Note To Self

Note to self for next trip out of the tropics. BETTER TO HAVE CLOTHES TOO WARM THAN NOT WARM ENOUGH!

Even their warm days are too cold for me. I brought sweatshirts and a jacket but I need more sweatshirts and jackets!

Sunrise from the great white north.

Have a great day!

Late, but got here.

Got on the plane at Grand Cayman yesterday and sat there without moving for 3 hours. There was a dent in the cargo door that was measured, the dimensions sent to the USA, deemed safe and we went. Everyone on board missed their connections.

So I got to my mom’s after midnight,and now I’m drinking coffee.

Below are sunset photos from the plane.

Have a great day!

One Day Week

Today in my only workday this week. Tomorrow I head up to the USA

i spent the weekend getting the house and yard cleaned up for me to be gone. Mowed yard, decluttered the house, vaxuumed and swept and swabbed the decks. I washed the dogs. I have a house sitter staying here while I’m gone.

Below are pics of this mornings moonset and a no significant features sunrise.

Have a great week!

Bath Day

Here’s a pic of Lenny and Daisy. They had baths yesterday and feel really good.

Funny, normally I wash them on the back porch, ladies first, and Lenny can see what’s going on and try to avoid the bath. This time, I washed them downstairs in the front and Lenny was jealous Daisy and I were outside and he was alone indoors. When I opened the door he came bounding out excitedly. I wish I could have captured the look on his face when he realized it was bath time!

Both dogs resist a bath Lenny more than Daisy, but live it once it starts and afterwards.

have a great day and don’t forget to take your bath!

In 2, 3. Out, 2, 3, 4.

This is me counting as I breathe when I wake up in the middle of almost every night. Exhale longer than the inhale to promote relaxation.

it’s quite effective if you’re trying to relax or get calm in any situation.

When you find your mind wandering, (and it will) return your focus to your breath. It’s about being in the present, not thinking about anything in the past or future.

Have a wonderful, relaxing day!

Rainy Weekend? Again?

Looks like another rainy weekend..There was a sea swim Saturday that has already been cancelled and I was planning a little get-together at my house that looks like it won’t happen. I didn’t get my painting done last weekend anyway, I maybe can finish that or at least do a little more.

Heres a shot from yesterday afternoona dog walk.

Have a great weekend!