5 working days

One week from today, I’m takin’ a few days off. Four vacation days, four weekend days, and three holidays for a total of eleven days off work.

I am ready to take off NOW!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the work Christmas party. The wife has a girls party tonight and I can’t keep track of all the partying goin’ on.

Yesterday I posted about meteors. Today I saw none. I woke up at 2:30 and went and checked.

Have a great day and weekend!

Best Meteor Shower

Last night I woke up from a weird dream, it was 12:30 AM. I got up and went outside. I saw a shooting star. Then another, practically in the same place, then one way to my right, then one way to my left. Then two more where the original two were. I woke up the wife and told her to start counting down seconds from a minute and she couldn’t make it to zero without seeing a meteor.

All the times I got up for a meteor shower, Last night was the best ever.

I didn’t even know about this one.

Have a great day!

Cold Cayman

It’s so cold in Cayman….

How cold is it?

It’s so cold our coconut oil is frozen and I can’t get my daily shot out of the bottle.

It’s cold and windy. Very cloudy, Lugubrious. We have the AC off and the windows closed. I wore a jacket to work yesterday and will again today.

It will get better soon. Looks clearer this morning.

Have a wonderful day!

Weirdweather Friday

The weather is weird, half cloudy and totally misty feeling. It feels like a foggy day feels but we don’t have fog in Cayman. Sometimes you think you might have felt a drop of rain but you didn’t.

There’s supposed to be a cold front coming through this weekend, 30 MPH winds and rain and thunder. Why can’t we schedule that for the work week instead of the weekend? I have beach plans.

Yesterday, running, I tripped on this path and went flying. I scraped my knee and it was no big deal yesterday, but today it’s pretty stiff. I walked and swam this morning, no running. It was a pretty spectacular fly and fall though. I thought “The moonlight is bright enough to run down this path”. Instantly I tripped perfectly went flying and landed on my front. Only one knee was affected.

Have a good weekend.

Skipped A Day

I couldn’t post yesterday because I left my tablet at work day before, now I’m running super late this morning..

My Mom is coming to visit, this month or next. Here’s a pic, my Mom’s first selfie. About a year or so old.

Have a great day!


Had a kind of continuation of an old dream last night. I found a lot of gold while scuba diving a long time ago. In last nights dream, it had been siting in a storeroom shelf for a couple years, and it was time to divide it up and start spending it.

There were four boxes, each box had about 10 bars of gold, each bar was probably 10 pounds, about the size of an 8 pound scuba diving weight.

One box had one piece missing, I figured whoever took it would be back for more, which helped to expedite the divvying process.

I woke up before I could bing my share home.

Have a golden day!

Should I?

Do you?

Usually I mark these as spam, because they usually appear on posts that are very (years) old. And they’re full of links. This is the first time one has appeared on a recent post.. Maybe I can make a few pennies in a century!

Have a great weekend!