Back On Twitter

I’m back on Twitter, i never really left, just haven’t opened the app in a year or so. @markd60.

Taking the scooter to the shop today after my crash. I have a kinda big scab on my upper lip, and still, A swollen ankle. No beach lunch, no transportation.

I’m very interested in MH370, the lost plane. I guess that it will fall out of the news into obscurity.

Have a great day!

The Plan

Todays plan was to ride my scooter to the repair shop, drop it off, and walk to work. But I don’t feel like doing that now. Maybe I’ll put it off for a day or  two. Maybe I should just put it behind me and git ‘er done too.

Last night I made steaks and potatos on the grill. Wife made asparagus inside. It was quite good, except the we were out of aluminium foil, so I cooked them without it, and the skins were a little dry  but not burnt.

After dinner, I researched why asparagus made your pee smell funny. Very interesting, you should look into it.

And that’s it! Have a great day!

Motorcycle Crash 2

thursday on the way home from work, I crashed my bike. I was overtaking someone and they turned wth no turn signal. It was stupid of me. I waited till I thought they weren’t turning, went, and they turned.

Basically the same thing that happened to me before.

I did a face plant in the street, fat lip; messed up my ankle, mostly my big toe. The bike has twisted forks at the very least. Not to mention busted plastic.

I took a sick day Friday, spent the weekend resting and recuperating, and it’s back to work today.

American football. The only team I like that’s left is Green Bay Packers. Lets go Pack!

Almost Friday!

Woke up thinking it was Wednesday, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that its Thursdaym, and tomorrow is Friday!

Hopefully  got my SD card issues sorted out. I thought all was well yesterday, then my music disappeared again! First, the music player says it “cant play this type of file”, then the folders empty, then they disappear. I swapped the SD cards beetween my phone and tablet. I can play music now, and the tablet seems OK too. We shall see.

Have a great day!

Ongoing Phone Problem

I’ve mentioned how my phone lost everything on my SD card. I read on the internet that it needs to be reset. After proving that the card was good, amnd trying everything else, I did a hard reset, and set the phone to factory conditions. In hindsight, I realize that the problems started right after a big update. Soooo, maybe if today I put some music on my SD card, it will stay there.

One annoying thing. I kee getting a notification that an app needs permission, but won’t tell me what app or what permission.

Also, I need a new tire on my car. I put two cans of fix a flat in it yesterday, one at lunchtime and one before the ride home. I hardly ever drive it, but have been this week, because of the windy weather.

Another day. here we go! Have a good one!

Handshake VS Fistbump

In the Caribbean, many years ago, I noticed that people tended to “fist bump” rather than shake hands. Almost immediately, if not immediately, I liked it better than handshaking. 

Did you ever shake hands with someone who had wet, or sticky hands? Or with someone who had a hand like a cold wet fish? Or sometimes I don’t “get in position” quickly enough, and the other person grabs my four fingers and I think, “great, now they think  I’m fishy handed”.

I like fist bumping a whole lot better than handshakes.

I kinda thought this was going to be an origina-ish post, but when looking for the above images, I found much on the subject, and apparently, I am not alone in my thinking.

Today it is still quite cold and windy. It seems like super cold weather all over the northern hemisphere.

I almost got done with my closet that I’ve been biulding, and decided I kind of have to start over. I have scratches in the plaster and you can see the boundary between the old wall and new, and I think I’m going to have to sand more and re-paint. But the closet is quite roomy and really nice. I’ll post somepics later on.

Have a great day!!!

Data Loss Weekend

My SD card on my phone was full, so Friday i got a 64 Gigger to replace my 32 gigger. I transferred all the data from the 32 to my ‘ol windows computer, put in the 64, and copied it all over to the new. When I got done, there was nothing on the new card. And nothing enywhere else, all my music and pictures were gone.

Crap like that only happens to me. I KNEW I should have used the android to move the files instead of windows, I thought windows would be safer, having more storage space.

I have all the music backed up, but the camera pics on my phone were not backed up, and lost.

Here it is very cold and windy. 7-9 foot waves on the north, no swim today. It should settle down in a few days.

And that’s about it, another Monday. NFL wildcard games were this weekend, don’t really care anymore.

Have a great week!!!

First Friday

First Friday of 2017 and I’m running late, no time to post. Have a great weekend!

Now I’m at work, adding to this post.

The wife had a rough day yesterday, she got to the airport and the ticket counter was already closed by 5 minutes, they wouldn’t let her on the plane, so I bought her another, one way to Miami on a later flight while she was standing at the ticket counter.

She had a very productive day in Miami, but when she tried to return to Grand Cayman, they told her that since she wasn’t on the morning flight, her return was flight was cancelled! What a crock! She was standing at the ticket counter, after being told by the agent that she could buy a one way ticket.

So, after talking to the manager, she finally ended up getting on the flight with her original ticket. (The one way ticket costed about the same as a round trip anyway. a $360)

Sooo, when she finally got ont he plane, it was practically empty.

Anyway, I’m super glad it’s Friday and I hopefully will go diving tomorrow!!!

Have a great weekend!

Different Kinda Morning

Notmally I get up, shave, go do my walk/run/swim, come home, make coffee, shower and post my post. I do all this, when I’m in the house, by flashlight, because The Wife is sleeping.

This morning, The Wife got up early too, because she is going to Miami for work for the day. While I usee a flashlight in the dark, dark mornings, she uses what is called “electriic lights”. 

It was different, coming home from my exercise and finding the lights on.

Then we had a discussion about baby powder. I say it’made out of powdered babies, and she says it’s not. What o you say?

Happy Thursday!