Road Trip Weekend!

It’s finally Friday. I have some friends visiting from the USA and they’re staying at East End, all the way on the other side of the country. I live near the west coast, they’re staying on the east coast. If this was the US, it’d be the equilavent of driving from California to South Carolina. I rekkon it’ll take maybe, if there’s not much traffic, and I don’t run into any weather, assuming we have no car trouble, keeping bathroom breaks and pitstops to a minimum, I rekkon we can make it there…

oh gee.. Lemme think…. Coast to Coast.. On a Sunday… Considering all the Sunday drivers’ll be out clogging the roadways..

I’m guessing 45 minutes. Whew! road trips don’t get much longer than that around here!

On a more serious note, yesterday I forgot my tablet at home. I was lost without it. I won’t forget it today. I hope. There’s a second time for everything.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

6:21 AM & Pink Floyd

It was 6:21 AM when I sat down to post my post this morning. Lunch made, coffee perfect, and somewhat ahead of schedule.

Didn’t sleep much last night, Went to bed at 9, woek up about 12:13 AM, wide awake, got up, walked around, eyes bright, tail all bushy.Finally, around 2, I rekkon, I got out the Bose noice cancelling headphones (why are they called headphones, shouldn’t they be called headspeakers?) and put on Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here.

It was very, very good. Last night, I was thinking, “This is definitely my favorite album”. However, in the hasrh reality of the cool morning light, I realize that the best Pink Floyd album is the one you’re listening to right now. Although last night I rejected Dark Side Of The Moon because of the part with the blasted alarm clocks going off.

I just added test to this image for this post

I was still awake when it ended, and I put my headspeakers away, but I snoozed during the album and slept OK after. It was after 3, I wanna say 3:40 when I turned ’em off and put ’em away..

And now, it’s a workday Thursday, I think I’m pretty much on top of things at work and I anticipate a good day.

Have a great day!

A calorie is not a calorie

I’ve been using this calorie counting app on my phone for almost a year now and I don’t understand what a calorie is. I thought it was like a fuel unit, like a gallon of gas for your car or or a standard sized log on a fire. When your body needs fuel, it lets you know, right? You get hungry

But apparently not, according to my observations. I have these little protein bars, I love ’em. No sugar, 220 calories. Eat one and you;re not hungry for a long time. They’re great!

Love ’em!

Yesterday, after work, the wife had her exercise class, so I had to fend for myself for dinner. I made this frozen eggplant parmesan. A meal for a whole family, (6 servings) I ate half, I figured it was a lot, but oh well. I was still hungry, so I ate the othe half. Still hungry. 1500 calories! I loaded up on junk food after that.

Not impressed

I’d rather have food where you eat a little and feel full, than have food where you eat a lot and still feel hungry. What’s the point of eating? To not be hungry. I don’t care what any science book says, every caveman knows that that’s a fact.

Last night, I never felt like I ate too much. I, according to the labels, ate enough for at least 7 people.

The system is flawed. There needs to be a fullness rating on the label. Food that doesn’t fill you up is worthless. I guess it’s like throwing a pound of paper in the fire instead a pound of wood.

This morning I put a big roast beef in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.

Yesterday, contrary to what the weatherman said, I got rained on while riding my scooter. I didn’t really get too wet though. This morning looks all clear again, but there’s a strong north wind, and I’m taking the van.

The alarm doesn’t seem to be working too well this week, it has been sooo hard to wake up!

Have a good day!

Green Iguana, Blue Iguana

Greenie in the firehouse pond

Green iguanas are getting pretty rare around here. THe government is offering five dollars a head for this invasive species. I saw this one the other day, first one in a long time.

On the other side of that coin, the Cayman Blue Iguana is (was?) the most endangered reptile on the planet (I think that’s what I was told.) They can breed with the greenies and they aren’t blue iguanas anymore.

Blue Iguana

Read a 2012 article HERE.

AAaaaand it’s supposed to be nice weather today, scooter day. Have a pleasant day.

Pictures On Monday

It was an Ok weekend. Friday and Saturday I recorded a conference at the National Drug Council. I edited and distrubited the recordings. Like a part time job that I don’t get paid for. I love editing audio though, so I don’t mind.

Trying to get Lenny to loosen up.

Above is Lenny, Sheba and I. In this picture, Lenny is tense as a board. He’s scared to death of me. He’s definitely a mommas boy.

Saturday, the vet came over to check Lenny. Lenny was trembling like a sissy when the vet was checking him. He is having a porblem with a rear ankle, and is on “light duty” for two weeks. That means I left both dogs home for my run this morning. It also means that for two weeks, I can actually run instead of walk. (one dog can’t go means that both stay home)

I gave both dogs a bath Sunday. Sheba liked it. Lenny didn’t. Not at all. But he smells better.

Lenny and Goldie. Trust must be earned.

He’s not as afraid of the cats as he seems to be of everything else, but he’s wary. Goldie is the least aftaid of him.

My rainfort

Saturday morning, it rained. Here’s my “rainfort” where I sit outside anyway. The umbrella is very low.

Posting a rare weekend post from my “rainfort”.

Here’s me, posting a rare weekend post in my rainfort. Saturday, it rained in the morning. I don’t really call it a rainfort. I just made it up for this post. It’s just a beach umbrella with a shorter than normal bottom pole.

It’s Monday and I’m neutral feeling about it.

Have a good day, have a good week, I hope on your head, the roof don’t leak.

That’s a poem I just made up.


Wall Of Fog

This morning I dreamed I was editing audio on my tablet in the woods, leaning on a tree. I looked behind me and thought I saw rain, coming toward me. I got up and headed for the house, and saw that it wasn’t rain, but fog. When I reached the fog, I couldn’t inhale, and I woke up, hoping everyone in the house was OK.

Once, in the Navy, when the ship was in drydock, a welder started a fire. The fire watch put it out with his CO2 extinguisher. (Happens all the time, no big deal.) I had heard that you can’t breath CO2 and wondered what it was like. I got down near the floor (CO2 is heavier than air) and tried to breathe it. It was weird. I physically couldn’t inhale it.

That’s what it was like in my dream when I hit that wall of fog.

It’s a Saturday morning here, mostly cloudy, cool and breezy. I’m all coffeed up and now I’m gonna go some breakfast.

Have a great day!

Hard Lessons

I’m tired of scardey cat dog. He’s training us, not vice versa.. He thinks everything is going to be on his terms. I open his kennel in the morning, and he won’t come out unless I move away, ’cause he’s scared to walk past. This morning, I opened his kennel, said “come” and he just sat there, not moving. I said “OK, Stay” and closed the kennel door. You shoulda seen the surprised look on his face! So I left him there, took Sheba outside, came back up, opened the door and said “COME!” He still didn’t but pulled him out by the collar and said “good come”.

Sooo we went outside and I called Sheba and told her to sit. She came and sat and I put the leash on her. I called Lenny several times, he wouldn’t come. So Sheba and I went for our walk and Lenny stayed in the yard.

Wife didn’t like it, she said Lenny cried the whole time we were gone. I raised my hands palm up, “What could I do? He wouldn’t come, I couldn’t put the leash on him.”

Lenny’s way, you hold up the leash and he comes running up and sticks his head through. Lenny’s way, you open the kennel and walk away, leaving him a clear, (safe?) path to follow you downstairs to the yard.

Lenny and I are not doing things Lenny’s way anymore. The wife might do things Lenny’s way, but I’m not. She says, “He’s only been here a week!” I say, “This is what a dog should be able to do right off the street.”

The dogs problem is that he won’t come near anyone. He’ll come close enough that you can barely pet the tip of his nose or his head. But he’s too scaredy cat for no reason. Seriously defective.

I wanted another dog, I don’t feel like I have another dog.

Have a great weekend!

Can’t Get Going Today.

I’m crabby, I got no motivation. I’m not even looking forward to the weekend. Let’s just move on, shall we?

Last week I bought a giant double pack of turkey for my lunches. I put one in the fridge, and one in the freezer (upstairs). This morning, I couldn’t find the frozen one. Should I look in the dowstairs freezer? Did the wife move it? Or is it insanity to look downstairs for something I put upstairs? The wife teases me whenever I can’t find something. Usually it’s sitting in plain view.

These are the problems in my life.

May all your problems all be less than mine.

Have a great day!

Bad News Is Good News

Went to the dentist yesterday, I’m in really bad shape. Need an implant, a root canal (or two), and a crown and probably half a dozen fillings.

I also got the best cleaning I’ve ever had.

As I was leaving the dental office, the dentist nudged me, and asked “How long’s it been?” I said “excuse me?” “How long’s it been since you’ve seen a dentist?” When I told him last October, he seemed surprised.

But I got a very good vibe. Their checkup was very very thorough. For years, I’ve had “reactive” dentistry. The dentist never finds a problem until I go in and tell them there’s a problem. I told my new dentist precisely that, and told him I wanted “Proactive Dentistry”

When I was a wee schoolboy, one of my best friends dad was my dentist for years and years and years. At checkups, he’d find and fix problems before I knew they were there. He’s a very good dentist. I haven’t seen him since probably 1977. According to the internet, from what I can understand, (and I DON’T claim to understand) he developed a procedure that can practically replace a persons whole lower jaw, when dental problems create a catastophy that requires this. But like I said, it’s over my head. The point is, he has always been a frikkin awesome dentist. No dentist I’ve ever had has measured up to him, and for some inexplicable reason, I consider myself a pretty good judge of dentist quality.

The dentists today are getting younger and younger. (EVERYONE is getting younger and younger) My new dentist looks like a teenager or early twenties, I got the impression he is a very good dentist though. He reminded of one of those intense videogame players who takes his gaming very seriously.

Like I said, good vibe.

He also let me try on his glasses

They are cool, and now I want a pair, nay, I NEED a pair!

AND! (Wait for it….)

They have a television mounted on the ceiling, so that when you’re laying in the chair, you can watch TV!!! I swear, I have told each and every dentist my whole life that they should do that! Finally! Someone listened!

So, finally, I’m going to get the lower half of my head whipped back in shape.

Hava Happy Humpday!

Guess He’ll Be Fine

When I got home from work yesterday, Lenny was like a different dog. He wanted to be petted, and he wanted to play, and he didn’t seem too shy in the yard. When we got back inside, he was more like his scardey-cat self, but not as bad.

Running super late this morning, I was on Facebook when I should have been posting. I saw this:

Thought it was pretty funny

Got a dentist appointment this morning. A new dentist. I was never too happy with my last dentist.

Scooter day today. Hope it doesn’t rain!

Have a great day!