Spotted Eagle Ray Mate

My Spotted Eagle Ray now has a mate. It occurred to me that there needed to be another eagle ray on that blank spoton the wall, so I made it happen.

I like it a lot.

Last night I made a huge piece of salmon in on the grill. It was rather bland. I need a salmon recipe.

It was busy morning this morning. It was hard to get up, and I stayed up a little late and had to do my last night’s chores this morning.

Have a great day!

WW = Wonderful Weekend

Friday: Dinner with about 20 friends. It was really fun. Saturday was a 800 meter sea swim.

Guessing about a hundred swimmers total.

Sunday morning I saw the moon set. Just like a sunset, except it was an (almost) full moon. I always wanted to see that my whole life and Sunday was the first time.

And i went diving Sunday as you probably guessed by the pictures. I have too many Flamingo Tongue pictures but I can’t stop taking pictures of them.

Monday, not looking too bad from here.

have a great week!


When I got home yesterday, I saw an email from my web page host about an outage. This is an email account not on my phone. Ergo, that’s why I was not being able to get on yesterday. So all’s well that ends well.

This morning, Daisy got off the leash. It’s a pinch collar and I saw it just drop off of her. Can they get old and become un-sprung?

And it’s Friday. I’m glad. This was my first full week since I started taking Fridays off in my “Use it or lose it scheme last year.

have a good, weekend! It is well deserved!

Bloody Ankle?

i was in bed last night and I moved my leg and it was stuck to the sheets. I felt down and there was sticky stuff below my knee. I had been bleeding from some cut or poke on my leg. I don’t know what happened. Maybe riding my bike or maybe I just bumped into something. But I had to change the sheets and do laundry at 10:30 last night. (I figured it would wash out better if washed immediately)

I slept good, I never heard the washing machine, woke up and it was done, put the stuff in the dryer, never hard a thing, woke up and it was done. Perfect!

And here’s a cat pic for you, Goldie, sleeping in the motorcycle.

Have a wonderful day!

Co-Void (covid)

Yesterday I got a message from one of my Sunday dive buddies that they tested positive for covid. Of course, being in the proximity, I was possibly exposed. As were we all. I took a covid test this morning, it was negative so I’m going to work like normal.

i didn’t think I’d ever use the home covid tests work gave me. But glad I had it.

have a great day! Stay safe

Good Morning Monday!

I slept comparatively well last night, thanks to Lois’s Prayers no doubt.Thank you.

It was a good day yesterday. Went diving and met the contractor (who actually showed up on time). He trimmed the edges of the tile and filled in a few spots missed by grout. I gotta say, the job looks good!

Now I’m ready to have a party!

Below are a few pictures from yesterday’s dive. Ya got your standard Queen Angel, your daily Flamingos Tongues, not to mention Cool Courtney and Bermuda Brian..

And now it’s ā nuther Monday, which I’m actually looking forward to.

Have a great week!

Sleeping Insanity

Above is a nice daily thought. It was sent to me by a friend in Jamaica. I don’t know what book it’s from.

Since my (now ex) wife left, I wake up exhausted every morning. In sleep, I cannot control my thoughts and it is torturous. This morning I woke up by sitting bolt upright, gasping for breath. I don’t remember what was going through my head that woke me up. Apparently I couldn’t breathe.

In the daytime, when I catch my “negative chatter”, I can stop it. The hard part is being aware of it.

Every night, I go to bed, 9:30 or 10, and pass out immediately. Then I wake up at midnight or one and after that it seems I have nightmares all night and am aware but somehow asleep. I spend the night wrestling to regain control of my mind. Among other things, I say terrible things about myself, the part of me knowing it’s not true struggling but unable to speak up in my defense. I also remember dreaming in screams, no words, no video, no humanness, nothing that is me, just “aaaaaahhhhhhh!” Screaming like an animal in my head, over and over.

this is sleeping in general, not just last night.

After a long night, my alarm goes off at 5 till 5, but I’m usually awake already, totally exhausted. Then I find myself in this beautiful tropical paradise and tell myself “the bad things are only in your head”. And it’s true. Then I spend the day trying to recover from sleeping by reading things like the page in the image above. And being my own cheerleader, the sane me telling the insane me “it’s gonna be alright”.

By the time I get feeling ok, it’s time for bed again…

Yes, I’m in counseling and yes, I’m doing everything I can think of to do. Someone told me it takes one month to recover for every year we were together. In that case, it’s going to be a long 15 months.

I’m going diving today. Have a good day. And night!

The Rain Heron.

I’m reading a book that I’m really enjoying. The Rain Heron. It starts off with a girl, Ren, who lives on a farm in a nice village. There’s a Heron, she comes out of the water and feeds her land, and she’s the most prosperous in the village. Then a boy, jealous of her prosperity, tries to kill the bird. The bird leaves, there’s a heat wave, and everything goes sour. Ren goes off and lives in the woods. Years later, soldiers come to Rens mountain, looking for the Heron.

Later on, there’s another girl, Zoe, who, with her aunt, collects ink from squid. Their village survives by the ink, and the secret of collecting the super useful ink. They don’t hurt the squid. Then a man comes, no one will share the method, and he tries to get the ink by killing the squid. Then things go sour in the village. Then Zoes aunt gets killed, as they are leaving the village. Zoe becomes a soldier.

Zoe turns out to be the leader of the soldiers who are looking for the Heron.

I’m a little over half way through.

It’s a great book. A story type story that I’m really liking. A tale.

It is the first Friday of the new year! It’s been a long busy week for me, trying to catch up at work.

🎈 Happy Friday! 🎈

Have a great weekend!

Blood Pressure Worries

Back in April, the doctor changed my blood pressure medication. It was working great for several months. My BP was spot-on for so long that I quit checking it regularly.

It recently got checked at the eye doctors, and was high way high. I started checking more often and it was always high. Somehow, suddenly, my blood pressure went back up, higher than before.

So I went to the doctors yesterday and the medication has been increased, and I have instructions to log my pressure twice a day.

I’m ready for some flat, smooth straight driving road for a while. I’m tired of this constant one bad thing after another. Divorce, glaucoma, cateracts, finiances, blood pressure. Can I just have a little easy time?