows. Then I went instantly back to sleep. I was still sleeping good when the alarm went off.

I am tired and need more coffee. This is my post for today.

Hava goodun!

A Mite Chilly

It was a mite chilly last night. I turned off the AC and opened the door, then there was a howling breeze coming through which was a mite chilly, so I got up and closed the door, because I was a mite chilly. The wind is from the north and when I went for my walk/swim this morning, it was a mite chilly. The sea was quite rough, from the north breeze, so I swam in the pool, which was also a mite chilly. Then it was durn freezing walking home all wet.

Seems like every morning lately I wake up at 3. Don’t know why, is there a noise every morning at three? Does the cat mess with me at 3? I don’t think so, but I don’t know. Last night I stayed up till almost 11, so it’s not me going to bed too early. Maybe I need to take an extra melatonin before bed….
Have a good day!

When I Grow Up

A friend told me he had a job where every morning, he’d wake up and couldn’t wait to go to work. He enjoyed it. To me that sounds like the best thing in the world.

I’ve had jobs I didn’t hate. Like when i was a lifeguard as a kid. I didn’t hate delivering newspapers. I have fond memories of the Navy, but remember being dissatisfied by illogic and bad management.

I don’t like my job. My job is beating my head against the wall. Maybe that can change. I was really busy Friday, and enjoyed it.

I never figured out what I want to be when I grow up, and I still have no clue how to find out.

Monday Blues.