Quite The Busy Weekend

It was a very busy/productive weekend. First, I mowed the yard which was a disaster, because the grass/weeds were a foot high. And the lawnmower is weak. The blade hits a piece of grass and it stops the blade. It wouldn’t start without pressing the fuel primer bulb, which you should only have to do the first time. Finally, for some reason, it struck me that I should check the oil. Not a drop in it, according to the dipstick. It ran much better after that.

Friday night, we went with some friends out to dinner, my birthday (Thursday) dinner. I had Beef Wellingon, which was very good.

Also yesterday, I finished my back porch plant stand.

It is very heavy duty. I had to re-do the base, because it was warped, making the whole thing wobbley I pretty much had to take the whole thing apart and start over.. But it came out nice.

Lastly, my wife and I removed these thousands of plants that carpeted the area around our driveway. Lenny the dawg kept laying in them, and apparently they’re poisonous and gave him a red rash on his soft white underbelly.

So it was a busy weekend, and productive. I hope I can be as productive this week at work.

Now, I’m drinking coffee, listenening to thunder, way down in town. I’m sure it’s going to be a nice day, but I’ll probably take the van and not the scooter

Never Say Too Old

I turned 59 yesterday.. Next up is the dreaded 60. This morning I caught myself mentally running through a list of things I’ll be too old to do. As soon as I caught myself, I stopped myself.

It’s my personal rule to never tell myself I’m too old to do anything. If there’s anything I think I’m too old to do, I should do it immediately, because I’ll never be younger.

When I was a little kid I told myself I was too old to learn a musical instrument, because everybody my age had already been playing for years. I’d never catch up. I was afraid that by the time I got my training wheels off my bicycle, everyone else would have moved on to unicycles.

You’re never too old. Do it now!

Anyway, I’m wandering off topic, and it’s FRIDAY! Have a great weekend!

Article From My Mom

My Mom, and at least one other source says Chrome isn’t the browser it once was. It’s a good read.

I have Chrome on all my stuff…. Maybe it’s time to switch back to Firefox?

Cloudy Thursday. Normally, I’d turn 59 today, but I moved my birthday to Friday.

Have a great day!

Video Vednesday

Good morning, Velcome to my vebsite. Today, Vednesday, I will post a video. Because Video and Vednesday, both vords start with V.

This is me landing* last Saturday, coming back from Baltimore Vashington International Airport. You can see my house, if you know vhere to look, and you can see almost all of Grand Cayman.

Have a vonderful Day!

*Not actually me flying the plane

Easy Day Perhaps

Today at work we have our “couple times a year” staff meeting. Makes for an easy half day. Sometimes there’s food, and sometimes it’s actually interesting!

The weather is unpredictable. The past few weeks, it’ll pour rain to flooding on one side of the island, not a drop on th other. Which side is anybodys guess.

I didn’t sleep well last night and I’m tired.

I’m building a plant stand for the back porch. It will be very heavy duty.

I was listening to the BBC this morning, there was somebody talking about a new kind of hallucination. It was a very poor interview, the interviewee sounded like he had never tried to explain it to anyone before. He was very hesitant and searching for words. Maybe he was trippin’!

Have an easy day!

Pictures On Your Phone.

Headed back to work today, It shouldn’t be too bad. I was only gone a week.

I have a question for you. What’s your policy on photos on your phone? I used to copy them all to an album on my drive, then delete them on the phone, keeping my memeoy clear, but I saw my wife whipping through old pics on her phone, accurately remembering the date and quickly finding the pic she had in mind. I thought to myself, “Why delete them? Just keep them on the phone even after copying them to the drive.”

I have over 1000 photos on my phone, and can’t find anything. I’m getting ready to delete the whole album. They’ve (almost) all been backed up… I’ll lose a few that I have in mind and can’t find, but life is tough.

So what do you do with the pics on your phone? That’s your question for this Monday.

Headed Home To Cayman!

BWI Gate C-11 selfie.

I’m at BWI Airport, plenty early. Got thru security and to my gate at 7AM, flight isn’t till 8:45.

It was a good trip, my mission was to spend time with my Mom, and that’s what I did, but I feel kinda guilty about not seeing more of my friends.

Looking forward to seeing the wife, and Lenny. And Ashy thee cat.

Last night, my phone charger came unplugged, and this morning, my phone was at 37%. It’s charging now. When it gets full, I might go wander around the terminal a little.

Have a great day!

Twenty Hours

20 hours until I head to the airport to head home. It’s been a good trip.

It seeems like I just got here, and at the same time, It seems I’ve been here a long time.

I’m getting up at 4 AM ttomorrow, leave Baltimore at 8:30, I get home at 11:30 AM. The nonstop flight is the greatest!

Looking forward to seeing the wife, and Lenny, and Ashy and getting home.

Tave a great weekend!

4th Of July! (& 3rd & 2nd)

Today is the 4th of July. My Mom was in a parade this morning.

My Mom didn’t know this guy, some parade dude.
Color Guard
Fire Truck

Yesterday I had dinner with some High School friends, Rob n Cindy. They’re doing great!

And day before that my mother and I went and saw my sister. She has a new dog who’s a real marshmallow, Bonzo.

This is their house, I liked it a lot, really cozy house. My kinda style!

And day after tomorrow I head home!

Have a great day!