Wasting Money

I installed a stackable washer and dryer downstairs. I was scooting it back againsy the wall and thought I could get it closer if I got one of those 90 degree dryer vent fittings. I got one, under $5, and it was worse than the curving the flexible dryer vent without the 90 degree fitting.So I’m not using the fitting. Can’t really take it back, the shrink wrap package is destroyed. It’s not the kind of thing that I’d want laying around forever, I’ll probably just throw it away.

Had a ceiling fan go bad, the speed control quit working, one speed, dead slow. The fan was barely out of warranty. I just got a new fan. I can easily see the little black box that is the speed controller. Is it worth my while to remove the part, spend a day searching to see if a replacement is available? Even if it is available, it the cost of the part going to be a low enough percentage of the cost of the fan to be worth it? Do I want a spare ceiling fan sitting around, waiting for one of the others to fail? I’ll probably just throw it away or give it away.

Seems like wasting money is the best choice in too many situations.

Friday here, looking forward to a no alarm clock couple of days. Have a good weekend!


Tropical Storm Gonzalo looks to be headed our way. We’ll have to keep an eye on that one.

Had the covid antibody test yesterday. This was a blood test instead of a q-tip shoved up our noses. See my band aid? I saw my bosses bosses bosses bosses boss at the test. He commented on my Washington Redskins ID badge holder, said I needed to not wear it anymore. I wasn’t sure if he was teasing or serious, but I swapped it out.

Now I have a Norweigan Cruise line one. You can see it sitting on the desk, getting ready for the changeover ceremony.

Happy almost Friday! Have a good day!

Good Food Bad Food

I went to Wendy’s the other day. I seldom go to Wendy’s or Burger King because both are rip-offishly expensive.

I had the meduim sized Avocodo Chicken BLT combo, the regular combo was $9.99 CI, about $12 US, I got the medium, which costs even more. The sandwich was 610 calories. The french fries had 420. The drink was 200. That’s like, a whole days worth of calories.

I was still hungry immediately after I finished eating it all. Meaning, to me, the entire meal was a worthless waste of time and money, ’cause I still gotta go looking for, and buy, something to eat. This is bad food.

My wife bought a bag of grapefruit. One grapefruit, about100 calories, leaves me feeling not hungry. That’s better. This is good food.

I’m not a connoisseur or a gourmet foodie. The main reason I eat is because I’m hungry. My aim from eating is to be not hungry.

What is the quality in food that makes the determination of if it leaves you feeling full or not? It’s not calories, it’s not the physical size of the food that fills your stomach. What is it?

I generally eat one of two kinds of protein bars. Think brand and Skout brand. Think tastes better, and leaves me feeling full. Skout has a more attractive list of ingredients. What makes one fill you up more than the other?

I don’t know. Do you?

Today At work I’m having a covid antibodies test. I’m wondering if they can tell me about the super-bad cold I had in January.

Have a great day.

Back Ta Work

Today it’s back to work after my non Canada Canadian Vacation. The friends we were supposed to see are headed to Jasper, a wonderful mountainous parklike area we visited last time. I’d love to be going back there!

Me, I’m going back to work, to catch up on the three weeks worth of work that have been accumulating since I’ve been gone. It’s called job security. If you ever hear me complaining about it, please point it out to me.

Have a wonderful day and a fantastic week!

Too Much Science Fiction

I had a very interesting dream last night. I was in school. I was thinking, “I’m still a child, I thought I was an adult already. When am I EVER going to be an adult? How old am I anyway?” 13, came the answer. I was 13 and in school, brown pants, green shirt, hair covering my ears. There were lots of other students and I was purposely annoying my teacher and I was glad to be young again.

I looked up and there was a huge planet that covered half the sky. It was normal, just a feature of where we lived. There were big warehouses so huge on the other planet that you could see them from where we were, just barely visible rectangles discernible only by the finest outlines.

Suddenly, the faint outline of the building I was looking at started to lose focus. The ultra fine line became blurry. Instantly, for some inexplicable reason, I knew the building was on fire. I told my teacher and he didn’t believe me, but everyone kept looking and before long you could actually see smoke.

Then we all had to go to the gymnasium, and I woke up from the dream hoping we’d get out of school early because a building caught on fire on another planet.

Except for the fire, it was a very pleasing dream. It was nice to be 13 again.

Tomorrow it’s back to work for me. My Canadian vacation without Canada is over. Kinda sad about it, and kinda glad to get back to work. I really wanted to go to Canada this trip though. I am ready to go on an airplane ride anywhere. But not on a Max 8.

Have a great week!

No Neowise Here

I guess I won’t be seeing Comet Neowise. I got the image above from the internet. In the Cayman Islands, the horizion is approximately right under the words “Big Dipper”. From there, things rotate counter clockwise, pushing the Comet further below the horizon.

Not a chance of seeing it from here any more. I guess I’ll have to wait till it swings by again in another 7000 years.

It’s Friday! Have a good weekend!

Comet Neowise


I woke up this morning at 0345 to see Comet Neowise only to find out that as of Monday, it’s visible after sunset, not pre-dawn. Hope I get to see it, it’ll be gone soon.

I saw comet Hale-Bopp in 1997, it was very very cool to see, it had a quality to the eye that made me feel like I couldn’t really focus on it, even though it was plainly visible. That was the only comet I ever saw. I was alive when Haleys Comet last came by, but it wasn’t visible on its 1986 trip.

My Canadian Vacation without Canada has been mostly boring. I did some diving and beach time but the wife has been working and I’ve been kinda lonely most of the time. I’m headed back to work next week.

Enjoy your day!

Quick Post

My normal posting device is plugged into the charger, I’m doing this on my phone.

The contractor for the almost-a-year-old home improvement is supposed to come finish this weekend. I want this done, I want this behind me. This contractor is a delusional liar who makes me sick to be near or think of.

Try and have a good day.

Funny Amazon

In the past 90 days, I have purchased two Amazon Kindle Paperwhites. One for me, and one for my Mom. Now,everyday, it seems I get adverts from Amazon: “Hey! Wanna buy a Kindle?”

Monday again, I’m home. Wife’s working. I’m still on my Canadian Vacation. Kinda blue today.

Help Me Find More Books

I just finished a book, “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore“. I really really enjoyed it. One of my favorite reads ever.

I also immensly enjoyed “Ready Player One“, the book as well as the movie.

I recently finished Tau Zero, about a spaceship filled with 50 people that had damage to its decelleration equipment and kept accelerating and could not stop. Quite good. Also, I just finished Times Eye, Sunstorm and Firstborn, The Time Odyssey Trilogy by Arthur C Clarke. Really good, but I didn’t like the Arthur C Clarke movie, 2001, a Space Odyssey. (I never read the book, maybe I should.)

Don Quixote was intolerable. I choked my way through it for all the poor kids worldwide (maybe you) who were cruelly forced to read it. In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but at the time, the ultra-long sentences and his idiotic behavior put me off.

Right now I’m reading “Hatchet” about a 13 year old boy, sole survivor of a small plane crash in the Canadian Woods. I think it’s a “Young Adults” book. It’s easy to read and good, I’m about a quarter way through. Some books, it’s hard for me to keep the characters sorted, but that’s not the case here!

So, what are some books you can recommend? Looking for ‘Excellents’ like Ready Player One and Mr Penumbras 24 Hour Bookstore. The Sci-fi’s mentioned above were good, but not ultra, grab-you by-the-throat excellent. But, I will probably try to read everything recommended by all of you, my bajillion-gazillion readers. Can’t tell if it’s good or not unless I read it.

A book that can make me laugh out loud is always good, BTW.

Yesterday was my 60th birthday. My wife made it very special. I told her “NO GIFTS!” and she got me like half a dozen. It was like Christmas morning. I will have my revenge.

And she got me a cake. Excellent cake.

Have a fantastic year! See ya tomorrow!