Happy Birthday To The Queen!

Today is the Queen of Englands birthday holiday. Happy birthday Your Majesty!

It was an alright weekend. Friday we went to the premier of the movie, Jurassic World, which I gave the thumbs down to. I read the original book before theĀ  first movie, Jurassic Park. In the book, there was an explanation of the science that made the entire idea of cloning dinosaurs believable. In Jurassic World, there were “good dinosaurs” helping humans against “bad dinosaurs”. I thought this movie had drifted so far from the believable to being ridiculous. It was entertaining, with good special effects, but laughable overall. I know everyone else (mostly) thought it was great, but I say, wait till you can watch it at home instead of seeing it in the theater.

Saturday day was cloudy and rainy, and we hung out at home. Saturday night we had a going away party for some friends who are leaving Cayman and going to Peru for an extensive South American tour.

Sunday (yesterday) was also mostly cloudy, and the Wife wasn’t feeling well, so we stayed home and rested, with a long afternoon nap, and watched the new “Orange Is The New Black” on Netflix.

Today, I absolutely, positively, must mow the yard. It is going to be tough, because the grass is extremely wet and tall, but it has to be done. I wish I could find some neighborhood boy to do it for me, as I wouldn’t mind paying $25 or so to have the yard mowed. I remember as a kid, mowing yards for $3. A landscaping company would probably charge over $100 for a regular mowing…

Anyway, that’s it for today! Have you a good week!

Thought Less Thursday


Live from our back porch!

All morning I’ve been thinking “What am I gonna post on my blog today?” And I haven’t come up with an answer.

Last night we bought our tickets to Canada (going in August) Pretty excited about that.

At work I can’t get anything done because my boss keeps telling me to do stuff. I’m doing what he tells me but I got more important things to do… It’s a real poser.

The Wife made this mornings coffee last night. No problems there. Auto timer.

I rekkon that’ll do it for today. Have a good-un!

Wrong Side Of The Bed? What Can Ya Do?


I think I may have woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I’m crabby I think.
I’m crabby because I had to do dishes this morning. I didn’t have to, but I did. I HATE dirty dishes in the sink all night. These were kind of crusty that were soaking overnight.

So let me ask you, Dear Readers, when YOU  wake up crabby, how do you get out of it? What do you do to not let it ruin your whole day? A lot of times when I’m crabby, I don’t know I’m crabby, but today I can tell.

On a positive note, IT’S FRIDAY!!!!

Brac Tomorrow and Weird Dream

Tomorrow I’m going to Cayman Brac for work. Doubt I’ll be able to post tomorrow. Maybe when I’m waiting at the airport.

Had a weird dream about e-cigarettes last night. I went to a liquor store to buy a $10 e-cigarette, and ended up with spending $80 on this big ecig that looked like a bong. And my wallet got stolen but the liquor store lady got it back, (minus the money)


Have a good day!

New (used) Kindle 2

I got the new Kindle yesterday. It’s a Kindle 2 and my old one was a Kindle 3. It is a little larger and  has a different software version. I’m both a little disappointed and also glad to have my reader back.


Kindle 2


Kindle 3

Also, the new one is 2 Gig instead of 4 gig, and my books fill it almost all the way up.

I’m trying to figure out how to do a firmware upgrade..

Have a good day!